Their Last Dance

Their Last Dance

by Rosella Newman


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ISBN-13: 9781466938281
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 05/30/2012
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.26(d)

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THEIR Last Dance

By Rosella Newman

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Rosella Newman
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-3828-1

Chapter One

The beautiful Amber Stockbridge sat at her desk, looking out the window from the seventh floor of her magnificent office. She looked terrific, but on the inside, she was dying! Amber could not live without her Bill Telafero. She missed him more and more each day. His death had robbed her of her soul and life! She was suicidal, but she would not reveal this to anyone, not even to Jackie, her best friend. She was so in love with him, one could see the sadness in her emerald green eyes. She sat there reminiscing how he had changed her life forever, how it had all started.

Every morning, Amber would drive to Stockbridge Oil in her Mercedes Benz, which Jake, her father, had given to her on her twenty-third birthday. He had presented it to her during her birthday bash in their mansion on Windcrest Lane. She had worked in the family business ever since she had finished college. She liked working at Stockbridge Oil; she made decisions on many matters. Jake trusted her!

Amber was engaged to Sean Glass, a local millionaire, who was also engaged in the oil business. The Glass and the Stockbridge families were very close; they had known one another for well over thirty years, and now their children were engaged to be married. Amber and Sean's engagement made both families very happy. They were sure it would be a marriage made in heaven; after all, both were wealthy families, and each knew everything about one another. The wedding date had not been set, and already Amber and Sean had made a prenuptial agreement that their wealth and capital would remain separate. Both had agreed on this, and it suited them just fine.

Amber had always known how to enjoy herself, but she knew very well that she had to control the fact that she was always searching for something on the wild side! She was perpetually looking for an adventure; she had a wild streak in her, and she knew it. Deep inside, it bothered her. Amber had never discussed this with anyone, but her best friend, Jackie, knew this too well!

The fact that Amber was an only child also bothered her. At times, she would easily get depressed. For the most part, she hid this from everyone, including Sean. She actually covered up her depression very well; she was the life of the party wherever she went. Amber was happy and extremely popular. Amber Stockbridge was a vivacious young woman who was born and raised in the Texas town of Amarillo. Her parents had lived there all their lives; they were well-known. Amber's family was influential; her father was an oil tycoon. She had been born into such riches that she had already traveled the world; she was an heir to all her family's wealth.

Amber possessed a beautiful face and body; she favored her father, Jake. Her complexion was flawless; she took excellent care of it, always buying the best cosmetics Jake's money could buy. She traveled with her aunt January to Europe where she bought the best. Her aunt January was equally as rich; she lived in Dallas, Texas. They were both crazy and very energetic; they had a very close relationship.

Amber's body was gorgeous; she was tall and slender with beautiful long legs. Men always stared at her. She was used to this attention; it simply bored her! She had been very popular during her school years; she could have dated many men, but she was true to Sean.

Amber and Sean had been dating for several years before they left for college. They had actually been in love since they were in their early teens. They knew each other very well; they had actually grown up together since their parents had socialized with one another since Sean and Amber were four years old.

After their high school graduation, Amber moved to Austin for she had planned to attend the University of Texas; Sean moved to College Station, where he attended the famous Texas A&M University. The parting was hard on both of them; they had promised each other that they would be together forever, later.

While in college, they always kept in touch. Sean would either call or write Amber at least twice a week. During holidays, they would meet each other in their hometown where their parents would spoil them rotten. They loved spending the holidays together; they attended many of their old friends' parties. They belonged to the upper crust, always socializing in the best circles.

Amber and Sean loved and respected each other very much. He was a very easygoing individual who was completely content with Amber. Moreover, Amber, like Sean, was content too. After all, Amber had lost her virginity to Sean when she was eighteen. Sean was the only man she knew sexually, and she loved him very much. She never dreamed of betraying him; she felt very satisfied.

Besides, Sean was a hunk of a man! He possessed a gorgeous face with extremely good features. He had a perfect nose, big blue eyes, gorgeous lips, and a dip on his chin, which looked extremely inviting. His square jaw and unforgettable teeth drove women crazy!

Sean's body was as unforgettable as his face. He was tall and lean with enormous muscles on his arms and legs. Sean was over six feet tall and resembled some kind of mythical god with his bronzed complexion. Sean worked on his body daily; he lifted weights, bicycled, and jogged. He was used to this ritual, which he claimed gave him a natural high. Besides, he was proud of his body for he knew women desired him.

Sean's good looks opened many doors for him, especially in his dealings with women. He knew many wealthy women with whom he would put business deals together. Most of them dreamed of having sex with him, but all he did was flirt. He seldom dined or wined them on his business trips. He would not betray Amber.

Sean was never in a hurry. He got a lot done but he never stressed himself out. He hated what he had done to himself in the past. He had stressed himself out badly; he vowed he would never do that again. He had provoked a bleeding ulcer, which often bothered him whenever he got upset.

Sean was a relatively quiet individual who actually loved solitude. He had had many friends while in school, but now that he worked in his family business, he seldom hung out with anyone. Amber and his job was all he wanted.

Sean was so in love with Amber that he could hardly wait to marry her and start a big family. He was eager to set a wedding date, and he often thought about how he and Amber would live their lives. They would own one of the most luxurious homes in Amarillo and raise three or four beautiful kids. Their lives would be happy and complete, and they would continue to work in the family businesses.

The engagement ring that Sean bought for Amber was incredible! A five-carat diamond ring designed for her in Paris by a famous jeweler on Sean's last trip with his father. Sean's father had offered to pay for the ring, but Sean had not allowed him to. Sean paid an enormous amount for the ring, but to him she was well worth it. He had felt so exuberant the evening he proposed to her and she had said yes. That meant the world to him; he truly loved her!

Chapter Two

Today was one of those days when Amber was bored with all the mundane things; she was longing for an adventure, so she left her office and she headed down a busy street to meet her dad for lunch. She looked in the mirror as she drove and smiled; she knew she looked beautiful! Her only thoughts were about where she and Jackie would party tonight! She definitely felt devilish! Today her wild side was on a high note!

Amber stepped into her favorite Mexican restaurant, Fiesta Mexicana, and as she waited for her dad to arrive, she noticed a very strange man sitting at a table across from hers. He was staring right into her eyes; he looked somewhat demonic! She broke away from his gaze; he had an awful penetrating look in his glassy black eyes. Amber could not stand the sight of him!

She was glad that her father had finally arrived; she was wishing that they could leave the restaurant and go elsewhere, but she knew that her dad was short on time. She pretended that everything was well as she conversed with Jake about how busy things had been at the office this morning. They had had their share of visitors for several days now. Mentally, they were both exhausted!

Jake and Amber were really enjoying their lunch, but she still felt haunted by that ugly, demonic man who was still staring at her! She averted his looks, but she could feel his powerful gaze! She was wondering why he was so interested in her; it was almost as though he knew her.

Right before they could finish lunch, Jake's phone rang, and he excused himself, telling her that he had an emergency at the office. Jake paid the bill, and Amber stayed behind for a bit, just while she gathered her belongings. She wanted to get out of there fast; the stranger was still there. She felt an eerie feeling come over her! She should have left when her dad did.

As Amber was getting in her car, the ugly stranger surprised her. He exclaimed, "Hello, remember me?"

"No, I have never seen you before," muttered Amber.

The stranger continued, "Well, I am the guy that visits you in your dreams."

Just then, the stranger laughed loudly and said, "I know you love adventure! You will soon have a big one, and this one will be very painful for a number of years. You will remember me!"

He continued laughing ugly, wickedly! Amber drove away just as quickly as she could; she was really shaken up and quite upset! His cologne was overpowering; she had never smelled anything like it before! The awful scent was in her car, as though he were there!

Amber took the afternoon off as planned, and she drove in the direction of Jackie's office. When she got out of her car, she could still smell the ugly cologne; she dismissed the whole encounter and continued to her friend's office.

There was Jackie, looking just as pretty as Amber. They were both dressed in wonderful Armani suits, and their hair looked smashing! Amber, as well as Jackie, was looking forward to a wonderful evening; they were in a party mood!

Amber and Jackie decided to meet at Cotton, an exotic French restaurant for dinner. They truly enjoyed French cuisine, and they ordered the same dish: du vin rouge, hors d'oeuvres, de la viande, des legumes, and for dessert, they exchanged an array of French pastry. While they ate, they laughed loudly like two young kids. After the early dinner, they drove out to Sinatra Mall in search of their winter wardrobe. Amber had exquisite taste; she purchased the finest outfits and accessories. She never looked at the price tags. She did not care how much it cost. The sales personnel catered to her for they knew how much she would buy at one time. Today, she spent well over $6,000 at this one store. Everything she had tried on looked gorgeous on her! She knew which colors favored her the most; her ash-blond hair really stood out.

Jackie also selected an exclusive wardrobe. The sales personnel knew her too. She also spent a substantial amount, but she watched her money closer than Amber. She was a bit conservative; she would rather save her money.

Jackie and Amber were like sisters; they had known each other since they were in kindergarten. In fact, Jackie's mother was like Amber's second mother. Actually, Amber adored her! Amber had always confided in her with all her problems and secrets. She was her good confidant!

Jackie was a beautiful, young woman; she was very tall and slender. Her hair was black, which made her blue eyes really stand out. Jackie resembled her dad quite a bit.

When she was younger, she had been shy and quiet. Her mother worried that she would not outgrow it, but she did.

