The Torn Wing

The Torn Wing

by Kiki Hamilton
4.7 12

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The Torn Wing 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A thrilling sequel that continues Tiki's exciting story! Trouble is brewing in the fairie world and Tiki is caught in the middle of it as she struggles to understand just who who she is, and how she can help to change the course of the world. Romance and a life and death situation or two help to make this book a true page turner.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! It got me SO thrilled about the third book, and now I just can't wait until May! Only one thing bothered me, the first book was 680 something pages. But thus book was Only 217! I was expecting more chemistry between William and Tiki, plus a lot of jealousy from Larkin. But I still loved it like Woah! Just can't wait till May Eeeeeeeeek!
teacupwish More than 1 year ago
Hamilton's writing continues seamlessly from the first novel of the Faerie Ring series, though she does use more advanced descriptions that seem slightly more lyrical than her first book. Unlike a lot of others who read this book, I'm glad that the author didn't go on TOO much about the romance budding between Rieker and Tiki. I am, however, really disappointed that there may be a love triangle forming between Tiki, Dain and Rieker--is that at all necessary? As ever, Clara is adorable and adds the right amount of childish fun to the novel. There's also a bit more history in this novel's fey lore, which is always fun and interesting. I removed a star because towards the end the action became rushed and I found some grammatical typos. Additionally, I was very disappointed that I purchased this from B&N online and the copy had very faint printing. It made my reading experience quite poor. I returned the book at a local B&N, had them re-order me a copy, and the second copy had the same issues. It is possible B&N didn't bother to send me a new copy as promised, or it's possible I got a poor copy twice. I asked others who purchased this book, and no one had light/faint/hard-to-read ink font in their copies.  If Kiki Hamilton could find a better printer for her self-published paperbacks, I'd really appreciate it a lot more. At the time, the book also was not available as a Nook book. This is the only negative thing I can think of for self-publishers--inability to guarantee the quality of a lower cost printing house.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wallruss More than 1 year ago
The Torn Wing is a brilliant sequel to the first book, The Faerie Ring! Being an “older” reader, The Faerie Ring was my first YA read and I loved the way that Kiki Hamilton blended Old London and the faerie world in a way that seemed so realistic, magical and mysterious! I just finished the 2nd book in the series, the Torn Wing and LOVED IT! I felt like I was in the middle of the action – one minute waiting for the romance of Tiki and Rieker to “heat up” and then deciding whether or not to trust Sean in order to escape from evil Donegal through the absolutely frightening Wychwood forest! I love a book that is fast paced, keeps me guessing, has great characters and is set in a location that motivates me to travel there… I am so excited that the Seven Year King is out in a few short months! I am a big fan of Kiki Hamilton and her storytelling!
lovelysheild More than 1 year ago
Tiki is just standing outside of her townhome. Since last time they are no longer worried about food or anything. Anyway Tiki is out standing in the storm hoping Toots has enough sense to get home soon. While waiting Fio comes out and they talk. They both feel something, like something bad may happen. Afterward Fio just goes back inside and Tiki waits a bit longer. Tiki looks down the street to see a carriage coming and then Rieker shows himself. He asks if everyone is okay, then mentions he has bad news. Larkin escaped. Before they can speak further, they are requested at the castle. They both arrive there to have the princes mention about Tiki's mark and about the queen recieving threats. After the talk they head back to the house. Rieker and Tiki talk in the study when a guest arrives. This guest turns out to be Larkin using her glamor. However she is there to help. She beings by telling whats going on with the fey world and that she knows how to stop Donegal. She explains about a stone that will roar for the rightful hier and will make the person in charge of fey. It turns out Tiki is the daughter of a king and that makes her the hier. Just as they were going to get more details, clara comes running in. She is upset because of Toots. He hasnt come back and says they took him. Tiki wonders if they really took him. So Reiker and Clara look outside, while Tiki goes back to the house to wait. Within a few days Toots has returned home and explains how some guys took him to be away from the storm and that he had fun hanging out with them. Now a new day Tiki is laying in bed and hears the two little kids outside her room. She calls them in and they tell her about the guest named Johnny. So Tiki rushes downstairs to see who he is and finds that its the same boy who stole her purse the other day. Tiki also notices that Fiona is blushing like crazy and holds a rose. Seems that Johnny fancy's himself some Fiona. They chat and have some breakfast, when Rieker arrives. Tiki gets out of her seat and goes to talk to Rieker. She tells about Johnny, and talks more about what he thinks about her being a fae, and is Larkin was telling the truth. They talk some more and then they go about their day. The following day Tiki, Fiona, Toots, and Clara all head for the crossing. Fi and Toots stay with Johnny, and Tiki and Clara head to the book store. After they leave the store, Tiki notices this guy watching them. Clara speaks up saying it's Dain, the guy who brought Toots home. Tiki walks up to him and has a talk with him before mentioning that he leave them all alone. Later that night Tiki tells Rieker about him, and Rieker slips out that he likes Tiki.