The Joy of Self Healing:Healing Messages from Jonah: Healing Messages from Jonah

The Joy of Self Healing:Healing Messages from Jonah: Healing Messages from Jonah

by Hossca; Ann Harrison; Raisch, Ann Raisch


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ISBN-13: 9781452597638
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/24/2015
Pages: 232
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The Joy of Self Healing

Healing Messages from Jonah

By Hossca Harrison, Ann Raisch

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Ann Raisch
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9763-8




The following is excerpted from a message Jonah gave in 1991. The full version is available as a free download. The information for ordering this message is contained at the end.

"Good day, beloved entities, good day.

I am that which I am, that is the we, for we are not separated from all that is. We have chosen to give this message to bring an understanding of that which we are; that of our purpose for being here and that of the methods we chose to utilize to teach, to assist brother/sister souls in their movement beyond the illusion to that which is real in the heart; that that is real in truth; that that is real in the purity of love. We utilize the word "we" because indeed we are not separated from all that is. We are not speaking in accordance to the singular 'I' because we are not the singular 'I'. For to speak of the singular 'I' here would be denying that of our partnership, our sharing, our blending with that of all that is that is God. We have come forth to assist the mind, to assist the emotions, to assist the physical body; to assist in the opening of the heart, to assist with each individual, each individual that is connected to the whole.

Freedom--freedom to be that which ye are in truth and freedom to come into the expression of your own power; your own knowingness. It is not our purpose to work with ones to establish further belief systems, but rather it is our purpose to assist in releasing belief systems. For in that release is when the knowingness comes forth. When the knowingness comes forth is when the freedom comes forth-the freedom from fear, the freedom from pain, the freedom from the illusion of separation.

The old way is not working. The old way that turned into traditions is not working. Ye can see this in your own environment, in your own culture, in your own world. There is coming, indeed, the time of change: the time of recognition that each individual that is part of the whole has the power to create change.

In whatever that change is, however small that change is, however expansive that change is, it does affect the whole. Because, beloved entities, ye are not separated from the whole. Each one, indeed, is loved unconditionally. We do not come in the energy of judgment. Wherever ye are, ye are not judged, ye are not condemned but rather we see ye as a soul. We address ye as a soul. Yes, we will speak in words in this English language of yours that brings attention to the human consciousness. There is a dialogue back and forth with us utilizing English words, but that is only but a small part that occurs in our communications with ye. As ye would hear the voice communicating with your consciousness, we are also communicating with your subconscious. We are also communicating with your soul. We are also communicating with your higher self. We do not see it as separate.

Now when we utilize the words 'what must one do', we are not stating that one has to follow what we speak. Rather, we are stating in terms of spirituality, when ones are desiring a particular outcome from the heart, there are particular recipes that would be utilized to obtain that outcome. Just as if ye were going to make a cake, a dessert, and to make this dessert ye have a particular recipe and ye put this item in, and this item in, and this item in, and then ye blend it all up as one. Ye do not keep it separated for ye do not take all these different items and place them all in their separate containers and then place them in the oven and put the heat on it and perceive that there is going to be a wonderful beautiful cake. It does not work that way. Ye blend it together as one because then all of those items, all of those ingredients, work together under heat to rise and to create a beautiful cake.

The same is true in your own individual lives. If ye are wanting a particular outcome; if ye are wanting a particular cake in your life, then ye would utilize a recipe, taking different ingredients, meaning, learning different awarenesses of your own self, understanding the blocks ye have carried, understanding fears ye have carried; understanding the power of love that ye do carry; understanding the power of spirit within ye; understanding your own unique individuality in ye and ye blend them all together as one, not keeping them separated and put under the heat, the heat here being placing it in action.

Go in peace, beloved entities. Good day."

This is taken from Jonah on Jonah, which is available by CD or as a free download through


Jonah stresses the importance of using one's inner knowing. They suggest for any type of difficulty, that one researches, researches, researches so as to find out everything possible about the disease or difficulty.

I suggest that you begin with Part One so as to fully understand your power, ability, and responsibility to heal yourself. The recipes given in this book are only tools. Jonah recommends that each person use all the tools that are available for healing, including those from western and eastern medicine.

Jonah also recommends that you choose your tools wisely and work on the core issues that are causing a difficulty, not just seek to escape the negative effects of your choices. This is not about making yourself good, bad, right, or wrong. It is about loving yourself and others and about finding greater joy and peace through a heart-centered life.

Jonah states often: "This is about your life and the quality of your life."




To understand the origin of human consciousness, ye must first understand the origin of the human form on your planet. The start, or the origin of your cultures would be the continent of Lemuria and the Lemurian consciousness. Souls began coming to this earth plane then in a more etherical form, not as dense or solid an energy form as ye perceive them in this particular time in evolution. As souls began taking on etherical forms, which were physical, the physical etherical, the expression and absorption of knowledge from experience on the earth plane began creating mind processes. First in the etherical mind, then in the physical mind. The etherical mind or the etherical consciousness would now be considered the higher consciousness. The physical mind would be considered the lower mind.

The mind began absorbing pictures and ideas of its own creativity (the earth plane is a unique school within this particular physical universe). As thoughts began collecting within the etherical or the physical mind, the thoughts created a denseness within that illusion. The thoughts of the mind began creating picture forms. The picture forms are an illusion, being seen but truly not being real. This is similar to the human mind, which is coming to comprehend holographs today; they are beginning to be developed through your scientific methods.

In this Earth school, ye have been given the opportunity to create your environment slowly, thereby deriving the ability to take total and complete responsibility for what ye create and for your own illusion. Consciousness began blending with illusion. Then the consciousness began forming memory banks and began perceiving an illusion with time. In past, present, and future the consciousness began separating time and time creations. As the illusion of the consciousness became more of a solid form, as the illusion became more of a dense form, more credit then came to the illusion than to the source of what created the illusion.

The consciousness began perceiving that illusion controlled the mind, thus establishing fear within the human consciousness. As fear began growing into a more dense form, it became stronger. The energy of fear began creating illusions. A cycle of energy was created – fear creates a more dense illusion, an illusion of fear, and that illusion of fear creates more fear in the mind. As this process began, the etherical bodies became more dense and consciousness became more dense. A separation began between the souls incarnated and the true creative source of the universe that existed in total and complete harmony. The individual souls that were so created, who originally manifested in androgynous form, began living in separation. Through separating themselves, they separated their illusion, they separated their reality. Though the androgynous had their own individual male/female aspects within etherical form, they began projecting a thought within the consciousness to creating a separation of the male and female in the more dense physical forms. During that time the consciousness, through its own creation of a dense form, began developing a personality separate from the soul mind, or the higher or etheric mind. With multiple creations, multiple personalities began developing, and the illusion became reality.

In this culture, your illusion is your reality because ye perceive it so, although in greater truth it is still simply an illusion. To return unto the source one must understand who they are as an aspect of God, to end the separation as an individual. To begin this process one must understand they cannot allow their illusion to control and manipulate their consciousness, when in truth their illusion is their own creation from their consciousness.


To understand the soul mate (which has become such a curiosity of the human mind – with so many minds running about checking out other souls so desperately seeking their soul mates), ye need to understand that there has never been a separation in communication between ye and your own soul mate. Oftentimes consciously ye perceive a separation. Either ye do not know this one or see this one physically, but nevertheless communication still exists in an energy thought form.

During the beginning process of the earth plane when souls incarnated in androgynous forms, they began separating their environment from their illusion, their soul essence from their source. Then souls began dividing from their own male and female aspect and incarnated into separate physical forms, thus beginning the creation of the male form and the female form. Through mental analysis, dissecting knowledge, separating knowledge, and projecting knowledge outside of themselves, that illusion, that focus became separated.

In truth a soul mate is your other half. If ye are a man as a man dominant essence of the soul, your soul mate is the female dominant essence of the soul. A soul mate is not always the opposite physical sex. From time to time soul mates, who have chosen to incarnate within the same timeframe and have chosen to be physically together in the same incarnation, can also be male and male, female and female. However, the majority of choices are male form and female form.

We would emphasize here, it is of great uniqueness for souls to incarnate at the same time physically and join in living together physically. The greater occurrence is that your soul mate is in the nonphysical state. Through learning, through acceptance of your own self, through making a decision to end the separation that has been existing, ye are left with the ultimate goal to again unite as one although without losing your own individuality. Soul mates, as we have stated before, are always in communication. But when the consciousness gives such power and credit to illusion and separation, communication is rarely recognized consciously. Understand also that it is not always the soul's desire, the soul's plan, to find the physical form of your soul mate. For in order for soul mates to live together physically in harmony, the acceptance of your own God beingness must be activated.

A heart mate is a soul in physical form that ye incarnate with multiple times. In the majority of times, ye incarnate together physically in the same culture and at the same time to assist the growth of one another, to assist in counterbalancing one another. Again, heart mates do not always incarnate male and female. At times they may incarnate male and male, female and female. But again the majority of incarnations are male and female. The heart mate is a relationship of the heart. It is a marriage of the heart. It is the learning of the heart, and expression of the heart. It is truly the totality of friendship. A friend of the heart, support of the heart, the ultimate expression of the heart. For the majority, these heart mates living in togetherness are that of souls living in togetherness.

Because of much information written in your books on the phenomenon of soul mates, many are perceiving that to achieve true spirituality they must find a soul mate. This is not correct. It is truly a rareness and uniqueness that two souls who are truly as one would incarnate in togetherness. Understand that heart mates need not always form a marriage. Your heart mate may be in different forms and relationships. The child and parent could be a heart mate. The brother and sister could be a heart mate. An unrelated friend could be a heart mate. Again understand that the majority of souls choosing to be heart mates are in the form of lovers to create a marriage of the heart.


The existence of your society is based on the accumulation of thoughts and ideas from the lower mind. The mind is like a radio receiving and transmitting thought forms. Similarly, the human personality from birth begins absorbing and analyzing information it receives on the physical plane. When that information is that of separation, personalities are going to be separated.

To place it in simplistic terms, the personality has two options. It is always presented with negative thought forms and positive thought forms. The decision made as to what would be accepted is in direct accordance with the type of personality of the soul in this incarnation. We find that this particular culture and society is one which bases its belief system, its creative system, on negativity. Thus personality has a choice here of what it will or will not accept. The personality of a child truly does not question positive and negative; it simply absorbs and accepts. As the personality develops through adolescence and adulthood, much of the teachings of childhood are thus placed in the subconsciousness of the mind.

A personality can consciously make a decision – to begin rejecting negativity in your society and culture, to begin a process of thinking in the positive realm, to begin creating a positive environment and a positive illusion. There must then occur a cleansing of the subconscious of the mind. In this culture the power within the subconscious is oftentimes overlooked and not recognized. The subconscious does not reason in terms of good or bad, right or wrong. It simply absorbs that which is placed within it.

To allow a cleansing also to occur in the totality of the personality – the conscious and subconscious – one must come to a point, one must come to a decision as to what they will allow into their environment, their illusion, their mind that they create with. One dare needs to speak as to what is right for them and what is not right for them. The personality through the multiple choices that it has to make must come to understand and realize that whatever choice it so chooses must be individual choice.

Understand that creating a choice in further developing the personality should always be a choice of freedom. Choices should never be so chosen out of fear, out of negation of loving oneself. Just as lovingness in your society is taught to personalities in regard to affection, in regard to sexuality, and always in regard to others, the culture does not teach the loving of oneself. The culture does not teach that what ye so think, ye are. That what ye so think, ye attract into your reality. That whatever personality ye have so chosen, it is a free will choice. At all times, even at the moment of birth, it is a free will choice as to what ye would choose to experience.

Your society perceives infants and children as innocent beings, oftentimes as victims. Understand that the choice of the soul is involved here. The soul is not an innocent or child because of the form the soul exists in at the time. The soul made the free will choice of what personalities to incarnate with. Therefore, understand that the human personality is never a victim of society or culture. Understand that each and every one has the responsibility for the outcome of their own personality, for whom they choose to associate with, for the beliefs they so choose to hold on to, for the fears they so choose to hold on to. When ones do live in fear, they are choosing to open the doorway to allow their personality, their mind, to be manipulated and controlled by outside sources. It is complete negation of ones own responsibility.

Fear is not a requirement for the human personality. Pain is not a requirement for the human personality. Loving is a requirement. Not out of force, but out of acceptance of one's own self. Truly allow your personality to blossom, regardless of what it has accepted in the past. The personality always has the free will choice to change from negative to positive. The conscious and the subconscious have the free will choice to change to the positive.


Excerpted from The Joy of Self Healing by Hossca Harrison, Ann Raisch. Copyright © 2015 Ann Raisch. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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