Pearl (The Pearl Series, #4)

Pearl (The Pearl Series, #4)

by Arianne Richmonde

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Pearl (The Pearl Series, #4) by Arianne Richmonde

Like E L James' DARKER, and GREY, this is the flip side of the story from the male point of view. The PEARL TRILOGY as told by Alexandre Chevalier. However, there are MANY new scenes not in the first three books, and PEARL can be read and enjoyed in its own right.

At only twenty-five, CEO Alexandre Chevalier is a billionaire. His international social media enterprise, HookedUp, is more popular than Twitter and Instagram, more global than Facebook. With Alexandre's drop-dead gorgeous looks, alluring charm, and immense wealth, he has women falling at his feet, desperate for his attention. 

But his heart is set on only one woman: Pearl Robinson. 

Alexandre’s dark and dysfunctional past makes him crave stability and a normal relationship, but he soon finds out that Pearl is a bird with a broken wing. Why, he isn't sure. But he is determined to find out.

PEARL follows Arianne Richmonde’s USA TODAY bestselling series, THE PEARL TRILOGY: SHADES OF PEARL, SHADOWS OF PEARL, and SHIMMERS OF PEARL, the tumultuous and heart-rending love story between 40-year-old documentary producer, Pearl Robinson, and French social media billionaire, Alexandre Chevalier, fifteen years her junior.

Pearl is written from Alexandre’s point of view, from the moment they first meet on a rainy summer’s day, in a coffee shop in New York City.

In any relationship details are hidden; things are left unsaid. 
Not all conversations are remembered in the same way. 
And not all actions are disclosed—especially to the one you love most.

What people are saying about PEARL:

"Five stars because Alexandre is worth every one of them."
-- The Book Enthusiast

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexandre! I have been looking forward to reading this book and I can say without a was worth the wait!"
-- The Literary Nook

"I went completely crazy over Alexandre in The Pearl Trilogy and I fell even more crazy in love with him in Pearl."
-- Books, Babes and Cheap Cabernet

"Don't miss out on this amazingly hot and smoldering will love it!"
-- Two Crazy Girls With A Passion For Books

"I devoured this book and loved every second of it."
-- The Book Blog

"CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE my house is burning down from Alexandre's sexpertise!!"
---Island Lovelies Book Club

"This is a "MUST READ"!!!!"
-- Sugar and Spice Book Review

"Alexandre is one of my original Book Boyfriends right up there with FIFTY.. this new look at him only solidified that crush."
--Mommy's A Book Whore 

*This full-length, billionaire romance novel is continued with BELLE PEARL, the final book in The Pearl Series, also a full-length novel.*

