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ISBN-13: 9780342748129
Publisher: Franklin Classics
Publication date: 10/13/2018
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.24(d)

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THE GARDEN OF DOLORES THE garden of Dolores! Here she walked When fretted in the twilight's pallid space The trees were black and delicate as lace, And palms were etchings, sharp and slender-stalked. Now riots summer in these magic closes, And life is rounded in the frailest spray .... Dolores, cold and buried yesterday, Is it thy spirit here among the roses? For restless murmurs through the garden seek; To shadowy caress the flowers unclose; A blossom in the dark magnolia glows— Or leaning pallor of an oval cheek? Upon the dusk is borne a strange long cry, And one quick sob of wind the air has moved. Ah, perfect garden that Dolores loved, Her soul has called to thee ... a far goodbye. INDIFFERENCE THERE is a thread from you to me? I know, I feel it drawing still, A cobweb on my careless thought— Old habit-likeness—what you will. Because it once was strong as Fate To bind a life to your desire,— Because its knots about my heart Could burn me like a witch's wire, You will not think it loosed. And I (Ah, woman soul that prayed "Destroy!") Free from the fretting of my pain, Have killed the fitful strength of joy. AFTER-KNOWLEDGE YOU found my soul an untried instrument. I closed it fast and bade you take the key, Serene in my unquestioning content That you alone could wake the harmony. I gave the key, indifferent though it cost Familiar lightness of unskilful touch, The music to the master. If I lost, He lets the little go who profits much. Ah, then the keen, reluctant knowledge grew That though the chords were helpless at your will You had nor wit nor power to sound them true: Discordant they, or else forever still. TWO SPENDTHRIFT KINGS THESE tawny sheaves,this fragrant land, Two spendthrift kings ha...

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