(Yay!) Another day Tiki and Rieker are heading home and notice another carriage in the driveway. Its the prince, he comes up to them saying that Leo has been attacked. He's okay except for a cut that won't stop bleeding. After the talk, Tiki and Rieker continue to talk once the prince has left. They mention Larkin, and what do you know, Larkin shows up. After a quick chat, Tiki agrees to go and touch the stone. She can't stand having anyone she cares about be in danger. Larkin puts a glamour on her and on Rieker. They all set off and once at the otherworld, they must hurry. Once in the palace, the King notices Tiki. He calls her up and once she has the chance, she touches the stone. First off nothing happens, then the king gets angry. He has everyone go after Tiki, Rieker, and Larkin. However, the jester grabs Tiki and takes her to safety. He explains that he knows Rieker, he has been the one bringing him here. He also explains that Rieker knows how to come and go on his own now. Right now there isn't much talking they can do. Before he gets Tiki home, he reveals his true self. He is really Dain who looks alot like Rieker. Before Tiki could ask him anything he disappears. Now home, Tiki finds that she has been gone for six days, whats worse is that Rieker still hasn't shown up, and Larkin is a no show to. Right now everything is crazy, but to find out the ending you're gonna have to read the book (:
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LibraryAsst More than 1 year ago
I just finished Torn Wing, and I loved it! There's something for everyone to love in this series. History, fantasy, romance, but not so much of any one genre as to turn off anyone who isn't a fan of one or the other. Tiki and Rieker take you through their exciting journey, with twists and turns and surprises all along the way. The kids at my school are clamoring to be next in line for Torn Wing. Even as they're waiting to read Torn Wing, those of us lucky enough to have read it can't wait for The Seven Year King! Kiki, don't make us wait too long!
PaulaKayMac More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to get back to London 1872 with Tiki and Rieker to see what happens next in THE FAERIE RING series and THE TORN WING delivers! Not only are we reunited with Prince Leopold, Queen Victoria and Victorian London, but we see a lot more of the unpredictable faerie world. Tiki still cares for her orphan family but we meet several new characters, including the mysterious and handsome Dain. Ms. Hamilton does a wonderful job of weaving reality with fantasy in this well-crafted world and now I can’t wait for book three! THE TORN WING is a definite must-read!
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Since I was given the privilege of reading the first book in the Faerie Ring series, I was pretty pumped up and ready to read the second installment to the series. The Faerie Ring (a.k.a. the first book in the series) was both intriguing and unique. With it being set in England during the 1800’s, I liked being able to look at a world from before any of us reading this review existed (unless you are a vampire/immortal being who dwells in the Lazarus Pit, Batman reference for the win) and also get a realistic sense of the setting. However I will say that I found The Faerie Ring missing…something, I had high hopes that The Torn Wing would give me everything that the Faerie Ring couldn’t give me. It did. The first thing that got me was the title, obviously it got me interested, but upon starting the first chapter and all the ones after it, I figured out one thing: The Torn Wing would be nothing short of action filled. Not only do we get to have yet another adventure with Tiki/Tara Kathleen but we get thrown into the first chapter of the story that includes a killer from the Winter Court and the murder of the Summer King, initiating a chance for the Winter King to rule long past Beltane. This causes the Otherworld to fall into a state of chaos and the only person who can seemingly stop it is the person who holds a faerie ring birthmark. And that person is Tiki. *Mind =Blown.* As you know, being a person who has read the first novel (and if you haven’t: Mortal what are you doing? Turn back now, spoilers will be present) you know that after the events that took place in The Faerie Ring, Larkin is in prison with her wings clipped by iron. Well guess what happens within the first six chapters? Larkin makes an appearance. Having escaped prison by tearing one of her wings out, Larkin arrives just in time to do what she did best in the last book, which is antagonize Tiki and her family. Larkin goes from being one of the main antagonists however, to one of Tiki’s allies, something that I found majorly shocking. The main point of the novel is for Tiki, who can hold rule over a court, to take the throne away from the Winter King by touching the Tara Stone., which is the stone Tiki was named after. Throughout the novel, Tiki travels around England and the Otherworld in an attempt to find the stone and control one of the courts before Beltane. While in the Otherworld, I enjoyed the fact that finally we get away from the realism of England and get to experience situations that involve supernatural beings that are commonly found in faerie lore. I personally enjoyed it because it managed to remind me a lot of the Wondrous Strange novels that I loved to death. Sadly, I found that The Torn Wing doesn’t focus on one of the things that I was beginning to love most in The Faerie Ring: The romance between Reiker and Tiki. I expected the usual with YA romance, a strong relationship, the lovey-dovey thoughts and public displays of affection. You don’t get any of that and I have to admit that it did disappoint me. But oh well, you can’t get everything and the novel’s plot was pretty beast (which means good, in case you didn’t know that…). I would recommend The Torn Wing to readers who enjoyed The Faerie Ring, are fans of faerie lore or readers who want to immerse themselves in a freaking awesome fantasy world. When the novel comes to an end, you’ll be left dying for the third novel.