The Body Painter (Master of Trickery, #1)

The Body Painter (Master of Trickery, #1)

by Pepper Winters

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A Brand New Tangled & Tempting Romance from New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters.

"Must be slim, able to stand for long periods of time, and be impervious to the cold."

The headline caught my attention.

"Hours are negotiable, pay is minimal, clothing absolutely forbidden."

The second line piqued my curiosity.

"Able to hold your bladder and tongue, refrain from opinions or suggestions, and be the perfect living canvas."

The third made me scowl.

"Other attributes required: non-ticklish, contortionist, and obedient. Must also enjoy being studied while naked in a crowd."

The fourth made me shudder.

"Call or email 'YOUR SKIN, HIS CANVAS' if interested in applying."

The final made my heart race.

I should've kept scrolling past the advertisement.

I should've applied for the boring receptionist job at minimum wage.

I should've clicked on any other job where I got to keep my clothes on.

But I didn't.

I applied.

My interview is tomorrow…

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BN ID: 2940156545322
Publisher: Pepper Winters
Publication date: 08/20/2019
Series: Master of Trickery
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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The Body Painter 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Jesssquire 15 days ago
Pepper Winters has a way of writing the darkest, sickest, most disturbing plots and making them feel as romantic as they are compelling. The Body Painter was no exception. The romance in this series differs from the "Debt Inheritance" and "Dollar" series, where the primary couples are strangers to each other; instead, in The Body Painter, GIl and Olin reunite after years and years of estrangement. What's got greater pull than a first true love? Not much, and Winters made sure to take excellent advantage of that in this book. I love this plot device. This book is told in two perspectives: Olin in the present and GIl in the past. The dual narration and dual time periods enhance the reader's experience. Gil tells the tale of the undeniable bond he shared with Olin, while Olin describes the heartbreak she feels in the present. Where Gil was once an emotionally vulnerable and open teenager, he's now a guarded, secretive, tortured soul. Where Olin was once a youthfully enthusiastic romantic, she's now bitter and downtrodden. I found the book slightly more frustrating than the other Pepper Winters' books I've read. In both series, there's a physical reason the captives can't escape, seek help, etc. In this book, Gil's past (and present?) captivity wasn't as strong. I kept yelling at him to just TELL SOMEONE what was going on. I couldn't latch on to his dilemma as much as I should have. Perhaps in the second book Winters will reveal more of a compelling reason for Gil to have made the choice he did. The other thing I disliked was the constant back-and-forth between Gil and Olin. How many times did I have to read that he wanted her/love her but couldn't be with her? It was too many times to be realistic. I think Winters went too far with their parabolic relationship. Overall, this was a solid Pepper Winters book, and I CANNOT WAIT to read the second book in this series. From a scale of 1 to 10 (this is a rating of how present these components were, NOT how good or bad they were): Romance - 8 (ahhh, young love) Smut - 10 (She always brings it, and I'm here for it) Humor - 0 Cat and Mouse - 10 (multiple variations of this element) Rich woman / Poor man theme - 5 Sexy setting - 10 (ummm, it's Pepper Winters. You knew she was going to put those body paints to good use) I thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for the free copy I received in exchange for my honest review.
Sakshi 17 days ago
This blurb gave me an idea of a cliché erotica to come in this book. Prologue was everything that can pique your interest and keep it there. It let you know that this book was much more than your usual erotica. I was prepared for a gripping tale of romance, passion and darkness to come. Olin responded to an advertisement requiring a model for a body painting project, description of which is given in the blurb. She was almost broke and was grabbing at straws when this job opportunity came up. Here’s when she met Gil, a tortured, injured but extremely talented body painter and the source of the advertisement. Gil and Olin had a troubled history with high school romance filled with stolen touches, deep caresses and intense feelings. Their relation ended abruptly for some inexplicable reasons but Olin’s love for Gil never died. When faced with the demons of Gil’s past in the face of Olin, he was intent on saving her from brutality of his present. There was too much pain and too much history between them and the monsters in Gil’s closet didn’t do him any favors. You can fault Pepper Winters for anything but her writing. She is flawless in expressing her characters. She’ll force you to live with them, feel them and entirely new world. This was a cliffhanger and we’ll continue with Gil and Olin’s journey in the second installment of the series. This book left us with too many questioned unanswered, too many puzzled unsolved and too many secrets unrevealed. Shadows will be illuminated, bonds will be tested, mysteries will be unraveled and an unknown future will unfold in the conclusion of this story.
