The Lost Vampire (Last True Vampire Series #5)

The Lost Vampire (Last True Vampire Series #5)

by Kate Baxter

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ISBN-13: 9781250125415
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Series: Last True Vampire Series , #5
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 241,986
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Kate Baxter is a die-hard romantic with a thing for Shakespeare. She lives in the great northwest where she hides away to write about all things fanged, furry, and undead, including the Last True Vampire series (The Warrior Vampire, The Dark Vampire).

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The bright lights of the Seattle cityscape appeared like stars in a vast universe as the 747 made its descent. The Space Needle jutted into the skyline like a sentinel, alien in its shape and form in comparison to the structures surrounding it. As alien as Saeed Almasi felt now, surrounded by humans who might have looked like him but, in truth, couldn't be more different.

A woman watched him from across the aisle. The scent of her anxiety and fear reached his nostrils. The color of his skin, his features that so clearly identified him as someone from the Middle East, put her on edge. He didn't have to hear her thoughts to know what worried her. Saeed turned toward her with a tight-lipped smile. The urge to grin and flash the dual points of his fangs overwhelmed him. She feared the color of his skin, his dark eyes and hair, and the possibility of his intentions. What Saeed wanted to tell her was that there were far more dangerous things in this world than a man from another country or a man who spoke another language. She sat across from a vampire, not a terrorist. And had his thirst been overwhelming, the scent of her blood would have awakened the predator in him.

Luckily for the woman who continued to watch him, and every other person on the flight, he'd fed before takeoff, glutting himself on Sasha's blood in an effort to keep his thirst at bay. Closed up in a metal tube with little ventilation, he might as well have been trapped within the confines of an all-you-can-eat buffet with strict orders not to eat.

Saeed turned his attention from the woman and her judgment and focused his gaze on the city beyond his window. The two and a half hour flight hadn't been long, but to Saeed, centuries had passed. He'd taken enough of Sasha's blood to manage his thirst, but it seemed that lately no amount of blood could keep him from the memories that plagued him. For months, Saeed had given himself over to the Collective, the memories of every vampire that had ever existed, transferred through blood at the moment of a vampire's turning. With practice, and regular feeding, the memories became nothing more than white noise in the back of a vampire's mind. No more distracting than music in an elevator or the chatter of small talk in a crowded restaurant. To Saeed, the Collective had become a lifeline that connected him to the only thing on earth that could save him.

Through the memories of vampires long since dead, the Collective had shown him the female that would tether his soul.

The members of his coven thought him mad. Sasha and Diego, his most trusted advisors and friends, considered him lost. He'd made them vampires, just as he'd promised Mikhail he would, and when he'd been assured of their stability, he turned the leadership of his coven over to them. It was a decision Mikhail still wasn't happy about. The vampire king wasn't burdened with the matter of Saeed's soul, however. Mikhail Aristov's singular concern was that of replenishing the vampire race. As far as Saeed was concerned, Mikhail could turn every dhampir in Los Angeles. He certainly didn't need Saeed's help for that.

The plane touched down and Saeed said a silent prayer of thanks. He could remember a time when the only modes of transportation were horses, camels, or boats. The modern world moved much too quickly. Jets, sports cars, bullet trains all designed to get you from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. He supposed humans had no choice but to move quickly. After all, their lives were so short. They had so little time on this earth, it seemed foolish to waste even a single second.

Saeed's life had spanned millennia. Before his turning, he'd been one of the oldest dhampirs in existence. Now, he was nothing more than a fledgling vampire. As new in this world as a child. Perhaps it was his soulless state that kept him from feeling even an ounce of wonder over any of it. He was empty. Hollow. As void and black as the night that stretched out before him. It seemed odd he'd be concerned at all for the return of his soul in his seemingly apathetic state. But Saeed wasn't simply concerned, he was obsessed. So obsessed, he'd relinquished control of his coven and flown to Seattle to reclaim what had been taken from him. He wasn't even sure if he'd find what he was looking for in the Emerald City. But he had to start somewhere, even if he was following the inarticulate ramblings of a child Oracle.