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Series: Pearl Series , #4
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Pearl (The Pearl Series, #4) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Sunshine_80 More than 1 year ago
If you are going to read Pearl I feel like you need to read the trilogy first from Pearl's POV. This book is from Alexandre's POV and there are a lot of the same scenes but there are so many more. I LOVE Alexandre. At first, I was not really taken with him. I can't lie. I was uncertain after starting the trilogy. I was literally like OMG what did I get myself into...But I was pleasantly surprised with this book.  In Pearl's POV I was thinking that Alexandre was not my idea of a good BBF. He is French (yes, I know, I am like the ONLY girl that isn't all starry eyed over the French guys), he is a lot younger than her and he comes off as very I don't know...I just didn't really like him. So when I read his POV and got to see what he was actually thinking...OH WOW!!! He is AWESOME. He is so freaking sweet and yes in the first book I thought he was using his dog at first as line. When you get to see how he thinks about his beloved pet you realize he is really the nicest guy. LOVE HIM!!! I am going to give this book 4 stars. Like I said I was a little uncertain at first but AMAZED when I got to the end. Oh and one last thing, OH MY HOLY CLIFFHANGER!!!! Can I please have the next book NOW???!!???!??
CindyMeyer More than 1 year ago
The Pearl Trilogy is among the very first series I read in the E-Rom genre. When I was looking for something to cure my three-month-long FSOG perpetual re-read, I turned to Arianne Richmonde to save me. Just when I didn’t think there would ever been room in my life for anyone but Christian Grey, along came Alexandre Chevalier! Christian who? Alexandre Chevalier is pure, unadulterated, make-no-apologies Sex On Legs. He’s 25, he’s French, and he falls fast and hard for beautiful, 40-year-old, neo-virgin, Pearl Robinson. Through Alexandre, Pearl learns things about herself she never would have imagined. Her journey of self-discovery left me breathless and wondering where I could find my own Alexandre. And author Arianne Richmonde ties it all up with a beautiful HEA in book three that had me turning off my Kindle, sighing contentedly, and then going back to book one to start the journey all over again, because I just wasn’t ready to leave them yet. The Pearl Trilogy is told from Pearl Robinson’s POV, so we experience everything from her perspective – from the moment she first lays eyes on Alexandre in a coffee shop in New York City, through the ups, downs, and challenges brought on by their respective mistrusts and miscommunications, as well as those caused by Alexandre’s meddling sister, Sophie, and finally to the beautiful HEA they both so deserved. Pearl views Alexandre as an intelligent, self-contained, self-confident, wise-beyond-his-years man. His sanguine (if not a bit aloof) disposition is intriguing and attractive. Through the evolution of their love for one another, Alexandre gives Pearl the confidence she needs to deal with a tragedy in her past that has haunted her for years, and he does it in such a loving, passionate and compassionate way, that by the end of the series, I was as in love with Alexandre as Pearl was. I suppose that’s why when I heard Ms. Richmonde was going to give us this beautiful love story from Alexandre’s POV, I simply couldn’t wait to read it. Wow! Be careful what you wish for, because being in the headspace of Alexandre Chevalier is, in a word, complicated. Alexandre views nearly every encounter differently than Pearl does. There were times when I was actually a little confused at how vastly his observations juxtaposed hers. Was I even reading the same story? Honestly, I found myself becoming a little irritated with him on occasion, especially during their early romantic and physical encounters. He processes things so differently than I expected having only had Pearl’s characterization of him. Don’t worry, I still love him; I just now understand him on a different level. Until the day he meets the beautiful Mrs. Robinson, Monsieur Chevalier has lived a difficult, troubled and complex existence. We learn a bit about his childhood in the first three books of the series, but I had no concept of how deep and damaging those experiences really were. Alexandre goes there, and he takes the reader with him. Before, I saw Alexandre as Pearl’s “knight” in shining armor. But their relationship is so much deeper – it’s a wholly symbiotic and mutually liberating connection. It’s true that Alexandre rescued Pearl, but she rescued him right back. Arianne Richmonde gives us some deep and dark images of this enigmatic man. In some ways, Alexandre is still quite an adolescent – perhaps because of his difficult upbringing – while in other ways, he’s so sophisticated, cultured and mature, he could be twice his age. I wonder now if I know more about the man than Pearl even does. And we’re not finished yet. Pearl ended with a scene that had me holding my breath – one we were not privy to from Pearl’s perspective, because it didn’t involve her, so she didn’t know it happened. And the cunning Ms. Richmonde has the audacity to make us wait, (thankfully not too long), for the outcome. Pearl was written to be read either before or after the Pearl Trilogy. There are minimal, if any spoilers. If you haven’t read books one, two and three, you can read Pearl first. Then, while you’re waiting for Pearl, book two, read the Pearl Trilogy in its entirety. It will fill in the gaps, and give you the story from her perspective. It will also help pass the time. Five stars. Because Alexandre is worth every one of them!
Stacy_H More than 1 year ago
OMG I LOVE Alexandre!!! Smexy rating is off the charts!!!! A MUST READ for fans of The Pearl Trilogy! Full Review on Books Unhinged Book Blog ~StacyHgg
DeeMcGee1 More than 1 year ago
