The Bait Shop: A Vintage Love Story

The Bait Shop: A Vintage Love Story

by Mark Neher

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The Bait Shop- A Vintage Love Story
You never know where a forest road will take you until it brings you home. This coming of age love story set in 1967 on the Olympic Peninsula will take you through the wilderness and get you home in one piece with a limp.
Shane Sorrel has just lost his brother to the war in Vietnam and his older sister Maggie is fractured and falling into a fantasy world. The family will spend the summer trying to heal. But to Shane, the rain forest is just another jungle with spiders, snakes, slugs and sunburns. Crescent lake is the bottomless attraction and he doesn't know how to swim. It might be a long couple of months reading Superman comics in the shade with one eye watching for Goldilocks and the other watching for three bears. Or under the lamp of the Aladdin trailer with three wishes and a bed in the loft where Jimbo in his uniform appears in campfire dreams.
A straw haired girl with a straw broom, an Italian Indian guide and a fairy tale cast of characters bring Shane and his sister closer together as the culture of the day brings choice, consequence, and change.
The Bait Shop is a fun read with tears in just the right places.
Mark Neher is the author of Target Practice- My life in the Bullseye and Saturday Morning Sins. His memoirs are stirring and now he is writing fiction which reeks authentic. Mark is an avid collector of vintage camping artifacts like flashlights and cameras as well as all things abandoned recycled and treasured. His stories reflect his ability to put those relics to use to illuminate and capture moments in our common history and translate to readers. What a great book to read on a road trip. Vacation 101.This book needs a sequel.

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ISBN-13: 9781977200532
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 07/20/2018
Pages: 200
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