Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy

Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy

by Lynn Rossy PhD
Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy

Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy

by Lynn Rossy PhD


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Savor your food, soothe difficult emotions, and enjoy every moment with powerful mindfulness practices! 

Do you turn to food when you’re feeling bored, depressed, or anxious? Do you judge your body for not fitting into some ideal shape or size? If so, you aren’t alone. Diet culture has sabotaged our relationship with food and our bodies. As a result, many of us are confused—attaching shame to our food choices and judging our bodies. It’s time to break free!

Savor Every Bite offers powerful mindfulness and compassion practices for soothing difficult emotions and cultivating positive coping strategies. From psychologist and mindful eating expert Lynn Rossy, this book provides daily tips and tools for whole-body healing—including how to eat mindfully, move your body in ways that feel delicious, and live with greater ease and joy.  

With this guide, you’ll learn mindfulness skills to help you navigate the difficulties of daily life and cultivate a lasting sense of calm, clarity, and profound happiness. It’s time to start savoring your life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684037469
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication date: 05/01/2021
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 1,079,935
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Lynn Rossy, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and author of The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution. She developed Eat for Life, a research-based mindful eating program that helps you end overeating, appreciate your body, and savor your life. She is president of The Center for Mindful Eating.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Step 1 Slow Down and Explore Your Senses

1 Slow Down, You Move Too Fast 6

2 Waking Up Is Hard to Do 10

3 One Life to Live 14

4 Breathe with Me 17

5 Belly Check and Belly Love 20

6 Sit Down and Just Eat 24

7 The Land Between Hunger and Fullness 28

8 Explore the Wonder of Each Bite 32

9 A Breath Before You Tech 35

10 Do What's Important (Not Urgent) 39

Step 2 Soothe (Instead of Eat) Your Emotions

11 Can You Name the Emotion? 45

12 Feelings Are Natural, Mentionable, and Manageable 49

13 Feelings Times Three 53

14 Understanding the Five Hindrances 57

15 Healing with Self-Touch 62

16 The Wave of the Crave 66

17 Healing with Movement 69

18 The Upside of Boredom 72

19 Listening for Your Body's Voice 76

20 Be Your Own BFF 80

Step 3 Surrender Limiting Thoughts

21 The Paradox of Acceptance and Change 87

22 Understanding the Wanting Mind 91

23 Food Is Just Food 95

24 Taking Care of Your Two-Year-Old Self 99

25 Moving Past the Scarcity Mentality 103

26 Waking Up Before You Bite 108

27 Rewards That Keep On Giving 112

28 Facing Your Fears and Desires 116

29 There Is No Success or Failure 119

30 Weil-Being Has No Size 123

Step 4 Smile and Create Your Own Happiness

31 Choosing Happiness 129

32 The Power of a Smile 133

33 Just for Me! 137

34 Strike a Yoga Pose, Do a Dance 141

35 Gratitude and Grace

36 The Practice of Loving-Kindness 150

37 Congratulate Yourself 154

38 Assume Authority. Act Until Apprehended 157

39 Cultivate Contentment 161

40 The Keys to Happiness 165

Step 5 Savor Every Moment

41 Savor Every Bite 171

42 Savor the Food You Really Want 175

43 Savor the Pleasant 180

44 Savor Every Moment 184

45 Savor Every Movement 188

46 Savor Seeing, Smelling, and Hearing 192

47 Savor One Thing at a Time 195

48 Savor Nature 199

49 Savor Generosity 203

50 Savor Life 206

Acknowledgments 211

References 213


Rossy resides in Columbia, MO.

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