TerryL56 18 days ago
4 1/2 Stars! A dark romance! Olin was Gil's only friend in high school while Olin was a rich popular girl with many friends. As their friendship went on, Olin became more attached to Gil and was broken-hearted when he broke up with her. This break-up would change both their lives and when they accidentally meet again 7 years later their worlds will explode. I really didn't know what to expect from this book because Ms. Winter's books always leave me with a WTF! I really liked it even though I had a big problem with the way that Gil treated Olin. I just wanted to say to her "let that a$$hole go ... he doesn't want you ... get over him!" But as the story went on, I began to feel sorry for Gil because I just knew it was gonna be something big that was making him the way he was. And even though at the end we kinda know what happened to him, I know there is just sooo much more that we will get in the second book. And it's just not fair that now we have to wait till November 15th to find out the answers! I received a copy courtesy of the author through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
KMariReads 19 days ago
3.5 Stars! I don’t know what to think after finishing this. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. I struggled really struggled to keep going with the story. Which is not how I feel when I read a book by Pepper. Why did I struggle? Because I was getting very frustrated with the push and pull of these two and it was repetitive a lot. Gil and Olin have a past. Meeting in high school they soon become the calm to each other’s storms. She’s the sweet, pretty and popular girl whose desperately lonely. He’s the loner who fades into the shadows. His home life is a torment and the only bright to the dark is the girl he watches. Olin. She befriends him and soon they connect in ways neither has ever felt. But with the good comes the bad. Demons for Gil and heartbreak for Olin. Fast forward seven years and Olin stumbled into Gil’s life again. Except it’s far from a reunion she envisioned it would ever be. Gil is not Gil anymore. Told from dual POV’s, going back and forth between past and present, we see how they begin and how they reconnect. I hated both characters at times. Gil is moody and sways from loving her to hating her at the drop of a hat. Olin just takes everything he does to her and keeps pushing for more. I wanted to smack both of them numerous times. Gah!! But here it is plainly stated, the first 60% is where I really struggled. Once I got past that then it was game on and felt like a Pepper book too me. It reeled me in and the ending left me wanting to read the next book. I know that this is my opinion and there will be some who absolutely love this and some who hate it. I’m right in the middle. I will be reading the conclusion because of the last part of the story, which I hope is how the next story goes. I love Pepper’s stories so this was a hard one to feel this way. I do love the cover and blurb was what pulled me in right away. Don’t let my opinion stop you from reading this because it could be a five star read for you. It’s full angst, suspense and steamy encounters.
aschae 19 days ago
As she always does, Pepper has created an incredible story of two people meant to be together, yet torn apart by their past and a secret. Olin and Gil have known each other since high school and formed a bond that no one could break. That is until Gil disappears from her life, never to be heard from again and with no explanation as to why. Fast forward to years later when Olin is desperate for work, applies for a job as a model for a body painter and finds herself face to face with the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Now that she's found him, will she get the answers her heart has been longing for? What she didn't know was that Gil's past is closing in on them and now that she's found him, there is no escape. Left on a major cliffhanger, I can't wait to devour the rest of this dark, yet beautiful story!
MusicInPrint 26 days ago
WARNING Major Cliff Hanger and revelations grace the last few pages. This is my first reading of Pepper Winters' work. The two main characters in Master of Trickery - The Body Painter are Gil and Olin. They start out as two teenagers trying to fit in and finding their soul mates in each other. But... whereas Olin is Light; Gil is Dark. Reader cannot help but be in love with Olin and all of her empathy for others. Gil really switches from a poor abused teen to an abused adult with SECRETS too horrible to reveal to Olin. There are some sexual scenes along with a very graphic violent scene that made this reader shiver. When #2 comes out I will put everything else down I am reading and jump into it immediately. "A copy of this book was provided by author via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
NadineBookaholic 27 days ago
