Star Trek Errand of Vengeance #3: River of Blood

Star Trek Errand of Vengeance #3: River of Blood

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Star Trek Errand of Vengeance #3: River of Blood by Kevin Ryan, Micheal Jan Friedman

Every person has a story, and those who are lucky enough to share the voyages of Capt. James T. Kirk aboard the Starship Enterprise ™ have stories unlike anyone else's. Some live, some die, but even those who serve below deck sometimes make all the difference in the universe!
The news from Starfleet Command is grim: a full-scale war against the Klingon Empire is coming, a war that the Federation may not be able to win. In anticipation of a monumental conflict, the U.S.S. Enterprise ™ is assigned to guard a vital starbase located perilously close to Klingon space.
But even as Kirk's mission brings him into a tense confrontation with an invading Klingon battle cruiser, an equally deadly menace lurks within the ranks of his own crew: Klingon infiltrator agents, posing as Starfleet officers and sworn to destroy the enemies of the Empire -- even at the cost oftheir own honor!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780743446013
Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek
Publication date: 08/14/2002
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 446,961
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Kevin Ryan is the author of Pocket Books popular Star Trek trilogy Errand of Vengeance, as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation—Requiem (with Michael Jan Friedman). He has also written the screenplay for the novel Eleven Hours and the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Resistance,” as well as two Roswell novels for Simon Pulse and thirteen various comic books published by DC Comics.

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