Reforming the Rock Star

Reforming the Rock Star

by Christine Bell

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When Sydney Metcalf's bestie asks her to cater her wedding, Syd can't say no, even though the thought of going back to her hometown makes her break out in hives. She's off to a great start until best man
and rock god Lazlo Stone calls with a request for her to cater the bachelor party too. Petit fours adorned with rose petals, she can handle. A cake shaped like boobs for the sexiest guy in the universe? She's not so sure. But this is the chance of a lifetime and she refuses to screw it up by being a prude...

When a sexy stripper dressed as a Plain Jane crashes the bachelor party, Laz is all about getting vertical and making some music with her. Too bad his stripper is really the caterer and the bride's best friend. After a kiss between them blazes out of control, he can't seem to stop thinking about sweet little Syd.

But everybody knows, life on the road and love don't mix...

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ISBN-13: 9781633750807
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/29/2014
Series: Entangled Indulgence
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 127,855
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Christine, her handsome hubby and four boys reside in Pennsylvania with their two dogs. In her spare time, she can be found reading just about anything, from YA novels to books on poker theory. She doesn't like root beer, clowns or bugs (except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits), but lurrves chocolate, going to the movies and playing tennis. She enjoys writing fun, adventure-filled romance novels, but hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to dig his eyes out with a rusty spoon. Christine also writes erotic romance under the pen name Chloe Cole.

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Reforming the Rock Star

A Head Over Heels Novel

By Christine Bell, Kerri-Leigh Grady

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Christine Bell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-080-7


Sydney Metcalf stared at her friend in utter disbelief, dread forming a ball in the pit of her stomach. "You want me to spend two weeks in Fairbanks to cater a week's worth of events around your wedding day? Is that what you're saying?"

She'd been in San Fran for three days with the Hanover sisters and their friend Lita for their annual girls' weekend and she was just hearing about this now? Sure, there had been a ton of wedding talk, but nothing about Syd providing the catering services and, more importantly, nothing about her having to be in Fairbanks for half a month.

Might as well have been a lifetime.

Seemed very convenient, "forgetting" to ask her until now. When her bestie had called to see if she wanted to meet up for lunch on Syd's last day in California, she'd known by the tone of Callie's voice something was up. She'd never imagined it was this. It had taken Syd most of her trip to get her head around spending even a couple nights in Fairbanks to fulfill her duties as bridesmaid at the star-studded nuptials.

She'd already carved out some stellar excuses to get out of the less important stuff — anything to minimize the amount of time she had to be in her hometown. The very idea that Callie was asking her to provide the food for a guest list that included Grammy winners and rock legends for a wedding that was now going to last for more than a week? That was so not on the menu.

It was a beautiful idea.

Jake wanted to sweep Callie away from the gossip and strife in San Francisco and bring her back to her hometown to create memories together. But Jake didn't know Fairbanks, and despite Syd's reassurances to Callie that it was going to be great and how the people and place had surely changed for the better, she'd only said that to make her friend feel better. She was pretty sure everything was exactly the same in the worst possible way. The stress was already making the acid in her stomach gurgle.

Add to that the pressure of catering something of this magnitude, and it was almost overwhelming. This was an extravaganza of events. The destination wedding to end all destination weddings, complete with a private fair, a bachelorette party, hell, there was even a hoedown planned. Not to mention the wedding itself.

"I've only been catering professionally for a few months." What if she screwed it up?

You will definitely screw it up.

The familiar refrain played in her head like a broken record no matter how much she tried to stifle it. She'd heard it often enough. From her mother. From her stepfather. Never from Callie, though. Callie Hanover had always believed in her and even now studied her through hazel eyes that blazed with indignation.

"Stop doubting yourself. The business is one thing, but you've been feeding people since you were nine years old. I know, I was one of them, remember?"

How could she forget? The three of them — Callie, her sister Lori, and Sydney — at Shady Maples trailer park with nothing in either of their families' dilapidated double-wides to eat besides maybe a can of olives, a box of old noodles, and a block of neon-yellow government cheese.

Syd swallowed the lump in her throat at the memories. It had been years since she'd fed Callie, and she was pretty sure good old Macaroni Surprise wasn't going to be on the wedding menu.

Still, it was during that time, eating bad food with friends who made life seem just a little less awful, that Syd had realized she wanted to feed people for a living. Food made people happy. Food was love. Food was everything to her, including a one-way ticket out of Fairbanks, Montana.

When Callie had asked if she could stand coming to Fairbanks for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, she'd agreed out of love and loyalty. But this was too much.

The place was filled with bad memories, bad karma, and worse people. Syd picked up her water goblet, slick with condensation, and took a long drink. Time for some real talk.

"I'm very flattered, and if I was ever going to go back there for more than my annual drive-through visit to see your mom, it would be for you. But —"

"Don't but me, Syd. I need you." Callie set down her salad fork with a clink and took Syd's hand, squeezing it tightly in her own. "I need all my girls to be there for all the events and the moral support. I don't want to experience a single second of this special time without you there. And just think of what this exposure could do for A Lil' Taste of Heaven!"

Syd blew out a sigh and closed her eyes. That was playing hardball. As scary as it would be, she was a great cook and had the utmost faith in her sous chef. The food at Callie's wedding would be stunning and could very well put her on the map. Her business was well on its way to expanding in Butte, and a high-profile gig would do wonders toward a possible magazine spread. Theoretically, it was like a gift from the gods.

Even if she was stuck between a rock and a nightmarish hell-scape of childhood memories, could she really say no?

"If I say yes, would I be able to get out of wearing a wretched bridesmaid's dress?"

Callie's eyes brightened, and she leaned forward to grab Syd's hand. "Yes. You can wear whatever you want to the ceremony. And by the time the reception is underway, you'll have already taken care of the food preparation and can hand off to your sous chef and come enjoy the party. We have a small staff that came with the rental of the manor, and they will take care of daily breakfast and making sure the fridge is stocked with eats for day to day. It would only be the actual events you'd be on tap for."

That was good. She wouldn't be tied to the kitchen the entire time. And no taffeta nightmare in her future was a definite plus. Could she really pull this off? "How many guests did you say?"

"Small." Hope brightened Callie's gamine face. "Fifty people, tops."

That was definitely doable. "Did you pick the exact location?" She was already planning the menu in her head when Callie's lip twitched in a way that sent Syd's radar squealing. "Why do you look like that? What aren't you telling me?"

"The Holmes estate on the lake."

The lake. She of course meant Echo Lake. Where they'd spent summers swinging from ropes and splashing around before going home to misery. Seemed like all her memories of Fairbanks were bittersweet that way.

Kind of like a circus. Half popcorn, spun sugar, and laughter. Half pathetic, abused animals performing tricks and traveling misfits who life had cast aside. It was way harder to focus on the popcorn parts when she was in Fairbanks. Every place held another memory.

"Please, Syd. It's two weeks out of your life, and the first week will just be with us preparing. We'll get tons of girl talk time and work on our tans. And just think of all the opportunities to show your stuff and make everyone fall in love with your food."

Tempting ... and still? Fairbanks.

"We're not even going to see anyone we know. The whole event will be at the estate. We won't even have to go to town for anything unless you want to. I can have stuff delivered and everything. You have more than a month to get your head around it." The pleading on Callie's face mixed with her own drive to push her business into another realm made it hard to say no.

How bad could it be? She'd be surrounded by famous people, supporting her best friend, and doing what she did best. If she put her head down and pushed through the hard parts, just like she always did, everything would turn out fine.

"All right." She slapped her hands on the table and nodded. "I'll do it."

Callie's eyes lit up with pure joy. "Are you sure?"

Her word was her bond and once she gave it, there was no turning back, regardless of how badly she wanted to. "I'm sure. No point in wasting time. Let's talk menu. I'm thinking fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. Lake trout lunches, strawberry parfaits, steak tartar."

The more she talked, the more the passion for her job ate away at the anxiety. Maybe it would be okay. Surely Callie was right. The estate was separate from the seedier side of town where she and the Hanover sisters had grown up — and even if she did decide to go into town for supplies, it would be a quick in-and-out deal.

She tuned back in as Callie chattered about bruschetta for the rehearsal dinner and smiled. One thing she had to admit, her friend looked truly happy. Her skin had a glow to it that had nothing to do with the California sun and everything to do with that California man she'd landed.

Jake was the real deal. She'd only met him one time, but when she saw how he looked at Callie, most of the reservations she'd had about her friend hooking up with a musician who'd left his fiancé started fading away. He was definitely crazy about her.

She brushed away the tinge of sadness that came with the realization that she would probably never have that. Guys like that fell for girls like Callie. Not girls who had been too busy working at the local diner through high school to learn how to flirt or do makeup or buy the perfect outfit.

Those were the facts.

No point in being sad about it. She made a mental note to call Supercuts and get a trim before the festivities. The last thing she needed was those damned bangs hanging in her eyes when she was trying to cook.

"So when do we start?"

"Well, everyone is already on board. We're going to fly out the bridal party a week early for some fishing and relaxation as well as last-minute wedding planning. That will give you a full seven days to go over your projected menus for the events and prep as much as you can ahead of time. Do you have enough info to figure out how much staff we need?"

"I'll bring my sous chef and two prep cooks with me. I plan to do all the pastry myself. The rest will be people who can handle the line, dish out the food, slice and dice and whatnot. I can source them locally through a temp agency or one of the hotels."

She stared across the table at her friend and tried to emulate her optimism. It was going to be great. The best two weeks of Callie's life.

So why did she feel like Marie Antoinette agreeing to cater her own beheading?

* * *

Laz stepped out of the Mustang Jake had picked him up in and gave a good stretch. "Somebody shoulda told me it was a two-hour drive from the airstrip," he said, wincing as he worked out the kinks.

After two months on the road, sleeping in a trailer half the time, followed by a four-hour flight from LA, he was stiff as a board. He made a mental note to check out the estate's gym, stat. "I would've talked you into renting that fancy-man Mercedes you been talking about if I'd known."

Jake let out a snort and pushed open the driver's side door. "Yeah, yeah. Make fun, but we could've kicked back with those plush seats and all that leg room and traveled in style."

For the three men in the muscle car, legroom was a hot commodity. Jake was the shortest, clocking in at just over six feet. At six three, Laz was used to being uncomfortable, but he couldn't get his head around saying no to a Mustang. As for Rocky, he was a giant, and the fact that he'd been stuffed in that backseat hadn't gone without notice.

He slammed the door of the cherry-red vehicle and turned toward Jake with a steely glare. "Next time I pick the car. This thing is a paparazzi magnet. We're lucky we didn't get followed."

"No one knows we're here yet, man, chill." Before Rocky could respond, Laz let out a low whistle. "Nice digs. I was hoping it was as pretty as the picture, but this is amazing."

He took in the sprawling ranch-style estate and pegged it well over fifteen thousand square feet, not including the three carriage houses that dotted the land around it. That was a lot of real estate. The honey-colored wood exterior of the main house gleamed in the high Montana sun, and he closed his eyes to soak in the rays.

San Francisco was in the midst of a rare but dog-fuckingly long heat wave and standing outdoors with the light breeze tickling his face and the sun a pleasure instead of a punishment, he decided instantly that he was a fan of Fairbanks, Montana.

A door slammed and a female voice called out, "I'm so glad you guys are finally here!" Callie ran up, looking fresh as a daisy in a pair of jean shorts and a cropped top. He glanced at her feet and grinned.

"Nice sneakers." His best friend's fiancé had made a name for herself designing fancy shoes, and he'd never seen her in anything but heels. This was a good sign. Maybe they really would all get to relax and have some fun this week.

Her dark ponytail bounced back and forth as she jogged over and threw herself into Jake's arms. "I hate being away from you," she murmured and planted a big kiss on him that was way over the top considering they'd only been apart for half a day while Jake came to pick them up at the airport.

Jake tugged her closer and deepened the kiss.

"Take it inside, man," Rocky muttered.

Laz eyed his friend and wondered, not for the first time, what was going on with him. He'd always been quiet, but the last few weeks, he'd been almost surly. His stomach clenched as he recalled the last time one of his band members had clammed up and gotten sour like this.

It had resulted in Dash leaving The Rift without explanation.

They hadn't been the same since. There was a general feeling of discomfort all the time. Like they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe the pressure was weighing on Rocky, too, and just talking about it would get him in a better frame of mind.

He made a mental note to spend some one-on-one time with his buddy tomorrow once they'd settled in to try to get to the bottom of things. The ones who held it in were always the ones to watch, and he knew Rocky was still nursing some deep wounds after Dash had left the band.

Laz hadn't blamed him for leaving. Life on the road could be heavy, and when Dash missed the funeral of the man who had loved and raised him because he was in Europe and hadn't received the news in time, it pretty much broke him. Rocky understood his pain, but still felt betrayed by the sudden departure and Dash's seeming unwillingness to try to work through it and keep the band together.

This would be the first time all the members, past and present, of The Rift would be in one place at the same time for an extended period.

They might not share blood, but they'd spent more time with one another than Laz had spent with any other human being in his life. They ate, drank, and slept under the same roof half the year. They traveled the world and created music together. It was a bond that most people would never understand. This could be a fresh start for all of them if they let it be, because at the end of the day, they were brothers. And who knew? Now that Dash had found happiness with a woman he loved and worked through some of his emotional shit, maybe he'd even consider rejoining them.

He shoved that false hope aside and shook off his reverie, determined to kick back, keep it worry-free and enjoy the festivities.

Callie and Jake broke apart, both beaming, and Laz felt a twinge of envy. Dash wasn't the only one madly in love. That made two buddies who had landed the girls of their dreams. He was happy as hell for both of them, but he'd been there, done that, and had found out the hard way that he wasn't capable of maintaining a relationship and a successful music career simultaneously.

It was one or the other, and the choices he'd made the last time he'd fallen in love with a woman had almost killed her.

More power to Jake and Callie if they could make it work, though. The idea of having someone to come home to after a long tour and spend his days and nights with was something he could totally get on board with.

"Lori and Dash went into town but should be back in time for dinner. You guys must be starving after such a long ride." Callie wrapped her arm around Jake's waist, and he slung his around her shoulder.

Laz grabbed his guitar case and suitcase from the trunk before following the group as they made their way up to the white wraparound porch and up the steps. "This place is really something."


