Plumb Line: Poems

Plumb Line: Poems

by Steve Luttrell


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More than ten years in the making, this volume of 87 new poems by Steve Luttrell, former poet laureate of Portland, Maine, conjures the beauty of the New England Coast and the enduring power of nature. In sparse, accessible verse, the poet evokes the wild Maine landscape--the rocks and wildlife, the shifting planets, and the surging waters--at the same time that he casts an observant eye on his fellow creatures. He deftly melds the eternal and the transitory, the extraordinary and the routine in lines such as, "the light of long/dead stars/and the dogs/sleeping/under the bed." He imbues the small routines of daily life with quiet significance and casts the enormity of the cosmos to human scale.

Luttrell is the founder and publishing editor of the acclaimed Café Review, which has published for a remarkable 25 years and printed the work of twelve Pulitzer Prize winners. He hosts his own TV Show (Poet's Café), and has run the historical Portland Club, giving him a strong presence in the region and a large following among New England poets and writers. His intimate, unassuming voice is driven by a musician's sense of rhythm and a deceptive simplicity: "and the ships/at anchor/an emblem of/waiting/but March/is a time/of endurance/and the channel/waters deep/so waiting is/what we will do/knowing/there can be no/other way." The author has published five chapbooks and six major editions of poetry, including Home Movies, Conditions, The Vagaries: A Winter's Sequence, and Pemaquid and Other Poems. Plumb Line secures Luttell's place as an important voice in contemporary poetry.

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ISBN-13: 9781583948941
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 05/19/2015
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Founder and editing publisher of The Café Review, STEVE LUTTRELL has been named Poet Laureate of Portland, Maine. He is a graduate of Franklin Pierce College and is the author of ten books of poetry.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Landscape with Machines 1

A Woman at the Railway Bar 3

Emblem 4

K. 5

Dogs 6

For Tom Raworth 7

The Puzzle 7

For My Mother 8

Days 9

Eyes and All 10

Short Story 10

Sunset Pinks 11

Tides 12

Mail Forwarded 13

Nothing Left 14

Skylight 15

Waiting 16

Shadows in the Half-Light 17

Trakl 18

For Nanao 19

The Door 20

Why Not 21

The Trappings 22

Cat 23

Evening Song 24

Perspectives 25

Full Moon 26

Lakeside 27

Mountain Morning Poem 28

Intentions 29

Flow 30

After a Painting by Tom Clark 31

The Bay 32

Meditations on a Gray Heron 33

4 Cups 34

The Song 35

Red Eyes 36

Fortune Cookie 37

September 11th 38

Company 40

A Testament 41

Dressing 42

Small Rituals 43

Desire is 44

The House 45

Witness 46

Sunrise 47

Wedding Song 48

The Neighborhood 49

Rain Poem 50

Lovejoy Poem 51

The Effort 52

A Poison to Anoint Us 53

The Bean Supper 54

Poem for a Silent Prophet 55

July Poem 56

Chinese New Year 57

Conundrum 57

Requiem for Robinson 58

Heathrow 59

From the Oxford Bus 60

Coming Home 61

One Small Poem 62

A Geography of Tides 63

Welcome, Love 64

Graveside 65

A Treasure 66

Souvenir 67

Complaint 68

Poem for Denise 69

Borrowed Time 70

New Poems 71

A Summer Memory 72

… and out of this the nations 73

The Center 74

Mother 75

An Only Child 76

A Legacy of Dust 77

To a Man 78

Pace 79

The Gift 80

Accommodation 81

Shenandoah in Winter 82

The Wanting 83

(Spring Poem) Daylight Savings 84

Nana 85

The Wake 86

New Year Poem 87

First Snow 88

Mornings 89

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