Arianne Richmonde’s Pearl Trilogy is one of my favorite “billionaire meets regular girl” love story. I love the unique premise–the billionaire Alexandre Chevalier is in his twenties and the object of his desire is a 40 year old woman named Pearl Robinson. The book is told in the Alexandre’s point of view. As I read The Pearl Trilogy, I was intrigued by what might be going through Alex’s head. He’s young, he’s French, and he has particular tastes. What experiences molded him? Why does he love the things he loves? We also get a good look at his sister Sophie and what makes her tick. We also get to see Alexandre’s ex, Laura and what a conniving character she is. Alexandre Chevalier may only be 25, but his life has already been filled with the same experiences of a man much older. Alex is confident in himself, never over the top cocky. He is a truly a student of his past, learning from his experiences and mistakes. Coupled with Alex’s “code for treating women”, he is even more desirable to women. Arianne smoothly fills in the gaps with Alex’s exploits with his HookedUp business, dealing with his overbearing sister Sophie, and navigating all the women who throw themselves at Alex. Arianne’s male voice feels very authentic. Alex’s demeanor is matter of fact and direct. There is no muddling of his feelings like there usually is with a female character. Alex feels what he feels and goes after what he wants, never second guessing himself. He pinpoints Pearl’s personality almost immediately, “poised and elegant, yet unsure of herself. There was a childish, vulnerable quality about her…” He really sees her, recognized her nature in a very short period of time. He doesn’t seem surprised to feel this close connection to her so quickly. I like that there isn’t any of that silly back and forth that happens when a character is decided whether they are the right one. Alex knows immediately! Alex’s sister Sophie is a complicated woman. In the Pearl Trilogy, you get glimpses of her personality, but never get the full picture. In Pearl, you see what she is really like and what has shaped her prickly personality. She and Alex have a very tumultuous upbringing, forcing them to flee their home and live a very uncommon life. Sophie becomes Alex’s protector, something she refuses to give up. This makes for a complicated relationship between she and Pearl. She doesn’t trust Pearl and lets that be knows. I was often frustrated with Sophie in the Pearl Trilogy. Even as Alex explained to Pearl about her personality, I still didn’t get it. Frankly, her b3ehavior toward Pearl pissed me off. Reading Pearl, I have a better understanding of Sophie and her actions. In the Pearl Trilogy, Alexandre’s absences weren’t fully explained. We get those explanations in this book. It was so aggravating! I can’t believe the different types of women that are in Alex’s life. I found myself seriously jealous for Pearl. From the crazy ex-models, to the Indian movies stars, and the insane ex-girlfriends, I’m glad Pearl didn’t see this part of his life. I don’t think she would have coped very well. Fortunately, we see Alex work to rid himself of these women. The sex scenes were seriously hot! I love learning how Alexandre explanation for his pet name for Pearl’s lady bits. And his very male way of thinking when they have sex is so very erotic. He has the parts and know exactly what to do with them, explaining exactly what a woman wants and then slowly taking his time. Scorching hot! I really enjoyed Pearl by Arianne Richmonde. Her male POV is authentic and entertaining. I really felt as if I was in Alexandre’s head and found myself forgetting a woman wrote the book. I love the that all the plot lines are filled with this book and I can’t wait to read the second part. I give Pearl by Arianne Richmonde 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grayRK More than 1 year ago
better than Fifth Shades
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A MUST read! If you have read The Pearl Trilogy (Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, and Shimmers of Pearl) then don't hesitate about reading PEARL from Alexandre's POV. It is NOT just a re-hash of the same story. There are characters and situations that you do not know are going on from Pearl's POV in the trilogy. OMG! Alexandre is so sexy and amazing and you will totally fall in love with him in this book and in BELLE PEARL, the follow-on and the conclusion to the series. Seriously, do not hesitate to read this. The trilogy is only half the story. Happy reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RachaelOWriting1 More than 1 year ago
I have to say that I LOVED Pearl and I thought I would love the other side as well. I did, just not quite as much. I think at times it was hard to follow along at what part of the story were were at since it does jump about a bit. I did like finding out a bit more about Alex and his life when Pearl wasn't around.... Ends on a bit of a cliff and riiiiight in the middle of a naughty scene at that!
Lilah16 More than 1 year ago
I am usually hesitant about reading the other person's POV for the same story but this is Alexandre Chevalier we are talking about. I absolutely loved him in The Pearl Trilogy so I had to get inside his brain and see what he is all about. He did not disappoint. He never does (Mmmm...I love you, Alexandre). This book made me LOVE him even more. He's so damn sexy and seeing the story from his point of view just made this trilogy even more AMAZING. Plus, I liked finding out what happened when he was away on his trips. Geez! Those women are CRAZY!! I knew Laura was a nut case but finding out more details about what she was up to made me HATE her even more. I HATE YOU, LAURA!!! Yeah, there's a cliffhanger at the ending. I cannot wait for part 2 of Pearl. Come on, October!! Get here already!! All I gotta say is Pearl is a lucky woman and I am so JEALOUS. Knowing how Alexandre's brain ticks, his attitude, his thoughts, his love for Pearl makes him even HOTTER than ever. If there were more men like Mr. Chevalier in the real world then there would be many, many happy women. I would be first in line for some Alexandre that's for sure. Just buy the book and read it already!! We are talking about Alexandre Chevalier!! Enough said!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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