The plane taxied slowly down the runway and came to a stop at its gate. Impatient to get on with their very short lives, the people around him hustled to retrieve their carry-on bags from the overhead compartments, only to waste more of those precious minutes standing in a line. Saeed sat, hands folded neatly in his lap, gaze cast straight ahead. He'd waited this long to begin his search, what was ten more minutes when compared to the eternal soul?

"Excuse me? Would you mind if I stepped past you?"

Saeed looked up to find a woman no more than twenty-four or twenty-five years of age staring down at him. Young. Pretty. Her expression pleasant. Her dark auburn hair was piled in a haphazard mass on top of her head, and the thin white cords of her earbuds dangled from either side of her head.

"Of course." Saeed held out his hand in invitation and scooted his legs to the left. She gave him a sweet smile, her dark brown eyes sparking with interest as she looked him over one last time before sidling past.

Humans were such easy prey. Drawn to predators like Saeed. It really was a shame their blood didn't offer more sustenance. In reality, vampires needed dhampirs to survive and vice versa. Like the delicate threads of a spider web, their existences were intertwined. Dhampirs couldn't thrive without drawing from a vampire's life essence and likewise, vampires often fed from dhampirs to keep their organs and bodily functions from going dormant. The stronger the creature, the more powerful their blood. Because Saeed had fed from Sasha — a vampire — before leaving, it would be at least a couple of weeks before he would need to feed again. With any luck, he'd find his mate before then.

The fae with hair like fire.

Saeed had seen her in the Collective so many times her features were ingrained in his memory. Throughout time and history, from memory to memory, he'd tracked her. Italy, Spain, England, and Mongolia. Australia, China, Russia, and Africa. There wasn't a corner of the earth she hadn't occupied, nor a space of time when she hadn't been present. Sasha doubted her existence and thought her dead but Saeed knew better. The fae would tether Saeed's soul. He needed only to find her to prove it.

As the last human shuffled down the narrow aisle to exit the plane, Saeed rose from his seat and retrieved his bag. A thrill raced through him. He was a predator after all, and this was the ultimate hunt. Seattle was a vast city, nearly as large as L.A. But the supernatural community was much smaller, narrowing the scope of Saeed's hunting grounds. He would find her. Because he had to. His soul, his very sanity, depended on it.

A shiver of anticipation raced down Cerys Bain's spine as she crossed East Denny and headed north on 10 Avenue East. She gave a quick look over her shoulder. Nothing. Electricity charged the air and caused the fine hairs along her forearms to stand on end. Fatigue tugged at her eyelids and weighed down her limbs. Gods, she could sleep for a year if only Rin would give her the opportunity to rest. A soft snort escaped her lips. There was no rest for the wicked, and Rinieri de Rege was as wicked as they came. Cerys supposed that as his property, and under his command, that made her wicked by default. She'd certainly carried out enough wicked deeds for him over the millennia to warrant the opinion. Too bad she didn't have a soul to gauge the severity of her offenses one way or the other.

At least tonight's errand wouldn't take too much out of her. True, Rin wanted retribution from the shifter that had cheated him, but the mage must have been feeling magnanimous tonight. When she found the shifter, he'd walk away with a few scratches, maybe a broken bone or two, which was much better than the alternative. Cerys would say he could thank her later, but in truth, it would be Rin who would receive the shifter's gratitude.

Cerys guessed she could say she hated her job, but that would require her to get the benefit of an actual paycheck from the wily mage in order to make the complaint in the first place. Slavery had its benefits she supposed. Sure, she didn't have cash in her pocket, but she didn't have to worry about things like covering her rent, paying her bills, grocery shopping, car insurance ... Rin took care of everything. She was his collared pet, his property, the tool that carried out his will. She was certain her position seemed a hell of a lot more prestigious than it actually was.

It wasn't like he kept her in a kennel or chained her up in a basement when she wasn't being put to good use. On the contrary, Cerys lived a fairly lavish lifestyle. Rin provided for her. Fed her, put a roof over her head, made sure she had clothes to wear and outfitted her with the finest weapons. But even a prized poodle ate filet mignon every now and then. Cerys knew her place, knew what was expected of her, and Rin had made certain a long time ago that she would never bite the hand that fed her.

Another tingle of anticipation danced over her skin. She was much too seasoned for nerves. Too hardened for anxiety of any kind. Something was coming. And Cerys had a feeling that whatever it was would stir up all kinds of trouble.

