by Kane Gilmour


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ISBN-13: 9780984954803
Publisher: Quickdraw Books
Publication date: 02/08/2012
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)

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Resurrect 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
smanke More than 1 year ago
In the 1850s, a powerful Chinese warlord proclaims himself the Son of God, brother of Jesus Christ, and raises an army with the strength to take over half of China. More than fifteen hundred years later, his descendant and legions of fanatic followers set a plan it motion that could effect the entire world. The key to stopping a potential holly war may be hidden in the lost final discovery of an infamous Swedish explorer from 1952. But when a team of three archaeologists unearth something that threatens the plans of the extremest religious cult, no one is safe. When members of the cult try to kill the archeology team, they come to the attention of Jason Quinn and his alpine research team from ARGO: Alpine Research and Geographic Observation. ARGO, created by Teddy Roosevelt in 1902, was founded to deal with all manner of studies pertaining to alpine climates, volcanology, and glaciology. The attempt on the archaeological team threatens disaster for Quinn's expedition and provides him an increased personal stake in stopping the Chinese madman and his terror troop. This book is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end. Kane Gilmour builds gripping and vibrant characters that pull the reader into the story making us share the hardship and joys of their journey. As the tale progresses, we learn a great deal about the central characters' backstories which helps us more deeply understand their convictions and motivations. And early in the climax of the book there is more rampaging destruction and devastation than one can get from even the most adrenalin packed action film. By the end of the book I realized the strength of Gilmour's story telling talent. They say that a good writer will always leave the audience wanting more. There is no question that this is the case with Resurrect. But, perhaps just as importantly, Kane managed to tie up this first book in such a way that we are left wanting more while still being very satisfied with the conclusion this story brings at the end. That said, the note at the end promising Jason Quinn's return his next adventure titled, Frozen, is greatly appreciated. The action packed thrills along the evolving story arc remind me of the early Dirk Pitt books, back when Dirk was young and impetuous and prone to both strong emotion and sometimes rash decisions. Kane Gilmour's writing is solid and his plot thoroughly engaging. If Jason Quinn can be said to parallel a young Dirk Pitt, I think it equally fitting that Kane Gilmour's first book parallels the work of a young Clive Cussler. I anxiously look forward to Gilmour's followup work!
cdyrn95 More than 1 year ago
If you want a page turner that will keep you up all night....this is a wonderful read.
KelliJ1 More than 1 year ago
If you like Clive Cussler you'll like this book. Lots of similarities to Dirk Pitt but the author has his own style.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Having read Gilmour's cllaborative novels with Jeremy Robinson, I was a bit disappointed with this novel. It seemed like a "Diehard" movie more than an original action-adventure. The writing also came off as a bit mechanical. Maybe my standards were set too high, but I jus expected better. Stephanie Clanahan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jlgc More than 1 year ago
It’s a good thing they are in great shape! This book is about the downfall of a megalomaniac, David Hong. It is also about his various assaults on an archeologist, Eve Rayjek, an engineer, Jason Quinn, and Jason’s buddy Curtis Johnson. The characters also travel the globe going to places you may never have heard of before, as well as what many consider the most important and recognizable place on earth. The story starts with action and continues non-stop until the very end. There is some downtime for the characters, but the author cleverly keeps those moments short and then takes you right back into the action. We start with a plane crash caused by a suicidal Chinaman. The only survivor is Eve. However, she’s on a mountain top, in a blizzard. In steps Jason who just happened to be working with a team close by and saw the plane crash. From there Eve, Jason, and Curtis. From here, things seem to go from bad to worse as the three are chased around the globe by Hong’s men. Stops are made in Denver, China, Finland, and the Vatican. There is also an epic battle on a train. With Eve and Curtis by his side, Jason is an unstoppable force. And through all this there is a budding romance between Eve and Jason. The characters are believable. The scenes are well defined. The story is engaging. This is the 2nd time I have read it and it was just as enjoyable as the 1st. Kane Gilmour is a fantastic writer of adventure and I can recommend him for readers who like lots of action in their books. If you read James Rollins, Jeremy Robinson, Clive Custler, and other authors like them, you will love this story. It’s the only one so far that features Jason Quinn and Curtis Johnson. Hopefully more will be forthcoming very soon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let me start off by saying I really wish this was not Kane Gilmour's debut novel! I have come to realize that many people are nervous or uncertain about getting books by new authors. So it really bothers me to think that people who are strolling through amazon and searching for a great adventure action novel may not give this book a chance because they've never heard of this Gilmour guy! Well let me put that fear to rest right now! Believe me, if you were not told that this was Kane Gilmour's first novel you would have probably thought he was a seasoned veteran who's been writing adventure novels for the past 20 years. This novel has both a fresh new voice while simultaneously having a soothing familiar tone that allows readers to settle into comfortable territory and get lost in an amazing adventure story. Have no fear, your time and imagination are in skilled hands with Gilmour. Speaking of time, I hate to say this phrase but be prepared to pull an all nighter with this one. Kane Gilmour gets great traction with this book and has planted his flag as the new great name in adventure writing. He has not only made a name for himself but he also created a main character who has potential to define the genre and thrill readers for years to come. That character is mountaineer, Jason Quinn. It is an incredible literary feat that in Jason Quinn, Gilmour has created a character who is incredibly charismatic, energetic, smart, strong, interesting, flawed, mysterious, and so many other words that would all be true. Most importantly though, Gilmour has a character that defines the word HERO. I am in no way exaggerating when I say that Jason Quinn is the James Bond of mountaineers. We are introduced to a seemingly normal mountaineer in the beginning of the novel. By the end, Gilmour has peeled back so many layers to his main character that we cannot wait to get more information about him. The story is also wonderfully peppered with colorful and fun secondary characters. The relationship between Quinn and his best friend seems so real you tend to forget you're reading a story and not watching real friends joke and play. On top of wonderful characters and character development, Gilmour proves that he can weave action and adventure like no other. His plot is crazy and wonderful. His pacing is superb. His dialogue is snappy, witty, fast and clever. And his action is unparalleled. Gilmour had an incredible knack for setting the reader up for so many fun surprises. I can't tell you how many times I looked up from reading this book with a huge smile on my face and shouted "No way!" only to happily dive right back in. He also has a talent for taking normal objects and somehow using them like Bond gadgets. You would think that Jason Quinn got his mountaineer boots, ice axe and other normal climbing objects from Q branch. With all this talk of wild adventure, surprising action, and gadgetry it is extremely important for me to assure the reader that in Gilmour's skilled hands at no time does this book become outlandish. At every turn when something seems like it could become cliché or eye rollingly over the top, Gilmour pulls back on the reigns just enough for you to believe everything you read. There is not much I can say in way of the plot without spoiling the story. Just know that as the characters try to stop a terrorist plot they do so with car chases, free running, mountain climbing, hang gliding, and the always amazing train rooftop fight. At every crucial point however, the book always maintains its sense of heart and comradery, with a little love story mixed in. Strap in for a great ride. Also prepare yourselves to wait in anticipation for the next book that says "A Jason Quinn Thriller" I have no doubt that there will be many more of them to come. Kane Gilmour is here to stay and to show the adventure world what the 21st century wants in its heroes. I couldn't stop thinking that this book and character will make people want to go into mountaineering the way Indiana Jones made us all wish we were archaeologists. I for one loved this book and cannot wait to read the sequel and see what else Mr. Gilmour has waiting up his sleeve.
Dustino More than 1 year ago
Kane Gilmour's novel Resurrect is a fun action-packed ride from China to America to Europe and back. Jason Quinn is a unique kind of action hero, and Gilmour fleshes him out very well. I don't normally read books like this- my usuals are usually creature features, but after reading book 5 of the series Refuge he co-wrote with Jeremy Bishop (check out the omnibus of all five of that series- very entertaining horror/sci-fi tale), I thought I would try out Resurrect. I wasn't disappointed, and I look forward to future Jason Quinn books!
MikeP16 More than 1 year ago
I have read some of Gilmour's collaborations and decided to try out one of his own books, I was not disappointed! There was fast action right from the start, and plenty more to hold my interest. If you're looking for a fast paced read filled with action, this is a no brainer!
ChickJ More than 1 year ago
An excellent first novel. His character is interesting and the storyline is simple. This isn't to criticize, simple is good. Nothing to distract the reader. No extra stuff just to fatten the book, things that don't pertain to story. Just a straight out well written, fleshed out tale. I can't wait for the the nest Jason Quinn book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jennilynnJA More than 1 year ago
Had this in my "to read" list, as I'd read the collaboration Kane did with Jeremy Robinson in the Chess Team/Jack Sigler books, but hadn't made it to reading it yet. I wish I had read it sooner!!  What a ride!!! :)  Wow The story kicks off with a plane crash in China, in a deep remote area, and the thrills continue through the entire story. Never a dull moment...  After the crash, the survivor Eve meets up with Jason Quinn and Curtis Johnson, and the three of them manage to squeek out of many trials, people trying to bring a mountain down on them as Jason and Curtis do their jobs for Argo, to trying to kill them using a Helicopter, to various other events, including a battle inside St. Peter's Basilica!!!   Quinn is a kick-butt, yet somewhat mysterious character, Curtis comes across more as a whatever I can do  to help, lets get the job done and compliments Quinn!!  The story takes the three of them all over the world, trying to find out why someone is trying to kill them and what secret are they trying to protect, all the while trying to uncover that secret...and not bring St. Peter's Basilica  down around the Pope's head! oh the horrors just thinking of that for this Catholic gal!! The action keeps you moving through the story, and a good book for me is one that makes me want to stay up and read when I really sould be sleeping... I lost many hours of sleep reading Resurrect!!  The ending was great and made me laugh a little... another good feature of a book for me!!  I look forward to reading more in this story and the end of the book says that Quinn will be back in Frozen and I am definately looking forward to it.   I also hope to see Kane and Jeremy Robinson collaborate more in the future of the Chess Team books, they teamed up for the Deep Blue Novella and for the full length novel Ragnorak and both books were great!!  A definate good team writing there!!   I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes Jeremy Robinson, Cussler, David Goleman, and Greg Beick to name a few... you won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Does slow down in one or two spots but overall a fast paced and engaging read.