Sex on a Stick

Sex on a Stick

by Lindy Nottingham


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The woman has it all. A prestigious job in the Capital Complex. Ahybrid Subaru with all-wheel-drive and satellite radio. ASuburban townhouse with stainless steel appliances and granitecountertops. Yes, she has it all and why not? She is, afer all,Pandora Tanner, Capital City tour-guide.When a chance encounter with a handsome face from her pastbrings Pandora face-to-face with her future, she is determined toright a wrong, and let destiny run its course. Then, a terroristattack at the Capital Complex proves that destiny is onPandora's side and her dreams, both wholesome and...otherwise... may actually come true.But ""stick"" technology is all the rage in Capital City. Lattes,donuts, TVs, cell phones, you name it; each and every thing isavailable - ON-A-STICK. Just look around on the street, in thestores, at schools, even in churches; it's obvious how attachedfolks have become to the modern convenience of ON-A-STICK.One man has watched very closely as this trend has swept thecountry. Townsend Effingham is perhaps the most powerful manin the world. Using ""stick"" technology, he devises a scheme tosave the insurance industry billions of dollars in payouts.Townsend enlists his girlfriend, the beautiful Evangelicalminister, the Right-Reverend Helen Damnation. Together theywill convince the country that God has changed the rules. That'sright! Beginning January 20th, when the next president - HelenDamnation (?) - takes office, sex will be forbidden, verbotten,banned, banished from the land. Sex will be evil, dirty, bad, bad,bad.

The Right-Reverend Helen Damnatiopreaches. He doesn't expect them to quit cold-turky. God will,according to the Right-Reverend Helen Damnation, replace sexwith something better; a nicorette for sex, you might say. It'scalled: SEX-ON-A-STICK.

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ISBN-13: 9780615508207
Publisher: Argus Enterprises International
Publication date: 09/05/2011
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Doug grew up in Chicago, which is not at all accurate, but people from Hammond, Indiana, where he really grew up, think they're from Chicago, as if Indiana is a Chicago suburb.

In Vietnam during the war, Doug was exposed to Agent Orange. In 2006, he was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma, a cancer the Veteran's Administration has recently included in their list of maladies resulting from such exposure. He has been cancer free since 2007.

He attended Parkland College where he was first published in the college literary annual. Subsequently, he attended the University of Illinois as a geology major.

In 1991, Doug and his wife, Trish, moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. They have recently moved from their home in St. Paul to a cabin on a tranquil, Minnesota wilderness lake in the Chippewa National Forest— though the winter months will find them closer to the equator.

Two miles through the woods from their home in northern Minnesota, stand the ruins of the camp that was the inspiration for the Big Bear Lake POW Camp in the novel, "Telegram." Doug and Trish enjoy nothing better than looking out over the lake from their porch swing and savoring the rich, historical flavors that mingle with the pine-scented air.

Doug is currently at work on his next novel set in the wilderness town of Deer River, Minnesota at the turn of the 20th century.

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