The Shadow Court

The Shadow Court

by Jenn Stark


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Don't you forget about me...

She's a Tarot-reading artifact hunter finally willing to own her supernatural abilities. He's the all-powerful Magician of the Arcana Council who once loved her...but now doesn't remember her, the result of a battle to defeat a terrifying enemy.

Isolated and alone, Sara must race time to help the Magician uncover his ancient knowledge, but can she live with what she finds? Will his dark past destroy them both?

Worse, a rival council, known only as the Shadow Court, has emerged to wage battle against the Arcana Council. And if Sara can't help the Magician recall how to combat this insidious, mind-bending threat, the world will descend into devastating war.

Love could be your last, best weapon when you confront The Shadow Court.

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ISBN-13: 9781943768561
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Series: Wilde Justice , #4
Pages: 324
Sales rank: 399,996
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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The Shadow Court 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 8 days ago
This book does not disappoints the story line was excellent can't wait to see what is next.
Anonymous 3 days ago
oh my goodness what a great book. this series never disappoints, can't wait for the next book.
Poodlez 14 days ago
I think my favorite part of the series, both the first and this one, about Sara Wild is that you never know what's going to happen. You are figuring it out the same way Sara is, and I love that! But this one, this was new for me. My heart ached. The story of Sara and the Magician is deep, intricate, sweet, and wonderful! Seriously loved this story! I think the only part I didn't love, was I felt like I walked around a corner and tripped over the end. Genuinely looking forward to the next story! I received an ARC to review.
nutmegrose 15 days ago
If you ever want a book series that leaves you hanging breathlessly for the next book in the series, then this is the book to read. A mix of a Lara Croft meets Dark Phoenix is how I envision the main character, Sara Wilde, and you'll love every other character just as well, but this one was hard because of certain intimate relations between two fav characters being severed and so the quest begins. Talk about a roller coaster ride! You have to read this book and series to have the full Jenn Stark experience, but it won't disappoint.
phdvamp 15 days ago
The Shadow Court is the fourth book in the Wilde Justice series. It picks up soon after the bombshell that dropped at the end of The Hallowed Knight--Armaeus cannot remember anything about Sara. For some reason, she's been completely erased from his memory. He's also weak and the timing is terrible because a new enemy, the Shadow Court, has decided to make their presence known by attacking the Arcana Council. Sara is working hard to help Armaeus recover his lost memories and as part of that effort, they learn that this has happened before. Recovering his lost memories is difficult, but Armaeus believes it will help them to defeat the Shadow Court. Sara's worried about both the physical toll it takes on Armaeus and the personality changes that she sees in him. Meanwhile, Sara and those that are important to her, are attacked and one particular would-be-assassin knows a scary amount of Sara's history. Why and how he knows this info isn’t understood, but it makes for an intimidating adversary. I really enjoyed this book and the Shadow Court looks to be a formidable enemy of the Council. Jenn Stark does a great job of giving us a lot of information about the Shadow Court, but still leaving a lot unknown about them. Sara's coping with the loss of Armeaus' love in typical Sara fashion-- ignoring it while still doing everything in her power to fix it. If you've been reading the series, this book is great and a must read, but the best part is the conversation at the very end between Sara and Armaeus. It was worth it for that alone! I'm really looking forward to the next book! Finally, I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review. It's a book I would have purchased on my own anyway and in no way influenced my opinion. I just love this series!
thicks 15 days ago
Justice Wilde is at it again and this time there's more at stake. Reeling from the revelation that the Magician has no memory of her, she's off on another mission. In the midst of this mission lives will be put in danger and the weight of it all will fall on her shoulder. She has no idea who she is fighting against but at least she does have some she knows she can trust. Even as that list grows shorter, people have been put in place and so have clues. This author doesn't allow you the chance to catch your breath and almost caused me to shed blood in my household, when they kept interrupting me. This is as usual an exciting, high energy, emotional, suspenseful read and man was it packed full of action. The deception and betrayal was wonderfully played out and the twisted became the normal!! Justice is still figuring out who she is and still has many unanswered questions. The Magician does give a surprisingly accurate accounting which helps us all understand her a little better. Of course that's after he's revealed what was forgotten and they have found what was lost. At the end of this book I found myself shouting, "That's what I'm talking about". Love the ending which of course is the beginning. The story does end here since it's done and no it's not a cliffhanger but that doesn't mean everything finished and you'll have to read it to figure that one out.