The Key to Prostate Cancer: 30 Experts Explain 15 Stages of Prostate Cancer

The Key to Prostate Cancer: 30 Experts Explain 15 Stages of Prostate Cancer

by Mark Scholz


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ISBN-13: 9780999065211
Publisher: Prostate Oncology Specialists
Publication date: 01/31/2018
Pages: 492
Sales rank: 191,434
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.99(d)

About the Author

Mark Scholz, MD is the medical director of Prostate Oncology Specialists, Inc. He is also the executive director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute. He received his medical degree from Creighton University, in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Scholz completed his internal medicine residency and medical oncology fellowship at the University of Southern California Medical Center. He is coauthor of Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers. He has authored over 20 scientific publications related to the treatment of prostate cancer.

Table of Contents

Preface A Path to Self-Education

Foreword Th e Paradox of Choice

Introduction Synopsis of Treatments

I. Staging and Prognosis

1. Quiz to Assign a Stage of Blue - Peter Scholz

2. Th e PSA Blood Test - Stanley Brosman, MD

3. Interpreting the Pathology Report - Jonathan Epstein, MD

4. Multiparametric MRI and Targeted Biopsy - Daniel Margolis, MD

5. Color Doppler Ultrasound and Targeted Biopsy - Duke Bahn, MD

6. Body Scans and Other Prognostic Factors - Fabio Almeida, MD

7. Picking the Right Doctor - Ralph Blum

II. The Sky Stage of Blue

8. Overview of Sky - Mark Scholz, MD

9. The Science Behind Active Surveillance - Laurence Klotz, MD

10. Focal Cryosurgery - Duke Bahn, MD

11. Introduction to Treatment-Related Side Effects - Mark Scholz, MD

12. Sexual Dysfunction - Kelly Chiles, MD and John Mulhall, MD

13. Surgical Side Effects Affecting Urination - Gary Leach, MD

14. Side Effects from Radiation Therapy - Henry Yampolsky, MD

15. Summary of Sky - Mark Scholz, MD

III. The Teal Stage of Blue

16. Overview of Teal - Mark Scholz, MD

17. Permanent Radioactive Seed Implants - Peter Grimm, DO and John Blasko, MD

18. High-Dose-Rate Seeds - D. Jeffrey Demanes, MD

19. IMRT for Teal - Zachary Zumsteg, MD and Howard Sandler, MD

20. Combination Therapy for Intermediate-Risk - Sean McBride, MD and Michael Zelefsky, MD

21. Proton Beam Therapy - Carl Rossi, MD

22. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) - Michael Steinberg, MD

23. TIP Alone as Primary Therapy for Teal - Mark Scholz, MD

24. Robotic Radical Prostatectomy - Timothy Wilson, MD

25. Comparing Treatments for Teal - Mark Scholz, MD

IV. The Azure Stage of Blue

26. Overview of Azure - Mark Scholz, MD

27. Testosterone Inactivating Pharmaceuticals (TIP) - Mark Scholz, MD

28. The Azure Stage of Prostate Cancer - Mark Scholz, MD

29. Unorthodox Therapies for High-Azure - Mark Scholz, MD

30. Reducing the Side Effects of TIP - Mark Scholz, MD

V. The Indigo Stage of Blue

31. Overview of Indigo - Mark Scholz, MD

32. Introduction to Radiation for Indigo - Christopher Rose, MD

33. Indigo—Cancer Relapse or Pelvic Node Disease - Mark Scholz, MD

34. Unorthodox Therapies for Indigo - Mark Scholz, MD

35. Minimizing the Side Effects of Chemotherapy - Richard Lam, MD

36. Indigo—Situations in which PSA is Misleading - Mark Scholz, MD

VI. The Royal Stage of Blue

37. Overview of Royal - Mark Scholz, MD

38. Early Hormonal Resistance: Low-Royal - Mark Scholz, MD

39. Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer: Basic-Royal - Jeffrey Turner, MD

40. Treatments for High-Royal - Richard Lam, MD

41. Unorthodox Therapies for Royal - Mark Scholz, MD

42. Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer - Charles Drake, MD

43. Genetically Targeted Therapy - Mark Scholz, MD

44. Cancer Research: Striving to Live Longer and Better - Luke Nordquist, MD

45. Pain Management - Mark Scholz, MD

VII. Lifestyle and General Health Issues

46. Health Issues for Men with Prostate Cancer - Jeffrey Turner, MD

47. Whole Nutrition for Prostate Health and Recovery -Verne Varona

48. Fitness and Longevity - Mark Scholz, MD

49. Supplements for Prostate Cancer - Mark Moyad, MD

50. The Key: Knowing Your Stage of Blue - Mark Scholz, MD

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