Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life

Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life

by Cynthia E. Mazzaferro


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Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life by Cynthia E. Mazzaferro

Powerful Beyond Measure is a complete transformational guide to living a life of authenticity and abundance that’s deeply rooted in love, acceptance, compassion, and kindness. Readers learn how to discover and embrace their inner power, release and heal the emotional residue from the past, and envision a future of unbounded possibilities that allows their passions and purpose to be fulfilled. Through insight, self-exploration, and step- by-step, practical exercises, Powerful Beyond Measure guides readers along the journey of lifelong spiritual growth-- empowering them to take control of their destinies and create lives filled with joy, health, happiness, and success.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781683501503
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2017
Pages: 260
Sales rank: 1,250,135
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Cynthia Mazzaferro is a retired physical therapist, ergonomist, reiki master, energy worker, professional speaker, trainer, and personal transformational life coach. After twenty-five years as a physical therapist, she retired to focus on her passion: helping people overcome life’s obstacles and embrace joyful, fulfilled lives.

Table of Contents

Foreword Marci Shimoff xvi

Acknowledgements xix

Introduction xxiv

Part I Explore Your Past and Ease Your Pain 1

Power of Your Past 9

Own Your Story 26

Wounds and Self-limiting Beliefs 40

Energy and Emotional Pain 52

Repetitious Patterns 62

Part II Empower Your Present and Embrace Your Self 69

Power of Your Authentic Self 78

Overcome the "Dis-Cycle of Self" 91

Willingness to Tear Down Your Walls of Protection 99

Emotional Health and Fitness 110

Release Fears and Limitations 135

Part III Envision Your Future and Expand Your Possibilities 151

Power of Intuition 161

Own and Create Your Happiness 175

Wellness and Health 194

Envision the Success You Deserve 211

Rejoice-You Are Powerful Beyond Measure! 224

About Cynthia Mazzaferro 236

Customer Reviews

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Powerful Beyond Measure: 3 Steps to Claim Your Power Within for a Happy & Healthy Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Powerful and practical. Often the voices inside our own head rob us of our power within. Regardless of internal or external influences preventing a happy and healthy life, these fabulously simple 3 steps equip you to overcome both. Inspiration and education followed by practicality.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Powerful Beyond Measure is a complete guidebook for total empowerment--emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. Adding achievement and the emotional and health relationship (refreshing to see this). Everyone can benefit from this book, which blends concept and exercises and tools to plug into your life now, for powerful, lasting changes and results. When everyone lives this way, we will truly have a wondrous existence and planet. Karen Brown CEO Velocity Leadership Consulting
KristinBeale More than 1 year ago
Powerful Beyond Measure is an easy read and helpful for anyone going through a hard time. The book showed me the tools within myself to find my own power and peace to overcome hard times in my life. The book is easily applicable and the style of writing is engaging. FIVE STARS.
jwkitson More than 1 year ago
“Cindy’s soul-filled novel, Powerful Beyond Measure, encourages readers to realize the amazing truth that it is indeed possible to find inner strength and perseverance through any struggle. It guides us in developing a purpose-filled character, while also encouraging us to discover the power of hope dwelling within. Powerful Beyond Measure gives us a pragmatic application of what it truly means to walk worthy of the highest calling that this life offers: the chance to embrace the unique person our Creator always intended us to be.” –J.W.Kitson author of Song of the Tree Frogs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is truly a gift from the heart! Powerful Beyond Measure offers hope for all those who struggle to find their true purpose in life. Cynthia's transparency into her own life will truly help you break free from roadblocks that prevent you from becoming all you were created to be. I highly recommend this book to anyone who's daring enough to dig into their past and awaken the desire for inner peace!
Karen-Putz More than 1 year ago
I've had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia as well as reading her book--and I'm so thrilled our paths crossed. I love the guidance that Cynthia provides in this book which is a powerful reminder that we have brilliance within us and we are truly powerful beyond measure. This book will give you the push to examine your life and take your living to the next level.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you're feeling down, doubtful, frustrated or not quite fulfilled, than this is the book for you! With personal stories that are not only touching but easy to relate to, Cynthia takes you on a journey to become your best, happiest self - and who doesn't need that? Her book is well-written and a delight to read...and I know I'll pick it up again and again when I need some inspiration. I've always been a firm believer that each one of us is created with a unique purpose in life...but often it's hard for us to discover it...and when we do, hard to keep believing in it despite our downfalls. Powerful Beyond Measure makes it not only easier to do keep believing in your purpose...but reignites your passion!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cynthia's book is well put together and a very helpful resource for not only what may be the true source of a illness or symptom, but also concrete steps to take to heal. Dr. Mary Anne, Host of The Healing Whisper: A Return to Peace on Voice America . com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is such a gift! For anyone looking for wise, practical advice and a clear road map to tap into your own inner-wisdom, this is the book. The author, Cindy, gently guides us on a beautiful, yet powerful journey of shedding our old limiting beliefs and releasing us into a new way of living. It's a game changer and you'll be so glad you bought this book!
Kaste919 More than 1 year ago
Power Beyond Measure is definitely one of the top few books I've ever read regarding 'getting to your true authentic self,' the journey to get there, and it powerfully includes heartfelt true stories from the Author's life, as well as tools and exercises to truly do the work it takes to 'get' to your authentic true core self ... which ultimately leads to happiness and true inner joy. You can feel whole again and this is exactly what this book magnificently guides you through... Emotional trauma from your childhood? Fear? Don't feel good enough? All of these things and much more are addressed in Cynthia's book. Easy to read, easy to relate. I found this book was strategically created with past, current and future encouragement for deep healing. I highly recommend this book to anyone that feels they are 'giving too much' 'expecting too much' 'have fear or wounds from past or childhood', wants to dig in and truly move to so much more inner joy and peace. I love books that help me grow...and this book is fantastic for self growth.Sending love and a reminder you're Powerful Beyond Measure,
Mike_Whitfield More than 1 year ago
I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia and after seeing her passion, I can see why she is impacting so many lives already with this book. It's brilliantly laid out to overcome your past wounds, embrace the present, and expand your possibilities of the future. Be prepared to break down the walls that are holding you back!
TheQuietWarrior More than 1 year ago
Wonderfully written and instructional book of courage, love and inspiration. Cynthia's story from childhood into marriage reminded me of my own life story in many ways...I wish I had this book 30 years ago. I recommend this book for anyone looking for true success and happiness in all areas of life.
BobK More than 1 year ago
"I'm simply not good enough!" "I can't do it!" "I don't have the right qualifications!" Most of us at one time or another have had these thoughts or one of many self-limiting beliefs as life takes us through our own personal journeys. Over-coming these destructive thought patterns, and helping others do so, is one of the keys to a life of happiness. Cynthia Mazzaferro does a wonderful job of laying out a framework for doing just this. In this book,. she has wonderfully interwoven her personal journey with dramatic stories from others, a grip of practical advice, and the tools to implement this advice. If you know you can be more than you are ... or dream to be ... read this book, and do the exercises. It's money well spent.
_CortDonelson More than 1 year ago
Powerful Beyond Measure is like a gentle friend, guiding you on the path toward authentic happiness. I truly enjoyed reading about "soul lessons." This book is a wonderful resource for individual readers to walk through private self-reflection, but I also see that this book could be used within a small group of trusted friends where further discussion can happen. I definitely recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book forced me to honestly answer all those important questions that have to be addressed if I want to really understand myself and how I can take control of my life. The author's wise, gentle counsel and practical, love-based advice led me to understand all the influences that have made me who I am and how I can make the changes I need to build my fullest, most "powerful" life by recognizing, honoring, and resolving to nurture the gifts and talents I already possess. This is not a quick, easy, change-your-life-in-a-week book--thank goodness! Its central message is profound and deeply moving. It deserves and demands careful, thoughtful study and offers precise, practical ways to unleash the inner power we all have. I'll be returning to "Powerful Beyond Measure" again and again as I strive to be a better human being, a fierce self-advocate, and an unrelenting believer in my own ability to change myself and my world and to help others discover their own beautiful, unique power.
BeaBruno51 More than 1 year ago
Oftentimes, and because of life situations and circumstances, we lose our ability to believe we can become and be all we were called and created to be in life. Voices of the past and present, whether outside (others) or inside (ourselves,) cause us to forget the greatness with which we operated when we were children before someone came and told us we couldn’t do what we knew we were able to do. In Powerful Beyond Measure, author Cynthia Mazzaferro transparently shares life experiences she faced that were tailored to destroy. Instead, she rose above those trials and tribulations, those voices and experiences, to see that she was powerful beyond measure. When she made up her mind to fix herself, she discovered an amazing woman that had been lost. Powerful Beyond Measure contains exercises that caused me to look more deeply at myself, bringing me to the before me that was temporarily knocked down by the situations and circumstances I previously faced in my life. Cynthia has developed processes in this book revealing Soul Lessons that could quite possibly keep us from moving forward into our divine destiny. She uses exploration, empowerment, and enlightenment to help readers move forward and achieve life dreams and goals. Powerful Beyond Measure is a book you will find the urge to read multiple times in the interest of implementing each process and lesson. You will discover the power to heal within yourself so that your outside will match your insides, and vice verse, as you realize you are powerful beyond measure. Beatrice Bruno, Author
Business12 More than 1 year ago
WISE & INSIGHTFUL. This book will help you to orbit further. Cynthia Mazzaferro has narratives of passion, motivation and concepts for dealing with the intricacies of life. I have met her and am proud of her achievement with this book. Her journey is most evident in this regal work. A conversation with Cynthia will propel your life to the next plateau. Hank Moore, author of Legends books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing doesn't say enough about how powerful this book was in my life and how I view myself and others now. Cindy's organized process and many wonderful stories of herself and others help to solidify concepts she is trying to share. The entire process of self-discovery and self-empowerment was more than I even conceptualized and the outcome more than I imagined. I've already purchased additional copies for family and friends. I believe Mazzaferro's book will stand the test of time and be considered one of the greats! I know that I will reference it often and plan on rereading it once a year. Simply Powerful Beyond Measure is a Gift for ALL. Don't wait order your copy today and watch how miraculous your life will be affected. Thank You Cynthia Mazzaferro for this amazing book.
BlessedMama24 More than 1 year ago
In Powerful Beyond Measure, readers will learn how to identify and change destructive thought patterns and beliefs. Very often, we blame our circumstances instead of looking at our beliefs about those events. This book guides the reader through deep, meditative exercises and journaling to dig through our lives and discover those self-limiting patterns that keep us from living our best lives. Powerful Beyond Measure starts with examining our perceptions in utero and takes us on a journey through childhood and how all these beliefs affect us now. Cindy weaves in stories from her clients and her personal journey to punctuate the lessons she teaches. While the idea that childhood experiences can have a long-lasting impact on our adult lives is not new, her methods of healing are fresh, simple, and profound. Get this book and get started on healing from your past so you can live a better tomorrow!
KenPasch More than 1 year ago
For me, reading "Powerful Beyond Measure" by Cynthia Mazzaferro was a treasure! Although she and I have different audiences, our approach to helping those audiences is amazing similar. You will get a LOT from this book. It is an awesome framework to help overcome so many of the limiting beliefs we gather through the years. The current state of the human condition is responsible for why those beliefs form. The key, we each have the opportunity to chose to reframe how we think and feel. Let Cynthia help you do this. She is an amazing woman with incredible gifts to help and heal. I wish you good health and good wealth (however you measure that) as you learn, change your life, and reap the rewards. Thanks, Cynthia!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Through her own life experiences of trials and victories, breakdowns and breakthroughs, Cynthia Mazzaferro has come to the conclusion that we are all powerful beyond measure. And judging from her incredible insights, and sound teachings - I am now a believer as well. This book will convince you of your own power within to overcome, in spite of what you may be feeling or seeing. Powerful Beyond Measure is truly a refreshment for the soul, an easy read, and a powerful life-changing book.