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Crown House Publishing
Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy: The Complete Works

Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy: The Complete Works

by Roger P. Allen


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Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy: The Complete Works

Two volumes published in 1997 and 2001, respectively, are reprinted here in one. Allen (a practicing hypnotherapist in the UK) provides examples of the words he uses to achieve desired results in his hypnotism sessions with clients. In addition to these scripts he provides some advice on what the practicing hypnotherapist should be aware of during sessions. He offers scripts for breaking habits, weight loss, fear and panic management, confidence building, healing and pain management, sexual issues and problems, loss and bereavement, and smoking cessation. Scripts for strategies that are applicable to multiple issues are also presented. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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ISBN-13: 9781904424215
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 878,407
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Inducing the Trance State1
Eyes Sealed Shut--Rapid Induction5
Two Finger Eye Closure7
Ticking Clock Induction8
Children up to Age Ten12
Inside/Outside Induction13
Arm Levitation Induction14
Count Down Induction16
Overload Induction19
Remembering Trance Experienced21
Fractional Induction23
Experience Induction25
Question of Reality28
Self-Hypnosis Training Script29
Part 2Deepeners33
The Garden35
Cloud Deepener Relaxation38
The Stair40
The Candle42
The Mind's Eye43
Part 3Habit Breakers45
Generic Habit Control49
Guilt Trip53
Nail Biting54
Enuresis in Children56
Part 4Weight Loss61
Weight On The Mind63
Weight Loss Reframe65
Weight--What I Tell 'Em69
Diamond Weight Control73
'Swish Pattern' Weight Loss78
Part 5Fear and Panic Management83
Anxiety States85
Panic Attack88
Part 6Building Confidence and Self-esteem97
Protecting Others99
That Quiet Inner Voice101
A New Day103
Confidence and Self-image108
Confidence Building110
Ego Reinforcement121
Self-esteem Boost123
Confidence Booster125
Affirmation of Inner Self127
Steel Ball128
I Would if I Could131
Love, Truth and Understanding134
Part 7Healing and Pain Management137
The Healing Garden139
Pain and Discomfort141
Fast Allergy Cure147
Tension and Stress149
Switches for Pain154
The Dentist156
Releasing Negative Emotions159
Sleep and Dream162
Float Away Stress165
Part 8Sexual Issues and Problems169
Impotence and Inorgasmia171
Taking Responsibility173
Pleasure Returned177
Sexual Assault179
Part 9Loss and Bereavement183
The Final Goodbye185
Moving On188
Part 10Smoking Cessation193
Smoking Therapy195
Single Session Stop Smoking Therapy Method--The Smoking Gun199
Client Education202
Smoking Questionnaire222
The Hypnotherapeutic Session225
Reasoned Intervention234
After the Session237
Freedom from Tobacco238
The Battle Won?248
The Audiotape249
Foetal Smokers251
Diamond Smoking Script253
Lifestyle Junction260
Part 11Therapy Strategies261
Ideomotor Response (I.M.R.)263
Six Step Reframe267
Parts Therapy271
Time on Time273
Blowaway Technique277
Age Progression279
Strategy for a Past Life Recall (P.L.R.)280
Past and Interlife Experience286
Anger and Depression292
Physical Dissociation294
Coping With Abreaction295
Part 12Metaphor297
The Art Collection306
Part 13Amnesia and Recovering Memory309
Confusion Technique to Facilitate Amnesia313
The Filing Cabinet314
The Three Doors319
Part 14'Performance' Improvement323
Sports Performance325
Pass Your Driving Test328
Hypnosis in Entertainment331

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