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The New Chushingura: The Forty-Seven Ronin

The New Chushingura: The Forty-Seven Ronin


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Chushingura - The Treasury of Loyal Retainers

The revenge of the forty-seven ronin is the famous story of samurai vengeance from feudal Japan. Briefly, Lord Asano, the daimyo of Ako, tries to kill Lord Kira, the chief master of ceremonies, in the shogun's castle in Edo during a visit of imperial envoys from Kyoto. The shogun handed down the sentence of seppuku, ritual suicide, to be carried out the same evening but only for Lord Asano. Some, but not all, of Asano's retainers found the punishment unjust and vowed to deliver Lord Kira's head to the grave of their lord.

No one knows the full true story of the forty-seven ronin, but Eiji Yoshikawa weaves an exciting tale of the players on this historic stage. He tells a tale of the many players, their motivations and conflicts, and the series of events that affect Japan to this day.

An early retelling of this incident was a puppet play titled Chushingura, which is translated as The Treasury of Loyal Retainers. Eiji Yoshikawa's The New Chushingura was serially published in Hinodemagazine from January 1935 to January 1937.

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