Submitted Unto Perfection: Reflections for the Bride of Christ

Submitted Unto Perfection: Reflections for the Bride of Christ

by Jo Gwost
Submitted Unto Perfection: Reflections for the Bride of Christ

Submitted Unto Perfection: Reflections for the Bride of Christ

by Jo Gwost


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Submitted Unto Perfection is a collection of writings penned over a number of years. The title was given to me by the Lord over thirty years ago. Before writing it I had to live it. This short book reflects some of my life lived submitted unto Him. I hope it stirs the hearts of those who love God, to draw to Him, in fuller trust and devotion.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781595559012
Publisher: Elm Hill
Publication date: 01/08/2019
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jo Gwost is the wife of one, the mother of six, and the grandmother of twelve. Though this is her first attempt at writing a book, she has been journaling for most of her married life. She learned about Jesus as a little girl and grew steadily towards accepting him as Savior and Lord. She lives with her husband, Jim, in St. Cloud Minnesota.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Portrait 1

Still Me 3

Imprint 4

Firm Choice Shaky Start 5

Stirred 6

My Hopelessness His Power 9

Tend with Patience 10

Enlisted 11

What Now 12

His Name 13

All for Him 14

First Clue 15

Grow 16

Deep Within 17

A "Like You" Life 18

Beside Within 19

Gentled 20

Convinced 22

The Cross 23

Little Cross 25

What Joy 26

Sparrows 28

Fullness 31

Stir It Up 33

Upright and Firm 34

Chosen 35

Birthright Sold 36

Grafted 38

New Year's Solutions 40

Moderation 41

Locked Out 42

Darkest Night 44

He Would Have 46

A Love So Grand 48

Upturned Pots 50

Battle Rages 52

Pointing to Jesus 57

Still Scuffed 59

The Pruning Shed 60

Weary Cones 63

Deep Calls to Deep 66

Downspouts 67

'Rose from Bier 68

Built Upon the Rock 69

Trust Him 70

Embraced 71

Stand Still 73

Battle-Worn 75

Until the Day Breaks 77

Fear Not 78

Seek the Best 81

Through 83

I Am a Dead Man 85

A Moment with You 87

Old Skin 88

Relationships 89

Just Because 90

Hope Splattered 91

Stopped to Release 93

Child's Bad Day 94

Coal with a Glow 95

Restored to Faith 96

Mercy in the Flames 98

Perfection My Target 99

You Are 102

He Cares 103

He Delivers 104

Prayer Army 105

I Am a Stump 106

Life's Momentum 107

Achoo! 111

Ever Nearer 112

His Tender Listening Ear 113

Beloved 115

Engraved on the Statue of Liberty 116

Empty with a Purpose 117

Drawn Out 118

Bumble Bee 119

He Is My Righteousness 120

Clamor 122

The White Horse 123

They Roared in Vain 124

Purple 125

Just Believe 126

He Longs to Love 129

Grace Bends the Back 130

Dressed Only in Scars 132

Room for Distraction 133

Urgency 134

Sweet Surrender 135

Draw Me 136

Heaven Knows 137

Love 138

A Little Thing to Do 139

To My Beloved A Love Poem 140

My Schedule His Own 142

Pillars of Light 144

My Weakness His Opportunity 146

Tender Cracking 149

Holy Dread 150

Royalty - The God Kind 152

Dying Is Not Loss 154

Let Nothing Terrify 156

Pierced Though 157

Wallpaper 158

Ancient Soup Forever New 160

About The Author 163

Acknowledgments 165

Illustrator Bio 167

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