Theology of the Body for Beginners: A Basic Introduction to Pope John Paul II's Sexual Revolution, Revised Edition

Theology of the Body for Beginners: A Basic Introduction to Pope John Paul II's Sexual Revolution, Revised Edition

by Christopher West

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Broken families, abortion, AIDS, internet pornography, sexual abuse scandals, homosexual marriage; our Church and our world are in the midst of a profound sexual crisis. Is there a way out?

For such a time as this have we been given St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Based on the words of Jesus, St. John Paul II's famous reflections on the body and sex take us to the root of the modern crisis and chart the path to an authentic sexual liberation. Yet the saint's dense scholarship often intimidates the average person.

In his previous book, Theology of the Body Explained, Christopher West offered a more detailed, six-hundred-page commentary on St. John Paul II's "Theology of the Body".

In Theology of the Body for Beginners, West provides a short and popular summary of the saint's revolutionary teaching while answering big questions like:

-What is the meaning of life?
-Why did God create us male and female?
-Why is there evil in the world and how do we overcome it?
-How do we attain true happiness on earth?
-What kind of joys await us in heaven?
-How can we experience the love we long for in the depth of our hearts?

The first edition of Theology of the Body for Beginners (2004) quickly became an international best-seller. This freshly revised and expanded edition is based on Dr. Michael Waldstein's much improved translation of St. John Paul II's catechesis.

New for this edition:

-All quotations have been updated with the new translation
-Key insights discovered through Dr. Waldstein's access to the St. John Paul II archives have been incorporated
-The outline of the text has been substantially reorganized to reflect the newly discovered outline of --St. John Paul II's original manuscript
-St. John Paul II's "hidden" and previously untranslated addresses are summarized

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About the Author

Christopher West—renowned educator, best-selling author, and popular theologian—serves officially as a research fellow and faculty member of the Theology of the Body Institute in suburban Philadelphia. His week-long courses offered through the Institute draw students from around the world.

As one of the most sought-after speakers in the Church today, Christopher has lectured on four continents, in more than a dozen countries, and in well over 200 American cities. He has been seen defending the faith on Fox News, MSNBC, and ABC News, and has been heard on numerous national radio shows. His multiple books, study guides, and CD and DVD presentations reach an international audience.

Of all his titles, Christopher is most proud to call himself a devoted husband and father. He lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Wendy, and their five children.

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Theology of the Body for Beginners: A Basic Introduction to Pope John Paul II's Sexual Revolution, Revised Edition 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone who is serious in understanding why the Catholic Church teaches as she does must read this book. Most people see the teachings as a list of prohibitions and no-nos. Blessed John Paul II puts those ideas and impressions to rest. The list of "thou shall nots" are replaced by an expansive set of freedoms. By explaining our creation and existence as a mirror image on earth reflected by the Holy Spirit, the spiritual relationship between man and woman is revealed. On the heavenly side, the Father and Son (you do have to believe in the Trinity), share a love that transcended death while on the earthly side, male and female, share that love in an act that accomplishes creation. The explanation is simplified in this book only as much as is required to understand that the creation of male and female is central to creation itself. It is the only way in which even just a small portion of God's power of creation can be made incarnate. I recommend you read this with a clear and receptive mind and ponder the wonder of creation. The main, most beautiful, and most God-like portion of which is the male and female combination. The analogies used in this book will simplify thebcomplicated part of understanding the theology of the body. One should expect to be overwhelmed, but in a good way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great introduction to the Theology of the Body. It is chock-full of information--don't think that it is a watered-down, over simplified version! Mr. West writes clearly and backs up everything with scripture verses and quotes from JPII. Very interesting read--I highly recommend it to all Catholics, single/engaged/married, young or old.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book, it was engaging to read. It changed my perspective on the issue and you don't have to be an expert theologian to understand this book and you can read it with your family or friends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago