by Ayana Johnson


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RuthLESS is a novel that inspires women to unlock the truths from within and began living the life that the Lord has predestined for them to live. Through her testimony, Ayana Johnson shares her wisdom and experience of what it is like to be a beautiful woman, yet not have an understanding of how to be beautiful on the inside with the qualities that God anticipates for women. The novel is inspired by the biblical story of RUTH who was a woman of faith, confidence, love, boldness, loyalty and overall she was a very BEAUTIFUL woman. She lived her life following the Lords heart as He guided her path. Because of the fact that she was living Gods path and not her own, her husband was able to find her even though she never went out searching for a man. Her internal beauty was noticed by her husband and this is what drew his attraction and allowed her to marry the man that God designed especially for her.Ayana's greatest passion for RuthLESS is to encourage woman to live a life that carries the same qualities that Ruth carried in order to live. Many woman settle and just exist with a man and/or with their comfortable circumstances because they do not have the knowledge or courage to allow the righteous path to manifest in their lives, RuthLESS qualities that Ayana once had as well.This book will help women to rise up, break free and LIVE to their full potential as virtuous women of the light and no longer be blinded by the qualities of the dark.

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ISBN-13: 9781539631965
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/02/2016
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Ayana Johnson is a woman living her life chasing after Gods own heart, in all that she does. Ayana's greatest desire is to be a vessel for God in the lives of everyone that she encounters as she has the special gift of inspiring beautiful women to live with purpose in Christ. Her upbringing was not in a Christian household nor in church, unless she visited a few times as a child, with her grandmother. Yet she still did not truly have an understanding of the Power of God or what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
At the age of 17, shortly after having a child as a senior in high school, her son's father went to prison in 2007 and she began her journey as a single mother to her son Malaki. After high school Ayana found comfort in hanging with friends and indulging in dark, sinful habits, such as drug abuse, fornication and pole dancing.

Although at times she felt very uncomfortable, this was her way of finding joy in her circumstances, being a young mother and raising a baby alone. She always knew that she was a beautiful woman, so she took advantage of people and searched for peace through men using the benefits that she attained through her outer appearance. But never understood how to feel the same way internally, or have any confidence in why she was born. Seeking love and attention from her friends, family and the different men that she dated was not enough, her soul still felt empty.
In 2009, Ayana knew that she needed a change but didn't know how to do it until she met Jesus Christ at the age of 22. Christ delivered her from the dark and introduced her to a new level of confidence and beauty that overtook her from within.
Today Ayana is very passionate and dedicated to her gifts as an Actress and Inspirational Speaker for the Lord. She understands that her purpose is to shine her light through the camera while being the voice for all beautifully broken women. There are no special degrees under her belt as a speaker or an author, besides daily instructions from the Lord, wisdom, understanding from the Holy Spirit and knowledge from her testimony that God allowed her to endure, to become the woman that she is today.

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I love the strength of Muriel, a true Warrior Woman. Magnus! awesome, strong, loyal and truly magnificient. I love the Rapture Series women; all are strong and compliment their men in strength, intelligence and deed. I am awaiting book 4 on plns and needles. Please write fast...I barely made it while waiting for "Ruthless"