This is a hard review for me to write, the simple fact is that I liked the book I just didn't love it. I am a fan of Pepper Winters and have LOVED everything of hers I have read but for some reason I just couldn't connect with Gil and Olin, now I have to mention that there is A LOT going on in my real life right now that may be interfering with the ability to really dig my teeth in or it could be my head space right now isn't what is needed for this darker read. But as I said I did like the book, just didn't love it. Gil and Olin were high school sweethearts for a lack of a better term, they were young and in love. She had a semi hard life and his life totally blew, I mean it seriously couldn't get much worse. They had found solace in each other until they didn't and now several years later they are thrown into one another's paths again but this time fate was much, much crueler. I enjoyed the flash backs between the present and the past. I loved the little nicknames Gil had for Olin, just about every animal or fruit that started with the letter "O", and I enjoyed the story line. One thing that I didn't like was that there is no warning of sexual abuse anywhere from what I have seen and there is a scene that happens right there on page so I feel there should have been some warning about it. Yes we know with dark romances, dark reads that there is sometimes non-con/dubious/rape but usually if it happens on the page there is a warning about it. So consider this your warning. This book ends on a cliffhanger, which I had figured out long before the ending, so I am looking forward to reading the next book, THE LIVING CANVAS, to see how things play out and see if Gil and Olin will somehow, someway get their HEA. I would recommend this book to lovers of the dark romance genre. Happy Reading!!!
Anonymous 28 days ago
You can never go wrong with a Pepper Winters book and this story is another reason why.
ChristinaS4 3 months ago
Oh yes, I love Pepper Winters! Her books always hook me from the beginning. You can expect some next level crazy as usual and this being a duet, a cliffhanger! Just go into it blind and you’ll love it even more!
Vickory 3 months ago
3.5 Stars I really wavered over how to rate this one. Pepper Winters is one of my favorite authors and that hasn't changed - she is one of the few authors whose books consistently impact me on a deep emotional level; I can always count on her stories - no matter what subgenre - to give me so many feels. That is certainly the case with The Body Painter: I felt Gil's pain SO much that it was sometimes too painful. I absolutely loved the angst of his broken relationship with his O, but I figured out what was going to happen in this book pretty early and thus I had a kind of dread waiting for it to finally happen on the page, and an anxiousness for Gil to finally tell Olin - I wanted to scream it at her so she could understand why he was being the way he was and help him somehow! I don't have what I consider typical triggers, but one I do have is when main characters are under a villain's thumb, so that impacted my enjoyment a bit, though I objectively recognize it is a very good plot. As usual, the sex was top notch, and if I didn't immediately feel the couple's connection (since they mostly fell in love off page) I certainly felt it in a big way by the end of the book. I have no idea how book two is going to go, but I am certainly very eager to read it.
AJ33 3 months ago
The body painter uses a human body as his canvas once and done. That is until, until his long lost love answers his advertisement and becomes his canvas three different times, wash and repeat. There are so many secrets, so many questions left unanswered!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
4.25stars--THE BODY PAINTER is the first instalment in Pepper Winters’ contemporary, adult MASTER OF TRICKERY erotic, dark, romantic thriller focusing on body painter Gilbert ‘Gil’ Clark, and Olin Moss. WARNING: Due to the nature of the story line content, there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers. Told from dual first person perspectives (Gil and Olin), using present day and memories from the past, THE BODY PAINTER follows the rekindling relationship between high school friends Gilbert ‘Gil’ Clark, and Olin Moss. Gil Clark was a loner; a young man whose life was spiralling out of control and the only bright light in his otherwise dark work was classmate Olin Moss. Olin knew something wasn’t right at home where is concerned Gil Clark but her heart wanted more for the young man whose aura screamed heart break and pain. But one night would change everything pushing Olin Moss out of Gil Clark’s life, a night that would control Gil’s future, and all that he touched. Gil Clark’s life has never been easy, and discovering his new ‘canvas’ was the girl he had always loved found Gil caught between head and heart in order to protect the people he loved. As Gil’s life continues to circle the proverbial drain, Olin will be pulled into a nightmare not of her making. THE BODY PAINTER is an emotional, dark, raw and heart breaking story of one man’s battle to survive in a world that is continuously threatening to take him down. A history tormented by betrayal and abuse, Gil is unable to let go of the chains that bind him to the sins of the past. A bit of a Pollyanna, Olin is desperate to save the boy/man that she never stopped loving but saving herself should be her first priority. Pepper Winter’s writes a gritty, abrasive and tragic tale about an ill-fated friendship with disturbing consequences. THE BODY PAINTER ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned.