PRODUCE YOURSELF: Apply Hollywood's Proven Formula To Become The Hero of Your Life

PRODUCE YOURSELF: Apply Hollywood's Proven Formula To Become The Hero of Your Life

by Terence Michael


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ISBN-13: 9781641365550
Publisher: 100 Percent Terry Cloth
Publication date: 10/21/2017
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Emmy-nominated producer, Terence Michael, has produced over 20 movies and 30 TV shows. He additionally hosts 2 podcasts about the entertainment industry. In his spare time, he invests in real estate, runs a mortgage business, and consults entrepreneurs on how to monetize their passions and be happy in the process.

Terence has developed, produced, and delivered story content, from film to television, during the ownership of 3 production companies. He has produced feature films distributed by studios such as Sony, Universal, MGM, Lionsgate, and HBO; and executive produced television shows airing on networks such as NBC, Fox, MTV, VH1, Showtime, Lifetime, TLC, Spike, Esquire, Syfy, Travel Channel, and A&E.

Additionally, he has guest lectured and consulted on development, financing, story, packaging and nuts-and-bolts producing panels for the Cannes Film Festival, the Los Angeles Film Festival, Independent Film Project West (IFP), Film ITConference, SXSW Film Festival, AFI, and UCLA Film Extension; has been featured in magazines and publications, such as The Los Angeles Times, MovieMaker, Moving Pictures, Back Stage West, Inde-pendent Film and Video, Screenwriters Utopia, Writers Script Network, Venice Magazine, Newsweek, Details, and The Christian Science Monitor.

Details on his film and television credits are at

Table of Contents

1 - The Manual For Your Life

2 - Paths, Possessions, Luck, and Comparisons

3 - Art Imitates Life: The Stages of The Hero

4 - Your Ordinary World

5 - The Call To Adventure: Choices, Consequences, and Values

6 - The Refusal: Detours, What Ifs, Present Value, and Prevention

7 - Meeting The Mentor: Increasing Your Average

8 - Meeting The Mentor: Power of No, Purpose

9 - Commercial Break: Timing, Cycles, Deep Work, Turning Off

10 - Crossing The Threshold: Value, Connection, Identity

11 - Tests: Risk and Struggle

12 - Tests: Quitting, Sacrifice, Announcement, Options

13 - Allies: Friends, Tools, and Support

14 - Enemies: Process, Function, Input

15 - Approach To The Inmost Cave: Identity, Muses

16 - Approach To The Inmost Cave: Fake-It

17 - The Ordeal: Networking, Permission

18 - The Ordeal: Momentum, Informality, Collaboration

19 - The Ordeal: Evaluation

20 - The Ordeal: Patterns, Ego, Ideas, The Subconscious

21 - The Reward: Input vs. Output

22 - The Road Back: Purpose, Proximity Potential

23 - The Road Back: The Now

24 - The Resurrection: Authenticity, Happiness

25 - Return With The Elixir: Willpower, Creation Play, Ask, Time

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