The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For

The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For

by Jenifer Zetlan


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ISBN-13: 9781633536272
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 10/24/2017
Pages: 318
Sales rank: 1,286,423
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Jenifer KS Zetlan is an author, therapist and lecturer whose intention is to bring holistic wellness through spirituality into the lives of practical people. With advanced degrees in psychology and behavioral sciences she has led numerous seminars and classes in psychology, leadership and organization in University settings and in Fortune 500 companies over the past 3 decades. Jenifer is an ardent yoga practitioner and instructor.

Table of Contents

Introduction 07

Note to the Reader 12

Part I The Alchemy of Experience 16

Chapter 1 Living into Our Beliefs 17

Chapter 2 Living into Wellness 47

Chapter 3 The Role of the Alchemist 75

Part II The Path of Inspiration 98

Chapter 4 The Trailhead of Inspiration 99

Chapter 5 The Meadow of Wholeness 123

Chapter 6 The Alchemist and the Golem 141

Part III Learning to Dance 166

Chapter 7 Learning the Steps 167

Chapter 8 The Alchemist's Garden 201

Chapter 9 Learning the Dance 215

Chapter 10 The Dance of Four Worlds 243

Chapter 11 Choreography 269

Chapter 12 And in the End 301

About the Author 318

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Through The Incredible Power of Inspiration, Jenifer Zetlan has delivered one of the first truly honest books on the path to enlightenment. Ms. Zetlan presents a refreshing path to transformation and enlightenment that actually explains the struggle and how to complete your own personal journey . Thankfully, void of the traditional trappings so commonly found in the Woo Woo World of inspiration and meditation. With this book, Jenifer Zetlan has delivered a bible for transforming your life." This is a book you will constantly find yourself referring back to long after your first read."

Jeremy B. Smith Entrepreneur, Writer and founder of Launchpad

"A most unique system for approaching mystery as well as a practical formula for accomplishing one’s dreams."

-Lisa Herman, PhD., MFT, REAT,Faculty at JFK and Meridian University

“Jennifer Zetlan gently and lovingly guides us on a journey — A Frontier Adventure, to create the life we yearn for, a life grounded in inspiration. She leads us from the Lake Of Reflection, along the Path of Wellness, up the Path of Inspiration, to the Meadow of Wholeness and the Alchemist's Garden, while encouraging us all to become the Alchemist of Our Own Experience. Coaching us with thought experiments, guided meditations, personal anecdotes, and equipping us with a toolbox of tricks, Zetlan has created an original framework for those who take seriously Joseph Campbell's invocation to ‘follow your bliss.’” -Sophia Stein, Cultural Weekly

"Finding meaningful inspiration is important to every human being on the planet and especially important for people with complex lives in the business world. Zetland's book is about dealing with Life in Quagmire, focusing on wellness (body, mind, environment & spirit), how to get rid of negative thinking (clearing debris) and how to channel your core beliefs to identify what truly inspires you so that you can live your spiritual adventure. This book explains what inspiration is, why its important to your daily life in the 21st century and how to get & maintain a high level of inspiration day in and day out. This is a non-denominational, humanistic book with insightful wisdom for everyone who is interested in taking action and getting inspired to get on the right path. "

Dan Tyre - Executive at HubSpot, Investor, Speaker, Mentor, Motivator

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