The Warrior's Book of Virtues: A Field Manual for Living Your Best Life

The Warrior's Book of Virtues: A Field Manual for Living Your Best Life


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Time-tested principles for succeeding in life through the understanding and development of character, virtues represent the moral excellence of a person. From discipline to prudence, fortitude to faith, the warrior virtues presented in these pages are guaranteed to transform your life to one of meaning and purpose.

The Warrior’s Book of Virtues uses the battle-tested principles of the United States Marine Corps to help everyone live their best life in easy and practical ways.

Don’t settle for less, and don’t make excuses for yourself. Become inspired to achieve your full  potential and complete every objective you set. Adapt and overcome.

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ISBN-13: 9781578268078
Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Publication date: 07/30/2019
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 187,775
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Nick Benas, USMC, is a former United States Marine Sergeant and Iraqi Combat Veteran. He's the author of Mental Health Emergencies and Tactical Mobility. He travels around the United States training individuals on how to recognize a developing mental illness and how to prevent someone from slipping into a crisis. Nick attended Southern Connecticut State University for his undergraduate degree in Sociology, and for his M.S. in Public Policy. He has been featured by more than 50 major media outlets for his business success and entrepreneurship, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Men's Health, ABC, FOX, ESPN, and CNBC.

Matthew Bloom enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves where he spent eight years and did two combat tours to Iraq. During this time he worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility as a counselor and assistant therapist for incarcerated offenders. Matt then worked as law enforcement at the Department of Veterans Affairs. After getting his Masters in Social Work, he then worked five years as a licensed social worker. Matt is currently a police officer in Pittsburgh, PA. Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, he attended Penn State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Richard "Buzz" Bryan is currently the Outreach Coordinator for the West Palm Beach VA medical center. He previously served as the OEF/OIF Transition Patient Advocate (TPA) for the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN4) based in Pittsburgh, PA for ten years, working specifically with Iraq & Afghanistan veterans. Buzz was a member of the Navy/Marine Corps team and retired from the United States Navy in July 2011 after 22 years of honorable service as a Fleet Marine Force Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman.

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A warrior is not defined by gender, culture, skin color, age, intellect, socio-economic status, generation, or political affiliation. A warrior is defined by the things they do, and their lifelong commitment to improvement. Becoming a warrior means embarking on an ever-evolving journey towards a destination of elite mental status—reaching a place where we can truly be our best selves.

We’re all bombarded daily with chores, responsibilities, the demands of others, the demands we put on ourselves... a cacophony of inner and outer voices, each one striving to be heard. And oftentimes, the directives given by these voices are ones of service: simple, mundane and frequently boring tasks.

Service to yourself or a loved one, before you leave for work or school: make your bed, brush your teeth, take a shower, use deodorant, eat breakfast, get dressed, feed the kids, pay the bills... the list endless. Typically, when these tasks present themselves, we’re tempted to respond with, “Why?” or, “What’s the point? Who cares?”

There are valid answers to these questions—answers that offer a reason for and validity to making your bed, even when no one’s looking. Our goal with this book is to help everyone see the long-term benefits of the daily rinse-and-repeat. To recognize these actions not as tests of our patience, but as signifiers of our diligence. In doing so, we hope to lead you along a path to success of your own choosing.

Our responsibility as warriors is to do battle, to make better decisions when called upon, and to cultivate just and virtuous lives. This is not always easy; for this reason, warriors are expected to adapt to less-than-desirable circumstances and overcome any obstacles standing in their way.

To those men and women who served in and out of the theatre of war, and to those who continue to serve, we thank you. Further, we understand how humble you are about your service, and that being referred to as a “warrior” might carry a deeper and even unsettling meaning. We recognize that for us to make close relatives of war and civilian life in our offering here can be just as jarring. Please know that we can relate: when someone refers to us as “soldiers,” it makes our skin crawl. The titles “Marine” and “Sailor” exist at a fundamental level of our DNA, and for us to personally unpack why the label “soldier” bothers us could take a lifetime. The society we live in doesn’t make things any easier: we’ve become collectively hypersensitive, as ordinary, mundane conversations among friends and family have to be interrupted and refereed when participants or even just observers get “triggered.” People are afraid to share their honest thoughts and feelings because they’re afraid of being “politically incorrect” or “touching on a sensitivity.” The result is emotional and mental paralysis on a cultural level, as we suppress our thoughts in speech because we struggle mightily to listen and understand each other.

Our real hope is that the concepts woven into the pages of this book, upheld through centuries of humanity and borne out in the lives of countless incredible people, will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. By sharing of our life experiences thus far, the successes and gains alongside the failures and losses, we hope to give you the confidence to eliminate unnecessary distractions and roadblocks so you can do what you need to do to create a virtue-driven life of freedom and happiness for yourself and a lasting legacy filled with pleasant memories for you and your loved ones.

With that said: a “warrior” is simply a catch-all term for an individual who specializes in the art of fighting and combat. And if you’ve picked up this book—if you’re reading these words—you are a warrior. If you decide to embark on this journey with us, we ask you to embrace the bad and keep fighting the good fight, to eventually succeed at understanding and implementing the four cardinal virtues of temperance, prudence, fortitude and justice into your everyday life. Remember: warriors lead with virtue. We are on your side, and at your side; this is a path we all walk together.

The three of us bonded in the military while working together half a world away, in what now seems like a lifetime ago. It is a true example of mutual admiration, loyalty and respect that our friendship and consistent support for each other continues. We trust each other implicitly. We still hold each other accountable during the tough times. We don’t share embellished glory stories in this book to impress or boast; nor do we make any claims of magnificent feats of heroism in these pages. We were just doing our jobs. We take our jobs very seriously, but all the same we try not to take life too seriously. We look forward to sharing with you glimpses of our authentic vulnerability, our personal fears, foibles and the forces at play that have held us back and propelled us forward. These experiences, without question, are what have made us the men we are today.

—Excerpt from the Authors' Note

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