Not only was Jackie beautiful, she was also a very kind, loving girl. She treated everyone with lots of love, especially children. Her mother would always tell her that she would one day make a great mother. She really had a special way with children, so patient and nurturing.

Jackie was always in good spirits, and she and Amber often partied together. They would still giggle every time they went somewhere for no reason. They had a blast together, and they knew everything about one another. There were no secrets between them. They got along better than most siblings did.

Jackie had dated several men, but they were not serious relationships. Jackie just had not met anyone one who really excited her, so she focused on her job. She worked at one of the family's banks; she was vice president, and she was quite sharp. Her father was extremely proud of her. She had brought in many new accounts to their banks. The customers loved and trusted Jackie to no end.

Chapter Three

Amber and Jackie were exhausted after the shopping spree. Away they drove to the Embassy Discotheque for a drink, where they would relax for a while! The Embassy happened to be the hottest place in town. They were enjoying themselves when Rafael Garcia, owner of the classy discotheque, spotted them and joined them. They had gone to school with Rafael. Both Amber and Jackie enjoyed his company; he was wild and crazy! They sat talking about the good old days. The conversation was so good, both women forgot about time.

Amber excused herself to the ladies' room, and on her way back, she accidentally bumped into a very handsome individual with fiery green eyes. His green eyes stood out for his hair was jet-black. She excused herself, but she did flirt with the handsome stranger; the stranger had liked her too. He had taken a long look at her as she walked away.

When Amber returned to the table, Jackie sensed that something was wrong. She asked, "Is something wrong, Amber?" Amber responded by saying, "I will tell you later. It's really nothing, though." Amber kept wondering who the distinguished man she had run into was. She felt that she wanted to meet him. She thought about asking Rafael whether he knew him, but she changed her mind; she would not want Sean learning that she had been attracted to another man. After all, she was engaged to Sean, and Rafael knew him well. They had all gone to school together, and they were good friends.

One drink turned into another and another. Rafael kept ordering drinks the whole night, and then the dancing started. Both Amber and Jackie winded up dancing with Rafael. They danced to a collection of Madonna songs under the flashy lights. Both women looked stunning; their outfits and hair looked great! Everyone at the discotheque stared at them. It seemed as though they were entertaining an audience. They danced until their feet ached!

When they returned to the table, they noticed that someone had sent them more drinks. It was the stranger who had sent the drinks; he had been watching them dance. They were very thirsty; they were just drinking away. They did not care who had sent the drinks!

Suddenly the lights came on; it was one thirty in the morning! Amber turned to Jackie and said, "We better go home. I bet Sean has been calling me all night." Jackie agreed, and they proceeded to get up. They bid farewell to Rafael, who was somewhat intoxicated; he just sat smiling and telling them not to leave. He said, "Amber, you must not drive in your condition. You know how bad it could be if you should get stopped and charged DUI!" Amber replied, "Are you suggesting that we should take a cab home?"

"No," he replied. "I am suggesting that you both stay here at my hotel." His hotel was very elegant. It was next to the Embassy Discotheque up on a large hill.

Amber and Jackie agreed to spend the night at the hotel and decided that they should at least call their parents so they would not wait all night for them. Both called home, and there seemed to be no problem.

All three walked toward the magnificent hotel. The weather was perfect; they could feel the cold breeze on their skins. The full moon lit their way up to the hill that led to the hotel. Amber commented that it did not fail, that when there was a full moon, she wanted to party! Rafael replied, "Well, let's party!" All agreed, and they laughed all the way up the hill.

They entered the hotel lobby, where Rafael arranged to situate the women in the best suite the hotel had. He also ordered the best champagne; they would deliver it to their suite. Moreover, Rafael asked that the women not be disturbed until late morning.

Amber and Jackie remained chatting in the lobby. Amber was telling Jacqueline about the man she had bumped into at the Embassy Discotheque when suddenly, out of nowhere, the stranger appeared. They stared at each other in total awe! Amber felt as though the stranger possessed some sort of mystical magnetism that put her in a total stupor! She felt her heart stop and her legs weaken as a sudden shiver ran through her body. The stranger said hello in a low, deep voice, and Amber remained in a stupor. Jackie shook Amber's arm as she realized Amber's state of mind.


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I loved "Their Last Dance". I read it in a sitting because I could not put the book down. It was so intriguing and I loved the luxurious lifestyles and  characters in this book. It draws you in. I did not expect the ending of the novel, which was awesome since it's not a generic stereotypical romance novel. This is an amazing read and I recommend it to anyone.
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The Last Dance is phenomenal from beginning to end. The pacing is great! I love the setting and the characters that vividly enhance and enrich the book. The plot and characters are different from the many novels I have read. The Last Dance is not predictable, this book captivates your attention drawing you deeper and deeper until you are submerged into the world of the Last Dance. You become absorbed into this book, a page turner I could not put down. YNG