Excerpted from Reforming the Rock Star by Christine Bell, Kerri-Leigh Grady. Copyright © 2014 Christine Bell. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Reforming the Rock Star 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
Reforming the Rock Star is another great addition to Christine Bell's repertoire and left me grinning like a fool. Lazlo Stone...what an unexpected treat he was! Our 6'3" brute of a rock god is a bit of a softie. Underneath a chest that dreams are made of (I have a great imagination), lies a huge heart and I loved every protective, sweet, dirty, witty ounce of him. And when he meets the chef for his band mate and best friends wedding (also the brides BFF), I'm not the only one that did some swooning, because Sydney Metcalf is a bit smitten too. But why would someone as hot and popular as Laz look twice at Syd - happiest creating culinary delights in her sweats? "What to do you say Syd? Want to come back to the house? We can get you out of that tight skirt, I'll feed you, and then we can see if we can cook together?" Sexy, witty and heartfelt, the actual storyline didn't hold any huge surprises but Laz and Syd's personalities, traits and feelings did and there was nothing not to love about either. As I have found with all Christine's novels, the dry humour and chemistry shines and yes, it's a little tamer than some of her offerings, but what passion we do get sizzles. And the a complete epilogue junkie I boarded the train to Happy-land (still grinning like a fool). All in all Reforming the Rock Star was an enjoyable entertaining read. It's worth mentioning that it follows on from Resisting the Musician written by Ally Blake but can be easily read as a standalone. In all honesty, Christine has saved the characters that appeared in the first book as they didn't particularly endear themselves to me and I can't wait to see what Robin Covington brings to the table with Rocky and Lita's story. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - Hey Laz, Thanks for the hot beef injection. Yours, Syd. Stars! Christine Bell is one of those authors whose books that when you pick up too read, you know you aren't going to be disappointed. "Tonight I'm going to be wild. Because that's how you make me feel." She always to manages to give you characters, that no matter how dark and damaged, or just plain middle of the road they are, you fall in love with them, you want to know more about them, and you want them to get the happily ever afters that they deserve.  I think it is mainly because from whatever walk of life they come from, she makes them approachable, she get's you get into their heads, gives you the story that they deserve, and brings a whole lot of feelings and emotions to each and every one of their journeys. I liked Laz's vulnerability, even though he was world famous, and known to everyone, he still just wanted to be liked/loved for the man he was and not the persona he portrayed. Syd was the perfect woman for the man behind Rockstar. "I like you, Syd. And I'm a little like a teenage boy right now because all I keep thinking is that I hope you like me, too." Reforming the Rockstar ticks all of the boxes and then some for this reader. I can't recommend it highly enough. I hope the next book in the Head Over Heels series is of the same standard. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, In exchange for the above review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was sweet and charming. Loved it.
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Funny, Sweet and Sexy!! Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway my review or my rating! Christine Bell is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors to read. With two of her adult books and one of her YA books under my belt, I feel confident that if I buy a book with her name on it, it's going to suck me in, it's going to be fun, and I'm going to love it. It's been true three times now and I can't wait to buy and read more. I instantly liked Sydney. In the kitchen she's confident and alive, strong and talented. Outside of the kitchen she's a bit awkward and a whole lot of no self worth. She doubts herself in all areas in life stemming from how her and her two best friends grew up, the type of childhood they had. She puts on a smile and tries fool everyone but really she only fools herself. She hides behind, what she views, as being plain, baggy clothes, no makeup, that sort of thing. Her transformation made me smile. Laz was all sorts of sexy. When I think rock star I always expect the guy to be cocky, maybe a bit of a jerk and of course a huge male slut. Sure Laz is confident and sure of himself but he's also sweet and protective and caring. With everyone. He thinks about everyone's feelings before he acts including his friends and band mates. There wasn't an ounce of jerk in him and he really wasn't even a slut. It was just a case of due to a really bad past experience he felt like his career and lifestyle just didn't work with relationships. He hadn't and didn't think he ever would meet a woman that would make it worth the risk. I really, really liked this guy. There was a slight bit of...well I guess I can't really say all out insta-love, but these two did fall fast. I feel like a week was just too quick. Granted they were hauled up at an estate for two weeks so during that week they were around each other a lot. There was time to get to know each other a bit but I felt like a lot of the alone time was spent hooking up, not all of it just a chunk. Don't get me wrong the romance between these two was seriously sweet and it had me giving happy little sighs more often than not, my only complaint would be how quick it got from 'this will just be a fun hookup' to 'I love you' you know? This book was funny and sweet and very hot and steamy. I couldn't put it down once I cracked it open. I'm not sure how I feel about reading the other books in the series since each book in the trilogy is by a different author. I'm definitely intrigued by the other characters they're going to be about but I just don't know. Had they all been by Christine Bell I'd have been right on top of it. I definitely recommend this one for those of you looking for a quick and steamy read. Sure they fall fast but it's totally worth the read. Thank you Entangled for approving this book for me!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not really what I had expected. I get turned off by poor proofreading and it was full of it. The story it's self was good but I thought it could have had more important details to it. With that and the fact that there is lessthen 162 pgs. made the book feel rushed. Pretty bummed I spent $2.99 on the thung.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this author and bought this book. I enjoy the rock star genre and really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!
kimberdee11 More than 1 year ago
What a cute, funny read. I can’t wait to read more, from Ms. Bell. Great start to a new series. The only problem I had was, the other characters much have had their own books, so I kind of felt like I was missing something. But it didn’t take away from Laz and Syd’s story.   Reviewed by Confessions of a Booklovinjunkie , ARC was provided by Netgalley
