The Crush Collision

The Crush Collision

by Danielle Ellison

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ISBN-13: 9781640636781
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/18/2019
Series: Southern Charmed , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 278
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Danielle Ellison is a nomad, always on the lookout for an adventure and the next story. In addition to writing, she’s the founder and coordinator of the NoVa TEEN Book Festival. When she’s not busy with books, she’s probably watching her favorite shows, drinking coffee, or fighting her nomadic urges. She is newly settled in Oklahoma (for now) with her cat, Simon, but you can always find her on twitter @DanielleEWrites.

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There's a party going on, and I can't stop thinking about my brother. He's a constant echo on loop. At home, life is about how Jamie was and how he is now. In town, everyone asks about him or stares at me with sad eyes. Even the team is a constant reminder that my brother isn't what he used to be.

I never get a break from him.

Tonight is supposed to be my break. Senior year a couple days away, and even here all I'm doing is worrying about him. I pull my phone out and check for a text. There isn't a new one. Jamie's last text was a few hours ago.

Be safe, he'd texted.

I can't handle that shit, but I tried to play it off.

Bro, you know me.

Yeah, that's why I'm checking in.

I've got this. I'm with Howell. He won't let me do anything dumb.

Jamie hasn't responded since then. I don't like that I pissed him off. I don't want him to worry about me of all fucking people. He shouldn't be worried; he should hate me. I know I do.

"You all right?" Chris asks.

The music is already blaring through the speakers, and Newman's field is filling up with people. Tonight is the BS Party, Back to School. We call it BS because we all know that's all school is. I don't know where the underclassmen will have these parties once Newman graduates. His farm has been the center of them for as long as anyone can remember, first with his two older sisters and then with him.

I slide my phone back into my pocket. "Yeah, toss me a beer."

Howell gives me a look of disapproval. I know he hates when I go hard, but tonight is the last chance I have. Pretty soon it's all football and school and Jamie. Bless my own heart, but I don't even know if I'm going to be able to do it.

I hold out my hand, and Chris gives in, even though I know he doesn't want to.

I wasn't lying to Jamie; eventually Howell will reel me in or stop giving me beers. He always makes sure nothing happens to me. He thinks all this is part of the grieving process. He actually said that shit to me one day and told me he was here to talk. He's been watching too much Gilmore Girls.

No, really. I still can't believe he actually watches that — and not even his sister, but him. I told him I'd guard the secret but that he can't be out here trying to shrink my head with girly shit.

The bottle opens with a satisfying pop. The best sound in the world is the cap coming off that bottle. I take a swig and look around the party. The front porch is loaded with kegs, coolers of beer, liquor on the steps. We know how to party here. There's even some food, though I have no idea who brought that. It's a whole fucking buffet of Doritos down there.

"We should light the bonfire," Howell says.

"Fuck yeah," I add.

Howell calls out to Newman while I chug down half the bottle. The first time I had beer, I thought it was disgusting and bitter. Now I don't mind it so much. It's funny how you get a taste for the things you once hated when you need it badly enough.

The bonfire is a thing of beauty in the middle of Newman's field. The football team started working on it two weeks ago, built it up with wood, sticks, papers. It's four feet tall, two feet wide. Big enough that the whole town could see it. It used to be bigger, but the fire department made my brother's team take it down a notch two years ago. Still, this is going to be epic.

Newman, Howell, Montgomery, and Griggs — most of the starting lineup — begin dousing the base with fire starter. The music is still playing, alcohol passed out, and soon everyone who's at the party starts gathering around the firepit.

They know what's coming.

Abby waves at me from the crowd as I take the last swig of my beer. All summer she wanted to get with me, and I've told her it's not happening, that I'm not interested, but she hangs on. I told her I wasn't worth her time, and she said I was wrong.

That's the thing about people, especially in Culler: they only see what they want.

The music softens, and the whole football team gathers around the fire, even the JV kids. This is our night. We all know that once this fire starts, once we go back to school on Monday, our time as town heroes begins. Football is a way of life. It's sewn into the fabric of Culler, and we're all the thread.

It's weird to be seen as a hero. Once in my life, it was all I wanted. Culler was about football, and football was everything. Ever since Jamie, though, I've never felt like more of a villain. I can't handle being around him, seeing him in that chair. If I was strong enough to be a hero, things wouldn't be this way.

Howell smiles real big and cheesy at me, then he looks toward our peers. "School starts on Monday, back to the grind of teachers and homework and parents on our asses." Everyone makes this groaning, booing sound. "But we have tonight! For those of us who are seniors, it's the last party. The beginning of the end. To the rest of you, it's a reset. A new school year, a new way to define yourselves."

He's too good at this shit. He could talk a drowning man into buying a raincoat. There's a reason he's the QB: he's the leader. "We" — he points to the us — "are your team. We are going to fight for you and win some football!" Everyone cheers. Fucking cheers. This is God-like status. "Monday may be back to school, back to all the bull we have to deal with, but tonight, we are kings! All of us! You wanna be kings?"

"Yes!" they shout.

Howell smiles. "Then let's light the night up and rule over all of it!"

Howell hands me the already-lit torch. I love me some fire. I lean the torch toward the bonfire, and the others start chanting "Kings! Kings! Kings!" It's like being on the football field, hearing everyone chant for us and cheer us on, and want to win with us. United in a goal. Tonight's goal is living.

When the timing feels right, I light the pit, and the whole structure catches fire in an instant. Everyone cheers. The music starts up louder, and the sky seems to glow.

Howell, Newman, Will, and I are sitting on the porch, my eyes on the blaze. I'm on my fifth beer, and I see Other Howell standing out in the field with the other Belles. She waves at me from the little group, I guess she saw me looking over, and I wave back. Chris sees me wave and glances over his shoulder toward his sister. I take another drink of beer. Howell has made it known to the whole football team: his twin sister is off-limits.

"Did Coach sign on for that new play we made up?" Newman asks.

Howell looks between us, eyes narrowing in a little on Will and Newman's hands. They aren't touching, but they aren't not touching. It's barely there. And I sorta hate them for it. Not for the fact that they're together — they fucking deserve that shit — but that they have this bond no one else does. They have each other. I've never had someone like that, and maybe I don't deserve it at all. I only ruin things. Especially other people's lives.

"Yellow Fever. He said he'd review it," Howell says.

"I hope he lets us try it out," Newman says.

"He'll do it," I say, my eyes now on Abby. "It's a damn good play. No one will see it coming."

Howell nods and takes a drink of whatever he's got in the Solo cup. Probably some jack and Coke, knowing him. If he's drinking at all. He talks shit about school and parents and teachers, but he's smart and a good student. He works hard. He doesn't always play hard, not like me, but he's there when I need him.

Will jumps up when the song changes. "Let's go dance," he says, pulling Newman off the seat. Newman is smiling, so I doubt he'll say no, and then they're both gone into the crowd of people. Howell and I just sit there.

I pull out my phone again. Still nothing from my brother.

"How's everything at home?"

I want to tell him how it is. How fucking hard each day is, how Dad has all but checked out and any shits he gave before are gone now. How every day I look at my brother, I want to disappear instead of living with it.

I shrug. "Same old shit, another day."

"Is he seeing people?"


"Jamie. I was going to stop by with Durango. I figured he'd wanna play a little. Did he get it?"

Jamie hasn't left the house, besides for appointments, since the accident. All summer we've been sitting in that house like it's a mausoleum, waiting for the dead to rise. It's why I choose not to be there whenever possible.

I take a drink. "Nah, he didn't. We haven't really talked about it."

"Think he'd want to?"

"Yeah, you could come by. You're like his other brother, man."

"But you're okay?"

I shake my head. Here we go again with this. I'm not okay, but I'm not gonna tell him that. "What is all this shit?"

He looks at me a little too intensely, Solo cup hanging between his fingers. "You went pretty hard all summer."

"I'm bored, man. This town is too quiet when it's not football season, you know that."

"I hear you," he says, but he doesn't sound like he believes me. I want him to ask, but I don't want him to ask. If he does, I have to answer. I'm still in avoid mode.

Howell starts to say something else when I hear someone shout, "Shot Roulette! Who's up next?"

I give him a look, and he shakes his head. "Shot Roulette, man," I say. I pat his shoulder, hand him my empty bottle, and bolt off the porch toward the small crowd sitting in a circle of lawn chairs.

"Lexington!" some drunk sophomore yells. I can't remember his name.

I take a spot next to the homemade wheel. It's a really large piece of cardboard with a circle of shot glasses filled with rainbow liquors — clear, yellow, brown, red, blue — and an empty beer bottle in the middle. The sophomore — James, I think his name is — picks me and two other people.

"You know how to play?" he asks me.

I chuckle. "Yeah, man. I'll go first."

It's me, some brunette chick, James, and a basketball player we all call Hoops. Once we're in place, I spin the bottle, and it stops on a blue shot glass. I pick it up, toast Howell, who's still watching from the porch, and down the shot. It burns in my throat.

I like it. Reminds me I'm alive.



Abby insists that I'm going to fall in love tonight.

"Tonight is the night for your summer fling!" She bumps my hip as we stand side-by-side next to the bonfire. She gets this way sometimes — has these grandiose ideas in her head and then lets them have their own space to grow and live. I shrug her off because even though she's my best friend, sometimes even I have to take her with a grain of salt.

Abby is in love with ideas and dreams. I kind of always envied that about her. It's one of the reasons we work as friends. She's a helium balloon, I'm the string keeping her tied down. Life isn't as magical as she wants it to be.

She brushes a hand over the top of her head, making sure her ponytail is still perfect. It is. It always is. "You better believe this is serious. Take a chance, Hals. Plus, that palm reader said love was in your future this summer."

Internally, I scoff because yeah, a fortune teller at the summer carnival did tell me that. But it was only nosy Mrs. Baker in a costume. No one, except maybe Abby, would take her at her word. For someone who is a tried-and-true Southern Belle, she has a lot of whimsy.

"It's spreading. Georgia Ann and Lyla are both now in flip-flops," she says, peering across the field toward a small group of our other Southern Belles. Her lips curl up into a snarl. Bless her heart. "They're both going to be the death of me."

"It's flip-flops, Abs."

"It's not SBA!"

That means "Southern Belle Approved." Abby is a stickler for the Belle rules. In her mind, we need to be in heels and pearls no matter where we are going or what we are doing. She'd wear pearls under her cheerleading uniform if her coach would let her.

I hand her a drink to make it better. "Let it go this once. We've already been here for a couple hours now."

She sighs and takes the drink from my hand. "Only because it's the Back to School Party and the end of summer. First thing Monday, I'm enforcing all SBA expectations." She makes a note in her phone and then slides it back into her pocket. Not that she would ever forget this happened.

"Cheers to that," I say, mocking her a little. She gives me a look of disappointment, but it fades and is replaced with her doey-eyed smile.

"Tonight is going to be magical."

I laugh. "There's nothing magical about the BS party."

"Hals," she says, "there's everything magical. It's an ending and a beginning at the same time. Haymont boys. Lane boys. Culler boys. You don't know what could happen."

I laugh. "Yes, I do. It will be like the other parties — drinking, random hookups, maybe a fight, puking."

I made out with a boy from Lane at the last party, and it was going really well until he made a move to go further with me, even after I said I wasn't interested. After that, it was pretty much the end for me, besides escorting Lyla home.

"To magic!" she cheers, holding her cup up. I don't want to, but I can't fight it. I need Abby and her whimsy in my life, so I tap my Solo cup against hers.

Mid sip, she gasps and squeezes my forearm, her eyes focused in on the porch at the Newman's farm. On Jake Lexington. He's sitting with my brother on the front porch, and even in the distance he makes those butterflies appear. I've had a crush on him since forever. I've tried to get over this, because 1. Abby also likes him. 2. My brother would lose his mind if I even entertained the thought of a relationship with Jake, his best friend. And 3. I know it will never happen.

But I can't get over it.

With everything that's gone on the last few months, I always expect it to be different. I want to be able to see him and not have this urge for him to touch me or say my name or smile. I guess you can't turn off crushes the way you can light switches.

"My goal tonight is to get Jake to dance with me." Abby's eyes are super focused on him, like a lion stalking down prey.

I push down the butterflies. "Jake doesn't really dance, Abs."

Plus, Abby and Jake had this moment this summer at the cabin where she thought something was actually going to happen. It didn't. I overheard him talking to my brother afterward, saying it would never happen with her, but I didn't have the heart to be the one to break her spirit. I also still feel guilty that I am relieved by that.

Abby shrugs. "I can try anyway," she says as she pulls out her phone and looks herself over. She smiles, grabs me, and snaps a selfie of us. "I'm going to make my move."

"I'm going over there," I say, nodding toward Georgia Ann, Beau, and some of the other Belles. I can't watch this.

With that, Abby starts on her way toward the porch and the boy of our dreams. Over her shoulder she yells back, "Don't forget, Hals: tonight will be magical."

A few hours later, Jake is very drunk, standing a little too close to the fire. He tilts the bottle to his lips, eyes straight ahead into the flames. I know things are rough for him, with Jamie, but I wish he'd talk to us. Chris told me he never talks about it. All these months, and even he doesn't really know what happened that night.

Jake must feel me staring, or so I like to imagine, because he looks at me. Something flashes across his face. He opens his mouth like he's going to say something to me. I can feel my heart racing. How can he make me feel this by just opening his mouth?

"Howell, beer's gone!" he shouts.

I exhale when he turns away. Obviously I'm only asking for trouble. Jake will never see me the way I want him to see me. I move over toward my brother, who I'm seeing for the first time tonight, and he raises an eyebrow in my direction as if to ask me what's wrong. It's annoying sometimes to feel like he knows me enough to look at me and see I'm bothered. Weird as it is, there's also a lot of comfort in that. I don't have to try with him, or worry about what he will think, or if he will be there when I need him. We tell each other like it is when we need to, and no one has his back more than me, and vice versa. We shared a womb. He knows me better than I know myself, even when it's annoying.

Jake starts howling into the air.

"You should take it easy, man," my brother says.

"I'm good, man. Beer me," Jake says.

Chris sighs. "You're going hard tonight."

"I'll get it myself," Jake says, but changes his mind two wobbly steps later.

I move over and sit beside Reyes. He is reading on his phone. "What are you looking at?"

His eyes widen. "A new fan fiction."

That's all he says to me, then he goes back to his story. Okay then.

"This party is lame," Shelby Kramer says loud enough for everyone to hear her. For whatever reason, she stands here with her hands crossed over her chest, and her best friend mimics her. Besides Shelby's legacy status as a Belle, I don't think she even likes any of us.

"You can always leave," Jake yells across the way to her. She flips him off. He flips her off.


Excerpted from "The Crush Collision"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Danielle Ellison.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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The Crush Collision 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
2kasmom 24 days ago
This is #2, in the Southern Charmed series. This can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this series in order. Haley has been in love with her brother's best friend for years. When they have more in common during the school year - they end up spending time together. Can she keep it a secret from her own BFF who thinks she is in love with Jake? Jake is finding this the worst year of his life. The only thing he looks forward to right now is spending time with his best friend's little sister. He wants to tell everyone but knows it will cut their time together short. Will he get the guts to tell all? This series is so good. I love the couples and friendships. This is my favorite trope - no secret there - but I especially love when its done right. I loved the characters and how rich and deep they were. Considering all the touchy subjects touched on in the book this was a terrific way to read about them. ***This early copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers, in exchange for an honest review only.
BooksDirect 25 days ago
Haley has had a crush on Jake since she was twelve. The problem is that he’s best friends with her twin brother Chris. Plus, her best friend has already called dibs on him. Unbeknownst to Haley, Jake reciprocates her feelings, but Chris has made her off-limits. What will happen when senior year sees them growing closer and closer? One thing’s for sure - someone’s going to get hurt. The first chapter is confusing because too many characters are introduced at once with no context. The characters are variously called by their first name or last name, and you have to figure out who’s who. But, from there, things get better. The story alternates between the present and the past, from the points of view of both Jake and Haley. The past sections are italicized but written in the present tense; it would be better if these parts were in the past tense. These minor technical issues aside, the story holds your attention and the main characters are likable and relatable. Jake grows throughout the course of the book, with the help of Coach, who is a real inspiration. It’s nice to see an adult portrayed as helpful in young adult fiction. Kids shouldn’t have to solve all of their own problems. Cute, sweet, touching. Warnings: coarse language, underage drinking. Note: I haven’t read the first book in the series but found that this book stands on its own. I received this book in return for an honest review. Full blog post (22 February):
Danii_045 27 days ago
I have a love/ hate relationship with this book. Jake is popular, plays football and enjoys parties. Unfortunately, his brother was involved in an accident and Jake carries guilt around with him. His best friend Chris Howell tries to keep him on the straight and narrow but Jake does like a Beer or two. Haley is Chris’s sister and off limits. She has a crush on Jake that she hasn’t even shared with her bestie. Jake and Haley end up spending some time together and they have a connection. This is a sweet romance with some different background. It has some funny moments but also tragedy. The book contains flashbacks. This is a standalone story however the characters from book one are featured in the second instalment of the Southern charmed series. This book has its moments but I’m not a fan of the Beer theme and Haley’s best friend liking Jake too. 3 stars out of 5. I really liked the first book. Maybe my expectations were too high for the second. This was an ok read but I would have liked more from this author. The teen drinking fits with the story, and is probably accurate, but it bothers me because of Jake’s family history. If you are looking for a sweet will they/won’t they easy read this is your book. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
FizzaYounis 28 days ago
It is a cute story and I really enjoyed it a lot. Jake is a popular football player but he is struggling with guilt, drinking a lot, and pretty much trying to destroy himself. But he has friends and family who care about him and loves him dearly. Chris is one such friend. He has always been there for him and is trying everything in his power to save him from himself. Jake had always spent a lot of time at the Howell's and not only because of Chris. He feels at home when he is there and the Other Howell is not bad either. He doesn't know when he started having feelings for his best friend's twin but it just happened. Luckily for him, she seems to like him too. Unfortunately for them both they can't date. For one. Haley is Chris's sister, two Haley's best friend has a huge crush on Jake and Haley has known that for a long time now. It will be as if they both would betray their best friends if they decided to date. Not to mention the rest of the drama that will surely ensue. If you like reading about complicated relationships then this book is for you. It is sweet, sad, and happy all at the same time. I quite loved the story and hope others do too.
KendalH 28 days ago
Grab a tissue and a some ice cream, you are going to need it. This best friend's sister tale was an emotional ride unlike any I have read. With all the heartache from the past and present, how will two people find love with each other? I loved Jake and Haley together. They were exactly what each other needed. I loved watching them become friends and then their love grow. I hope there is still more to come from the town of Culler. There are so many more characters who need to have their story told.
SaraOxo 28 days ago
The Crush Collision by Danielle Ellison a five-star read that will warm even the coldest of hearts. This is the second novel in the Southern Charmed series, and they can be read as stand-alone as I haven’t read the first novel and don’t feel like I missed out, I will be going back to read the first one as I am sure Georgia May has a great story to tell. This is a sweet, charmingly romantic and frolicking fun read, there are some great story lines in the novel and the characters are compelling some more than others and I can only hope that we get chance to read the other Lexington’s story. Haley Howell or the other Howell as she is lovingly known was a little wishy at the beginning but by the end, she showed us her true self and she blossomed as the story progressed. Jake may be the big player, but he becomes so much more. I can’t wait for more from this author, she made it fun and flirty without being over the top.
Bette313 28 days ago
I just want to say I enjoyed this book. A lot! There are parts of the storyline that I wasn't always comfortable with. Those are probably more the Mom side of my brain talking then anything else. First there is Jake's abuse of alcohol especially given his family's painful history. Second is the fact that Haley and her best friend are both crushing on the same guy = Jake. Yet since Haley has never told anyone I guess that really shouldn't be an issue. I have to admit though both these issues are what makes the story ring so true. Jake's struggles will pull your heartstrings while the slow building romance between Jake and Haley will have you smiling. In the end you have a heartwarming emotional read that will give you hours of entertainment. I definitely recommend it.