She stopped on the sidewalk and looked up at the sign that read The Caged Canary. She snorted. The name was sort of fitting considering her situation. The club was primarily a supernatural hangout, which meant Cerys wouldn't have to operate with too much discretion. Fine by her. Duplicity had never been her thing. She threw her shoulders back as she walked through the entrance. The bouncer, a rough-looking werewolf she'd seen around, gave her a once over and took a cautious step back. Most every supernatural creature in Seattle knew she worked for Rin, but that's not why they tended to give her a wide berth. No, it was because Cerys was an enaid dwyn, a stealer of souls, and that's why she was regarded with a certain level of fear. The notoriety should've been a nice boost to her ego. Instead, it only made Cerys long for autonomy.

From across the bar she spotted the shifter hanging out at the pool tables near the back of the building. As if he sensed her eyes on him he looked up and met her gaze. He stood up straight and dropped the pool cue to his side. His eyes darted from one end of the club to the next as though looking for a route of escape.

Sorry buddy, there's only one way out and that's through me.

Cerys made a beeline for the pool tables. She was tired and not a little hangry. She just wanted to get this business over with, scarf down a burger, and go to bed.

"Cerys, what's up? I was just getting ready to go see Rin."

She rolled her eyes. Sure. That's what they all said when they were caught. "I don't have the patience to deal with your bullshit tonight, Derek. You know what Rin wants."

Derek shifted his weight from one leg to the other. He was getting ready to bolt. It wouldn't do him any good. There wasn't anywhere in the city he could go that Cerys wouldn't find him. "I need a few more days. I can pay him interest."

"No interest. No leeway. You owe Rin thirty large, due immediately. You have it or not?"

Derek's fear thickened the air. It settled on the back of Cerys's tongue, thick and cloying like honey. She knew what he thought. What he assumed she was here to take. Cerys didn't have friends, hell, she didn't even have acquaintances. No one could stomach her company for more than a few minutes because they were too busy being afraid of what she had the potential to do. That, coupled with the notable absence of remorse, made what she was about to do to Derek that much easier.

So fast the movement was a blur, she grabbed Derek by the wrist and pinned his hand to the pool table. She might have been nothing more than a diminutive fae, but Cerys's strength surpassed even the most stalwart of males. Derek cried out, the sound high pitched and frantic.

"Don't do it!" he screamed. "I'll pay Rin tomorrow! Every damn cent! Don't take my fucking soul!"

Cerys reached for the dagger sheathed at her hip. In one fluid motion, she pulled the blade free from the scabbard and stabbed down, severing Derek's pinky finger at the second knuckle. She released her hold on his wrist and he fell backward to the floor. He cradled his injured hand, his frantic, sobbing breaths reaching her ears over the din of the dated nineties music. A smirk curved her lips as she scooped up the severed digit and tucked it into her pocket. He was damn lucky to be walking away tonight having only lost a finger.

"Tomorrow." Cerys pointed the dagger at Derek to drive her point home before cleaning the blood off on her pants and sliding it back into the sheath. "Thirty-thousand, delivered to Rin, in person. If you don't show up by midnight you'll be seeing me again and it definitely won't be a pleasant experience."

She took Derek's incoherent blubbering as a positive affirmation. She gave him one last appraising look before turning on a heel and leaving.

Cerys paused at the door. She waited for a string of profanity, angry shouts, the threats that should've inevitably followed her out the door. The only sounds to fill her ears were that of the retro dance tracks pulsing around her and the murmur of voices as she walked past. She pulled open the door with a derisive snort and stepped out into the cool spring air. The scent of rain filled her nostrils as she took a deep breath and held it in her lungs before letting it all out in a rush.

Just once she'd like to see someone treat her with open hostility and disdain rather than cower in fear. Or perhaps have someone look upon her fondly, offer up a genuine smile, or treat her as a friend for no reason other than they enjoyed her company. Over the course of her existence, Cerys had learned there was nothing more hurtful than being feared. But as long as she remained Rin's property, she would never be regarded as anything other than a creature straight out of a nightmare.

Soul stealer.


And thanks to Rin, she deserved every bit of it.



"What is he doing here?"

"They are expanding their territory."

"Mikhail Aristov is power-hungry. He won't stop until he controls the entire West Coast."

"He looks dangerous. His eyes are wild. Steer clear of him, or he'll tear your throat out."

Saeed tucked away his amusement as he sauntered down Summit Avenue and negotiated the crowded sidewalks of Capitol Hill. This particular district of Seattle was heavily populated with supernatural creatures, though none of them like Saeed. In his world, he wasn't gawked at for the color of his skin, his features, or nationality. In the supernatural world, Saeed was a topic of conversation because of his dual fangs. His thirst for blood. The fact that he was only one of a handful of vampires to walk the earth. Perhaps prejudice was inescapable for him no matter who he kept company with.

For decades, the entire dhampir population — including Mikhail Aristov, the last vampire — had been confined to Los Angeles. But Mikhail's ascension to power and his ability to turn dhampirs into vampires afforded their species the opportunity to wander farther from the epicenter of their population. Something they'd been unable to do for over two centuries. Their newfound freedom was bound to cause a stir.

It had been over a week since Saeed arrived in the city. He'd managed to rent a condo close to Capitol Hill, and every night was spent in search of the fire-haired fae. Dry heat scratched at the back of his throat. It wouldn't be long, five days at the most, before his heart quit beating, lungs quit breathing, and his thirst became unbearable. Saeed refused to take any vein but his mate's. No other's blood would sate him.

If he didn't find her soon, he might lose his mind completely.

The Collective pushed at Saeed's consciousness. Voices called to him, distant memories entreating, seducing, begging him to join their company. Gods he was tempted. So far, he'd been unable to find the fae in the city, but he'd become astute at tracking her throughout the Collective. He could stay there forever, watch her, covet her. But never touch. Never taste. It would be the type of torture impossible to survive.


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The Lost Vampire 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! The cover is stunning! Love it! This is the 5th book in the series, and it is awesome. It is for adults only due to the violence and steamy content. It is not necessary to read in order though it probably makes everything even better if you do. This is Saeed’s story. If you’ve read the previous book, you know his struggles with the Collective. He has more struggles to endure, but he is up to the challenge and has faith in his soul mate. I really love Cerys because even though she is enslaved to Rin. She tries to fight him in little ways. She has more fortitude and attitude than any other because I don’t know that I would have endured what she has. Kate Baxter always weaves a fantastic story for readers like me to get lost in. I loved every moment and felt for the characters in their battle for their love and souls. I really have no idea what will happen next and that makes me love it even more! I highly recommend to all paranormal fans who love a mixed world full of excitement and adventure that you can’t guess where it will go next! This world has it all vampires, fae, shifters, mages, berserkers, and more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Saeed the oldest damphir go in search for his true mate who he been searching for ,for a long time. Cerys belongs to someone else who owns her soul. Saeed would do everything to set her free so she can be with him. Drama,intrigue,action,angst,romance and passion. Not your usual vampire story. Enjoyed reading.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Saeed Almasi, a vampire, has come to Seattle to find Cerys. She is a soul stealer and meant to be his. All he needs to do is find and free her from her servitude. He knows that when that happens she will tether his soul and complete him. To accomplish this goal he seeks out Rinieri de Rege, a evil Mage, and agree to work for him. Cerys Has been his slave for centuries. Will he be successful? This is an action packed and suspenseful story. The twists are unexpected and non-stop. These characters are powerful magical beings who have deep emotional scars. Their powerful chemistry kept me reading. I wanted to know if they would defeat their enemy and be together for eternity. The dialogue is passionate. Kate Baxter has done a great job with the Last True Vampire series. I'm looking forward to the next book. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
3.5 - "This is the most alive I've felt in centuries." Stars! Book five in the Last True Vampire series, brings us newly turned vampire, Saeed Almasi’s story. This is a character whose POV has been present in previous books so, it was nice to finally get fully into the guy’s head. Sayeed’s story has been a long time coming, it you have read the previous books in the series, you will know that the recently turned Dhampir and now Coven leader has been struggling to control his dropping out conscious reality and into The Collective since being turned. The Collective is essentially the memories of all Vampires, which as a Vampire he now has access too, only problem being he keeps seeing woman he believes to be his mate, in other Vampires memories, each and every glance of her through the years just makes him yearn to spend longer locked in his mind to find out more about her. He would find her. Because he had to. His soul, his very sanity depended on it… That it until a certain little girl, who also has the ability to see into the future gives him a hint as to where she might be and who she may be with. Saeed promptly hands the control over of his Coven over to his two seconds-in-command and heads of to Seattle to find her. "Yours is the only blood I thirst for. I will pierce no others flesh but yours…" Cery’s Bain’s life for the last couple of thousand years, as essentially a soul-stealing enforcer for Mage Rin, has been less than pleasant, each and every time she is forced to take a soul for a debt unpaid to the Mage, she loses a little more of herself in the process. Problem is Rin also has her soul and until she finds out where he has it stashed she has no option but to follow his orders. That is until Saeed turns up, a Vampire in her city is rare enough, but one professing to be her mate… completely inconceivable. "You offered…" "I didn’t think you’d actually take me up on it!" "You absolutely did. You simply hadn’t counted on enjoying it." I loved the verbal sparring between these two, Saeed was a bit stiff and staid, while Cerys was more Twenty-first century, and I will be honest it was these interactions that kept me reading the book for the most part. Again Kate put together a well-crafted story, with multiple POVs (Siobhan, Christopher & Ian Gregor to name but a few) but the story contained in within the pages I personally think could have played out just as well if it had had a good hundred pages of unnecessary rambling taken out. "Not that I’ve found you, I don’t plan to ever leave your side." I think the other thing is that this is the first story in the series that felt like it didn’t really add much to the bigger picture overall, apart from Ian Gregor and the rest of the Berserkers appearance towards the end, and the unusual deal he struck with Saeed, nothing of real note has changed or moved on since the last book. The Whole Siobhan/Christopher situation is still being dragged out, and the story arc itself seems to have moved off of Mikhail and away the original Vampires completely, particularly if you take into account the next book; The Wicked Vampire being about Sasha Ivanov, who is one of the newly turned Vampires that Saeed left in charge of his Coven. So many fates intertwined. So many lives disrupted… You are given her POV in this book, and having gone completely off the rails towards the end of it I am interested in seeing how the author ties her story into the bigger picture of everything going on.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
I met Saeed in the previous book and he was heading out leaving his coven to two trusted friends. Saeed knows his mate is out there and needs his help. And he needs to find his soul? Cerys is a soul stealer and has been held captive for way to many years. However someone also has hers but who? Well I can't tell you. You gotta read the book. This one gives us alot of action, mystery, and what I really enjoyed is this was not a insta-love between mates. I love berserker books and the author gives us those also which is a plus for me. I really hope to read the first 3 books in this series so I can learn everyone in more detail. Overall: I enjoyed this book it was well written, and it gives that oomph of suspense and danger. The hot factor is ok. And there is a wide variety of paranormal creatures.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Cerys is a soul thief who is being held hostage by the mage Rin. He’s kind of like a mafia boss and Cerys is his hitman. Instead of whacking someone who has double crossed the boss, she is sent in to take their soul. In the previous book Saeed, while lost in a dreamland the vampires call The Collective, discovered the fae he believes to be his mate. He lost his soul when he was turned but once connected with his mate, her soul will tether to his and it will be returned to him. Unfortunately, this soul thief is soulless and there is no tethering. Cerys character is typical of what you might expect of a fae that has been held prisoner for thousands of years and expected to perform when called upon. She’s definitely tough but so lost and misses the fact that she can’t feel emotion. Saeed has been labeled “mad” because he has spent much of his vampire life in The Collective, looking for his fae mate. While I enjoyed Cerys and Saeed’s story, I was completely lost with all the politics and on goings of the different supernatural factions. I have not read the first books but I did read the previous one and I was still lost. Some of the names were very similar and it made it difficult to keep track of what was going on. Other parts had nothing at all to do with this story but I’m sure the author is building up for the next book. It would’ve made it an easier read to not have those scenes interspersed throughout this story. Overall, it was an okay read and I really do think it would be a great read had I started from the beginning. ARC provided by NetGalley Multi POV Safe
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'The Lost Vampire' by Kate Baxter is the Fifth book in The "Last True Vampire" series. This is the story of Cerys and Saeed. I have read most of the of the other books in this series and I do feel that it helps if you have done so too. Although this can be a standalone, I just think you will understand the story better if you have read the previous stories. Saeed is without his sole and he thinks if he finds his soulmate he will regain his sole. Cerys is being held hostage by the mage Rin who uses her to steal souls. But can Saeed rescue Cerys and will see actually be able to heal them both... exciting read for sure! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
THE LOST VAMPIRE is the fifth installment in Kate Baxter’s contemporary, adult LAST TRUE VAMPIRE paranormal, romance series. This is newly turned vampire Saeed Almasi, and Fae /soul thief Cerys Bain’s story line. THE LOST VAMPIRE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order as there is an ongoing premise throughout. Told from several third person points of view including Cerys and Saeed THE LOST VAMPIRE follows newly turned vampire Saeed Almasi as he goes in search of his mate. Thought to be mad due to the Collective memories that are destroying his mind, Saeed is desperate to find the woman that will return his soul, and calm the madness that continues to grow. Enter Cerys Bain, the woman Saeed knows to be his mate, and a woman whose life is no longer hers to control. What ensues is the building relationship between Saeed and Cerys, and Saeed’s struggle to free his mate from centuries of slavery to an ancient Master who uses Cerys’ powers to exact payment from those he believes have done him wrong. Cerys Bain is a soul thief; a Fae female whose special abilities have been used to destroy too many lives but a woman whose guilt and anguish are tempered by the fact that Riniere de Rege, mage and boss of the local underworld, has custody of our heroine’s soul. Centuries of servitude and stealing soul’s for a man she despises have begun to take its’ toll on our story line heroine as each new soul collected takes a little of her life. Saeed Almasi was once one of the oldest dhampirs in existence. With only a few remaining vampires in the world, Saeed’s turning comes at a cost-the Collective memories of all of the vampires that have come before threatened to destroy any semblance of peace and sanity for our story line hero. Tethering his mate will return his soul but the mate he seeks has no soul to tether. The relationship between Cerys and Saeed is one of immediate attraction but Cerys is leery about Saeed’s true intent. Without a soul Cerys knows that Saeed will not be able to tether his mate, and Saeed’s patience and growing love begin to evoke too many emotions from Cerys that have remained dormant for far too long. The $ex scene are intimate and seductive without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Fae (Breanne and Fallon), shifters, vampires (Sasha Ivanov and Diego,Bria, Siobhan) , dhampirs (Jason), berserkers ( Warlord Ian Gregor) and mage (Rin). We are reintroduced to several previous story line characters including Mikhail Aristov (King of the vampires). The world building continues to focus on the political structure, history and infighting between the various supernatural species. Six hundred years earlier the Sortiari and the Beserkers had all but wiped out the vampire race from existence as retribution for the vampires killing most of the Beserkers female population. The Beserkers became the mindless killers, enslaved by the Sortiari, and are now seeking retribution for sins of the past. THE LOST VAMPIRE is a story of one man’s struggle to find purpose, to find his mate, and to find peace and quiet from the memories that threaten to destroy his mind. Relinquishing leadership of his coven, Saeed goes in search of a fantasy pulled from the memories of those who died long before. The premise is detailed and entertaining; the characters are colorful, many and spirited
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
I was hooked from beginning to end on this paranormal read. Saeed and Cerys are great characters and the chemistry they share is hot. The drama and suspense is fast paced as Saeed tries to save his mate from the mage that is holding her hostage and forcing her to steal the souls of other. Very entertaining read.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
I think this is the best one yet. It surprised me because I honestly wasn't that interested in Saeed's story from what little pieces we got of him in previous books. As much as I love the soul tethering these vamps experience when they find their mate, I really liked this one more since it didn't happen right away. Saeed's determination and loyalty despite not tethering showed his love for Cery to be stronger. I really liked how Saeed had to earn her love and trust first. There is a lot going on in this series with so many characters and so many of them having their own agenda. It keeps readers on their toes and prevents boredom in the story line. But if you don't start at the beginning, it can be hard to get invested. I highly recommend starting with the first book. I'm really looking forward to the next one. I believe it's Sasha and Liam's story next and the fact that the author paired a Vampire with their enemy, a Beserker, I can't wait to see how this is gonna play out and what it is going to do to affect the overall plot. ARC provided by NetGalley.