Poetry of the Romantic Part I: Encased in Dust Book III

Poetry of the Romantic Part I: Encased in Dust Book III

by Mark I. Brislin


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Why Poetry of the Romantic?

When a heart is touched by the events of life, for example, romantic entanglements, those situations and words that twang the slender golden chords of one's heart; then if you are a poet (or even if not) it seems that writing poetry is a release, a form of written therapy, self expression which has to be employed. I call it "my poetical diary". I gave up writing a diary years ago, mainly because of two reasons. One, to be so dedicated and disciplined to write an entry almost every day seemed just a bit too much. Two, some of my girlfriends actually tried to read my, so called, 'secret thoughts', which annoyed me greatly. In poetry I can keep a diary of sorts, without the fear of someone reading something I don't wish them to read.

Within this work I have compiled all those poems that I considered 'fit' into the category of the title; expressing, the romantic desires and longing that play the golden harp of the human heart; together with those circumstances which kindle the flame in the desperate heart of the helpless romantic; when everything is so intense.

It appears almost inevitable that any poet 'worth his/her salt' will eventually write poems reflecting the romantic; whether it be romance, love, yearning, desire, love spurned, unrequited love, or just the romance that fills life.

Strangely enough when writing romantic poetry I find it easier to write about an imaginary person than a real one. The detachment from reality facilitates the illusion.

Romantic poetry is not just about love and sex. Being a romantic person includes seeing the beauty in a vast variety of subject matters within life. Consequently, within this special collection of Mark Brislin's poetry there lies an expression of the enigmatic, fable, the furtive, hidden messages, tenderness, the beauty of the seasons and nature; as well as the romantic themes of love mentioned earlier in the explanation of 'Why Poetry of the Romantic'.

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