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
Laz doesn't do relationships. His last one was disaster from the minute the band made it big. Her lack of trust in him drove her to harm. Not only did he lose the first girl he'd fallen in love with, he lost any confidence he had that a long-distance relationship with another woman would ever work. Meeting Sydney, his librarian stripper nurse (his words, not mine, lol), changed his perspective. Convincing her they'd work out... Well, that was going to take a little bit of time and a whole lot of effort. But she was worth it. Sydney doesn't understand Laz at all. He's a rock for Pete's sake and could have any woman he wanted. She's plain, average, and a caterer. Her past wasn't the greatest. The emotional and mental scars she has show how much she dealt with growing up, and how they affect her still. None of that could hardly be considered attractive. So why was he so interested in her? Ms. Bell wrote this story so Syd is seen from different angles: her own and Laz's. The views couldn't have been more different. Through Laz's eyes, I saw a woman who was beautiful because she was herself, who was confident in her job, who possessed a wicked sense of humor and a healthy dose of intelligence. But I also saw a woman who would slip into the skin of an insecure and unsure little girl. The smiles and wisecracks and confidence would literally disappear right before my eyes. More than once I wondered, "Where the hell'd she go?" Laz saw all of this and his attraction to her never lessened. From Syd's standpoint, I got to know a woman who was passionate about her work and her business. The enthusiasm she displayed just when talking menus made me smile. So those moments when she was small and felt uncertain or inadequate really tore me apart. I didn't like that person because it's not the woman I grew to like. I love how Laz and Syd worked through their issues, coming to terms with their respective pasts and understanding they don't have to affect their futures. And I really appreciated Laz's resolve to wait for Syd after a misunderstanding caused them to separate for a bit. The belief that he wasn't meant for a long-distance relationship dissolved when Sydney became the center of his world. Any insecurity she felt about being with him melted when he proved how far he would go to be with her. I enjoyed every page of this story. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. I thought I'd be reading a much darker rock star romance. Instead, I got a sweet and sexy rock-star-girl-next-door romance that kept my attention and had me falling in love with its memorable characters. 4.5* ***Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review***
Akaedia More than 1 year ago
I had a hard time putting this book down, I loved the characters and story line. This book was fun to read and touched my heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable read. The relationship between the two main characters just seemed a bit rushed.
Seltzer More than 1 year ago
This was one of those books you didn't want to end but couldn't put down!! Christine Bell has become one of my favorites with this story. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JenPH More than 1 year ago
"Reforming the Rock Star" is the second book in the "Head Over Heels" series from Entangled Indulgence and was written by bestselling author Christine Bell. The book can be read as a standalone but if you're like me and you prefer reading all the books in a series and in the correct order, go ahead and check out book one, "Resisting the Musician" by Ally Blake. ^.^ Sydney Metcalf has always wanted to escape her past, filled with memories of being bullied in school and living in less than desirable conditions in a trailer park. She's slowly but surely building her catering business, A Lil' Taste of Heaven, and while she's initially apprehensive at being asked by her best friend, Callie Hanover, to cater not just her wedding reception but the numerous events leading up to the nuptials, Sydney decides to take the task on, knowing it will help drum up business for her. What she doesn't count on is meeting Lazlo Stone. Laz Stone leads a pretty charmed life as part of The Rift, a world famous rock band. He has money, fame, and women. The one thing he shies away from is getting into a long-term commitment with just one woman, having experienced first-hand what his life as a musician can do to someone in his life. When he first meets Sydney Metcalf, he's taken in by her sexy librarian look and immediately thinks she's a stripper for his best friend's bachelor party. When he gets to know her better, he realizes just how beautiful she is on the inside as well. I loved Sydney and Laz's story! Sydney has her fair share of insecurities, no thanks to the rotten childhood she had, but Laz's encouragement to make her realize what a beautiful woman and talented chef she is showed that this rock star is a good looking guy with an exceptionally good heart. They have that chemistry that's needed by romantic pairings in any medium, making their coming together as a couple more realistic and believable.  The story speaks to me, what with Sydney having to overcome her own fears and doubts to go after what she wants and Laz being able to forgive himself for what happened in the past and realizing that history doesn't necessarily have to repeat itself. This book was about two people afraid to take certain risks but needing to do so to find the happiness that they've been searching for in their lives. It was an enjoyable and satisfying read. "Reforming the Rock Star" gets four stars out of five! ♥
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Sydney Metcalf reluctantly agreed to cater her friend Callie's wedding, in a town she thought she left behind long ago.  Callie is marrying a member of the rock band, The Rift.  Laz Stone, also a member of the band, calls Syd to arrange food for the bachelor party and as soon as they hear each others voices, the fantasies start rolling.  When they finally meet in person, he's drunk and she helps him to bed without having sex with him and they get along from there.  A casual fling is sometimes a good thing...right?  At least until the feelings stop being casual.  Can Syd live with Laz and his rock star life style? Great characters!  I love the rags to riches story of the female characters.  They guys in the band are NOT the stereotypical flaky, drug and alcohol abusers.  The story has great flow and is an all around feel good romance.  I loved it!  Thank you Christine Bell for another fantastic read. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable read. Well written, great pace, and fully developed characters that have the ability to make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings. The shy reserved Sydney Metcalf and the outgoing famous rockstar Lazlo Stone make a great couple. I highly recommend this one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago