Too Hard to Resist

Too Hard to Resist

by Robin Bielman


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One rookie assistant + one demanding executive = flirting that is too hot to handle.

Have you ever wished for the perfect job? Me, too. So when I land a temporary gig with a worthwhile and exemplary startup, I'm determined to make it permanent. That my boss is the gorgeous, clever Elliot Sax is nothing I can't handle. We may steal glances at each other and straddle the line of playing it safe, but our partnership is too important for complications. Not to mention workplace hookups are against the rules.

But when our attraction flames hotter, our best efforts are put to the test. I never imagined having to fight my feelings for him on a daily basis and keeping my hands to myself is absolutely killing me.

Until I can't. Until we can't. And what's at stake becomes more than our jobs. What's at risk is our hearts.

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ISBN-13: 9781986847032
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Series: Wherever You Go , #3
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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I race into the bakery on Washington even though I'm short on time. It took forever to find a parking spot that didn't require a permit, and the thought of being late to my first day on the job stresses me out, but some things are more important than punctuality.

I'm barely inside the door when I come to a screeching halt inches before I bump into the man in front of me. Damn it. With a line this long, so much for a quick grab-and-go. Glancing back down at my phone, I read the group texts from my friends Teague and Harper. Good luck today! Kick some ass! Meet for dinner later to discuss? I grin at their supportive words. I'd be lost without these two girls. I send a text back. Can't tonight. I've got a date. Rain check! xoxo

I tuck my phone back in my purse, then close my eyes for a quick wish. Please let tonight's date be better than last week's. One more creep and I may never go out again. Which, come to think of it, might not be a bad thing. I could stay home, read, and spend time with book boyfriends. They never let me down.

My leg starts to bounce as I take a look around the trendy café. The sprawling, sophisticated eatery is all stainless steel, glass, and pastries. The smell of coffee and fresh-baked bread fills the space. I can't wait to sink my teeth into a chocolate croissant, or for this line to move faster. When my eyes come back to rest on the guy in front of me, he's taken a step forward and I'm able to better appreciate the view. From the back, he's definitely hot. A light- blue dress shirt stretches across broad shoulders that taper down to a trim waist. The shirt is tucked into black dress pants and holy moly, his ass is tight and round and the most attractive rear end I've ever stood this close to. His legs are long, making him well over six feet. In my heels I'm five eight, and I only reach the tops of his shoulders.

"Je serai en contact."

At the sound of his voice, I raise my head. He's talking to someone on his cell. His accent is deep, rich, masculine ear candy. I maybe swoon a little. The sleeve of his shirt is rolled up to reveal a strong forearm and a thick silver watch on his wrist. His black hair curls at the back of his neck, just inside his shirt collar. It's untidy, sexy, and seems out of character for a man dressed so impeccably. He's probably so busy with whatever work he does that he hasn't had time for a haircut.

He inches forward. I inch forward. Maybe closer than what is acceptable for maintaining personal space, but it's hard not to. He smells good, too, and I wouldn't mind hearing more of that accent. It's not eavesdropping if I can't understand what he's saying.

"Merci pour votre temps," he says next.

The extent of my French is merci beaucoup, au revoir, and the line from the song "Lady Marmalade," voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir. Oh! And croissant. That's French, right?

He ends his call and slides the phone into the front pocket of his pants. We're almost to the front of the line now, so I pull my attention to what's inside the glass display case. I spy two chocolate croissants on a round decorative plate. Perfect. I'm never going to get rid of the ten pounds I've gained these past few months by continuing to indulge my carb cravings, but whatever. I'm hungry.

"I love your handbag."

I turn to the woman behind me dressed in workout gear and holding a toddler in her arms. "Thank you." I love my handmade black suede bag with three stitched organza roses. It goes perfectly with my black pencil skirt and bell sleeve pale-pink sweater. The temp agency told me casual dress would be fine for the office I'm headed to this morning, but I want to make a strong first impression.

"It's been so long since I've dressed up," the woman says.

"How old is he?" I smile at her adorable little boy. He's wearing T. rex pajamas and holding a sippy cup under his chin.

"He was two last week. I've also got a four, six, and eight-year-old."

"Wow." I don't know what else to say, except to maybe recommend birth control. I glance over my shoulder. Mr. Tight Buns is placing his order, so I move up. And wait a second. He's taking the last two chocolate croissants? I should tell him that's no way to maintain his "Buns of Steel" and to please leave them for me.

Ha! I would never say something like that out loud.

"Today it's just this little guy and me," the woman says affectionately.

I quickly wish her a good day before focusing back on the croissant thief. Ask him to compromise, toss out a "Hey, think you could leave one of those for me?" But he doesn't stop there. Without a word, the girl behind the counter loads up a box filled with the remaining plain croissants, too.

That's taking it too far, buddy. Yes, the café is probably baking more as I stand here, but I need to hurry or be late to my first day at ZipMeds. This is my sixth temp job in as many months, and I'm crossing my fingers this one sticks. I desperately need a steady paycheck. Like yesterday. If I don't save enough money to move out of my parents' house soon, I'm going to go insane.

Okay, Madison. Speak up. I'm not concerned about myself so much as the woman outside waiting on me. "Excuse me?" I say.

He's about to turn when a tall, stunning woman with enough cleavage to distract the Pope bounces up to the register and snags his attention. He immediately forgets about me — the jerk — and while I know this man is a complete stranger and I shouldn't take his slight personally, I do, because once again I'm reminded of my cheating ex-fiancé. I may have left Henry at the altar, but he left me with a damaged soul.

Stunning Woman's big, bright smile blocks out the image of my ex, and I imagine the guy in front of me smiles back. Heck, everyone around us is suddenly smiling at her.

She giggles at something he whispers to her — right before she orders a coffee! I hate people who cut in line. I'm about to tap the guy on the shoulder to negotiate pastries (and remind him there is a line of people who did not cheat — I mean cut) when the little boy behind me lets out a bloodcurdling cry. I twist around to make sure everything is okay when I'm sprayed with chocolate milk as he pulls the lid off his cup and swings his little arms.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry," his mom says.

I look down at my sweater dripping in chocolate milk and let out a deep breath. "It's okay." Absolutely nothing is going my way lately. I twist back around in search of napkins.

"Good morning! What can I get you?" the chipper girl behind the counter asks, oblivious to my predicament. Probably because her eyes are glued to the ass walking off with all the croissants. "Miss?" Oh, right. I need to drag my eyes away, too, and place my order.

"Two cinnamon buns, please," I say without thought. Then feel myself blush. Buns.

"For here or to go?"

"To go, please. And could you put them in separate bags?"

"Sure." While she grabs the buns, I snag some napkins. They don't help the blotchy disaster that is my sweater. If only my boobs were on display to garner a distraction. I sigh. Would it be weird if I grabbed a newspaper and clutched it to my chest all day? I could probably get away with a legal-size notepad. The thought makes me feel better.

I pay for my runner-up pastries and say goodbye to the mom and her son. Outside, it's a chilly February L.A. morning. Clouds hide the blue sky, and if I don't hurry to my destination, the Pacific Coast air will turn my soft curls into crazy frizzy ones.

"Ma'am?" I kneel down to the homeless woman sitting hunched over against the side of the building, a threadbare gray blanket in her lap and a big black garbage bag beside her. She'd asked me for money when I walked by on my way to ZipMeds. I gave her a five and asked if she was hungry. She requested a chocolate croissant. "They ran out of croissants, so I got you something else."

She lifts her head and I'm so stunned I almost fall backward. She's finishing a chocolate croissant. Mr. Tight Buns gave her one! I take back my jerk comment.

"Thank you," she says, her voice rough like sandpaper. She gives me a thin- lipped smile and wraps dirty fingers around the small brown to-go bag.

My heart goes out to her. "You're welcome."

With less than five minutes to spare before I'm officially late, I scarf down my cinnamon bun as I hurry toward the next block. Turning right, a sleek, modern building comes into view. ZipMeds.

I open the front glass door with no idea what to expect. The previous places I've worked have all been in run-of-the-mill office buildings. At each job, one thing or another happened to prevent me from gaining permanent employment. For the best, I've tried to tell myself. The job I'm meant to have is still out there.

Going by looks alone, I hope ZipMeds is that job. The warehouse-like interior is amazing with polished cement flooring, a towering ceiling, beautiful large-framed landscape photographs, couches, and, get this, a two- story, grass-covered hill. Stairs lead to an open-air second floor. My heels click-clack on the way to the reception desk. A pretty brunette around my age sits behind the sophisticated wood counter. She watches me approach with friendly eyes.

"Good morning. I'm Madison Hastings, the temp hired for the finance department."

"Madison! Hi. Welcome to ZipMeds."

"Thank you."

"Okay, quit being more chipper than me, Auggie," a thirtysomething woman says, striding up to the desk. I didn't hear her approach because she's wearing cute white athletic shoes with her cute black cotton pants and collared long-sleeve T-shirt. "You already have a job. Don't add reception goals to your list of achievements," she says with obvious affection, and I immediately like both these women.

"Sorry, boss." Auggie puts her hand over her mouth and mock whispers, "She knows everything that goes on around here, so if you need anything, she's the person to ask."

"Hi. I'm Hazel." Hazel scoots Auggie out of her chair in order to look down at a planner on her desk. "It's nice to meet you, Madison. Thanks for coming. You'll be working as the assistant to our finance manager." She and Auggie exchange wary glances. Uh-oh.

"I'll show her around and get her situated," Auggie offers. She's also dressed in stylish athletic shoes with sporty pants and a fitted shirt. But while Hazel is Nordstrom-chic, Auggie is more Urban Outfitter-trendy with her rainbow-thread friendship bracelet with beads that say dont worry, followed by a bumblebee and a smiley face. Peeking out of the collar of her shirt is a colorful tattoo that looks like part of a butterfly.

I guess I should have taken the temp agency's advice on dress attire. "Is there a restroom I can use first?" I'm hoping a little soap and water helps my sweater situation.

"Of course. Come on."

"That's not real grass, is it?" I ask, nodding toward the indoor hill.

"No. It's eco-friendly, UltraLush artificial. Every Friday we do a picnic and team-building activities or rolling contests. If you're ..."

"If I'm dressed appropriately?" I tease.

Auggie chuckles, then looks around as if making sure we're alone. "I was going to say if you're still here. Lately, our finance manager can't seem to keep an assistant for longer than three days."

I reach up to twirl a piece of hair behind my neck. I appreciate her honesty but really don't need to know that. The terrible insecurity of failing once again and being stuck living at home forever crowds my chest. I love my parents, but I can't take much more of their smothering. It's time I made something of myself on my own. "Is he awful?"

Auggie pulls me into the bathroom and locks the steel door. "Madison. I like you. I liked you the minute you walked in the door dressed for success with a big stain on your sweater."

I scrunch up my nose in embarrassment. "I was hoping it wasn't that noticeable."

She turns on the water faucet with one hand while grabbing some paper towels with the other.

"We'll fix it." She proceeds to soap up a towel and dab at my sweater, completely comfortable with her actions and me. I stop playing with my hair. "So, here's the thing. Our FM is demanding, meticulous, a little intense, and super busy. He needs an assistant who doesn't require directions every ten minutes and who understands numbers. You were an accounting major, right?"

"How did you know that?" I ask incredulously.

"We were at Loyola together. I remember seeing you in class."

I study her more closely. "Sorry. I don't —"

She waves away my apology. "I flew way under the radar back then. I'm Abigail August. Everyone calls me Auggie."

"It's nice to meet you."

"There," she says with a proud smile, standing taller and tossing the paper towels into the trash, "it's not perfect, but better."

"Much better. Thank you. Do you work in the finance department, too?"

"I'm the assistant to the CEO, so I pretty much have my fingers in all the departments. Come on, I better give you a quick tour and get you to your desk before the meeting ends."

"Meeting?" I fall in step beside her. The sound of my heels echoes, and I'm tempted to take them off so as not to draw attention to myself. Instead, I do my best to step lightly.

"Monday morning exec meeting."

"Got it." Yesterday, I did a quick Google search of ZipMeds. The company builds drones that transport lifesaving drugs and medical supplies to countries where poor roads and poverty-stricken healthcare infrastructure make it difficult to reach patients. The start-up is only in its sophomore year and its worthwhile and important focus is admirable. I cross my fingers in silent hope I can outlast the previous temp.

Auggie shows me the kitchen, a gorgeous space with stainless steel appliances, a chalkboard wall, and an oversize weathered hardwood table with white wooden chairs, and a break room with a Ping Pong table, foosball table, bunk beds, and bookshelves.

"Most of our brilliant technology team is in the building next door, and here we do everything else," she says, taking me upstairs. The second floor is also open and airy, with side-by-side workstations. I count seven people typing on laptops. Auggie gives them a wave before she leads me down a wide hallway. A glass wall takes up the right side, cubicles occupy the left. The first office we come to is a conference room, where it looks like the exec meeting is taking place. Several people sit in swivel chairs around a large metal table. The room is stark, but with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a view of the ocean in the distance, nothing else is needed.

We've almost passed the room when my gaze catches on broad shoulders in a light-blue shirt, black hair curling at his nape. No freaking way. The box of croissants sits on the table. My pulse quickens, a mixture of excitement and nervousness over the thought of seeing the bakery shop guy.

"This is you," Auggie says, stopping at a cubicle. "I'm two down, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

The space is modern with clean lines. There's a computer, printer, and bookshelf. On the desk sits a temporary parking permit. At the very least I'll be back tomorrow.

"There's one more stop on our tour." Auggie motions for me to follow her farther down the hall, pointing out her colorful workspace as we pass. She opens a door to a stairwell. About a dozen steps later, we open another door and walk outside onto a rooftop garden.

"This is amazing."

"Right?" Auggie says. "We've got permission to fly our drones out here. The flight pattern is specific, but it goes all the way to the beach."

"That's so cool." I notice a fancy tent set up on the other side of the rooftop. There's a freestanding swing between two large tree planters, too.

"If you ever need a few minutes by yourself to decompress, feel free to pop up here."

"I will. Thanks." I appreciate that her tone suggests I'm here for the long haul. Now to prove to my new boss I'm indispensable — because I like it here. It already feels way more comfortable than my previous temporary assignments.

Auggie's phone is ringing when we get back downstairs. "I need to grab that. You good?"

I nod. "Oh, wait ..." I'm too late. She's picked up the call and settled in at her desk. I forgot to ask what the finance manager's name is.

Sitting down in my cubicle, I swivel my chair to check out his office. The door is shut, but gray curtains are drawn open, giving me an easy view through the glass. Which means he'll have an easy view of me, too, unless I press myself against my workspace so I'm hidden behind the slight partition.

There's a large glass desk, two upholstered chairs, a side table, and several brown moving boxes stacked in the corner. A remote-control car is parked in the middle of the room. The toy seems out of character, given Auggie's description of the man.


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Too Hard to Resist 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
This is book #3, in the Wherever You Go series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading this series in order. Madison has looked everywhere for a job. Finally getting employed, she finder herself working for a friend of a friend she was attracted to. Elliot was already a non-starter, and with the job, it will never happen. Elliot has never looked at Madison as a prospect for an assistant, nor as a romantic interest. Now with her in his life on a daily basis it is shaking up everything he has known. With office romance as a reason to be fired - is it enough to keep his hands to himself? Sexy as always, the latest installment from this series delivers. The heat is intense from cover to cover as this amazing couple gets their story. Characters who have the banter, heat and what it takes to entertain make it all worthwhile. ***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review, by Netgalley and its publishers.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I loved Elliott and Madison's story. They had such a beautiful connection. They truly got to know each other, personally and professionally, while fighting their intimate attraction. I loved how he saw her and treated her as an equal. They made such a perfect team. My heart would race in their moments of will they/won't they. But when they finally came together, it was sheer magic. I admired Madison's determination to rebuild her life, be strong and independent. And I think working with Elliott pushed her even harder. Madison gave Elliott the gift of finding something more important than work. I am going to miss this series. Levi, Mateo, and Elliott, along with Teague, Harper, and Madison made such a great group of characters...of family, and I am sad to see them go. A glimpse into their future lives would be perfect. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
This is a brilliant, steamy, contemporary romance with plenty of humour that had me laughing out loud. With mutual friends who have become couples, it would be great if Elliot and Madison actually got together - or would it? Actually the other couples aren't keen, she's just got a new job and he's her boss and, to top it all, their work place has a no work romances policy, so no, they shouldn't get together. However, that attraction between them is so hot it is so difficult for them to resist . . . . Is love worth the risk or are their jobs more important? Decisions, decisions and romance - a great combination for a brilliant read you'll find too hard to put down! The chemistry between the two main characters, the banter and fun counteracted by the angst and turmoil as both endeavour to resist their attraction make this into another really enjoyable page turner from this talented author. She manages to put the reader into the scenarios and having much of the story told in the first person enhances this. I thoroughly enjoyed this office romance and have no hesitation in highly recommending it (along with anything else by Robin Bielman) to anyone who enjoys well crafted romances! I requested and was lucky enough to be given a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars Too Hard to Resist is the third book in Robin Bielman’s Wherever You Go series. This standalone read features a to die for hero and a charming heroine. In fact, the book emcompasses everything I love about Robin’s writing. You have a hero who says the right things, does the right things, and has a great sense of humor. The heroine is funny, resourceful, and sweet as can be. Not to mention, Robin’s writing allows you to visualize all the scenes. Elliot Sax has finally landed his dream job with a great company. Yes, there's pressure, stress, and long hours, but Elliot believes in the company and what it's doing to help the world. Elliot is a driven man. He expects nothing but the best from himself and those who work for him. Which is why he has a revolving door of assistants. At twenty-four, Madison Hastings finds herself still living at home with her parents. After leaving her cheating ex at the altar, she’s ready to start her life. Step one is to find a permanent job. After five temp positions, Madison finally feels she’s found a good position as the assistant to the finance manager at ZipMeds. There is a slight problem. Okay, a few. “Mr. Tight Buns” from the bakery is her new boss. He’s also best friends and roommates with her God-brother. And she’s attracted to him like bees to honey. The attraction isn’t one way. Elliot is also attracted to Madison in the worst way. Unfortunately for them, the company has a strict no fraternization policy. They each love their jobs too much to let a little attraction get in the way. But their attraction proves to be too hard to resist. It was really great watching these two together. Madison and Elliot are fun and passionate. They fit together perfectly. The problem is they’ve both been hurt and trust is something they lack. I’m not particularly crazy about the fallout of their romantic entanglement. I definitely think things could have been different. The Wherever You Go series is wonderful, with fabulous main and secondary characters. What really sticks out for me is that this series is all about empowering young women. It shows that they are smart, strong, and capable of love. All the heroines in this series have proven that they can be their own person. Here’s hoping this series continues. There’s a new guy who graces the pages, just waiting to be Robin’s next dashing hero. **Received a copy from the author and reviewed voluntarily.**
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
Too Hard to Resist (Wherever You Go) by Robin Bielman. This is Elliot Sax and Madison Hastings’ story. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. I loved Elliot and Madison’s characters! They were so much fun. Elliot has met his match with Madison. You never know what she is going to do. The chemistry between Elliot and Madison was off the charts. This book is the third book in the Wherever You Go Series. It can be read as a stand-alone but you will want to read the others. FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Wow Wow Wow!!! This book! Holy nuts this book! I did not put it down, and couldn't until I finished it. This is my favorite book from Robin to date. I was just speechless when I finished it. I still don't know how to even review this because it was that good. Not just good fantastic! I'm going to try to be brief for several reasons, you need to read this one, you don't need me telling you all the yummy details because you're going to want to melt in your seat all by yourself and you're going to want to think about this when you're reading it. Scared you didn't I? Ha! Elliot has a bad rep at work for being difficult. He's burned through numerous temps in the last few weeks, some don't last a day. He's all work and no play. He's got a 5 year plan and loves his job. It's important that he achieve his goals. Madison needs a job and sent to work by the temp agency she's been working for, with hopes of a permanent position haven't worked out thus far. She's hopeful. Running into a coffee shop before work, hoping not to be late, there's a man in front of her in line, who buys the last two croissants she was hoping to snag and buys the rest of the plain ones as well. Topping it off she spills her coffee on her sweater and what a way to start a new job. The new business is warm, welcoming and I loved the characters there. When Mr Tight butt from the coffee shop walks out of the morning meeting and into the adjoining office, she knows she's in deep. And to add to that he's also a friend once removed. He's a friend of her best friend and kind of peripheral in the group they hang out in. Once they get that out of the way and decide they can work together, they make a great team. Maddy is smart, picks up on things quick and does a great job which allows Elliot to do his with less stress. Who am I kidding, the guy needs a roll away bed at the office. Until Madison starts to date a little. Since Mateo knows where she's going and Elliot starts to ask they start to show up where her dates are. The attraction between Elliot and Mad is insane and it will take you want to take a cold shower, but the boss has a very strict no frat policy, they both love their jobs and don't want to risk it. Their chemistry is just off the hook crazy. I have never read anything so insanely meshed like these two in a very long time. The plot is smooth and the book flows perfectly. I loved Maddy and Elliot. We get to see our friends from the previous books popping in. It's two days later and I'm still flying high off this one. Robin, you have truly outdone yourself. A zillion shooting stars!! advanced copy from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
elenak14 More than 1 year ago
Robin Bielman is an author that makes you have fun with her books. Too Hard to Resist is no exception as it’s a light, quick read that will make you smile. It’s a slow burn office romance that will leave you hot but satisfied with its sexual tension. Madison is ready to move on with her life and that means succeeding in her new job. She has all that she needs but she cannot have what she wants; her boss. Elliot has met his assistant before but for the first time he is attracted to her. There is a strict no fraternizing policy but he cannot resist breaking some rules. As these two were friendly before this job, it was difficult to keep their distances. They were honest from the start about their mutual attraction , something that I liked but they did everything in their hands to stay away from each other. I would have loved to see them more as a couple sooner but I have to say that their dirty talking and the foreplay was hot. Elliot is clever, honest and sexy but sometimes I wanted to him to be more open about his feelings. Madison is sweet, hardworking and smart. Sometimes they are both stubborn making their pull and push a little frustrating and you want to shout at them to just surrender. Their relationship has this forbidden aspect that is alluring and when they stop resisting they are explosive together making their sexy scenes my favorites ones. I have to say that I like the spicier writing the author has in her latest books. It’s always a nice addition seeing characters from the previous books and this story has some nice cameos . If you like books racing with sexiness but also fun, Robin Bielman is the author for you!
SLManning More than 1 year ago
Too Hard to Resist is EVERYTHING. It's sexy, sweety, a slow burn forbidden office romance. Lordy, can Ms. Bielman write heroes that are my favorite book boyfriends. Elliot is smart, gorgeous, kind, and focussed on Madison, but they cant act on their feelings for each other. The sexual tension between Madison and Elliot is exquisite. Madison is a friend you want in your life. Smart, intelligent, determined, and you can't help but be in this couples corner from the very beginning. Too Hard to Resist is a standalone and third in the Wherever You go MUST READ series. I adored this and devoured it in one sitting.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Loved this story of forbidden office love between Elliot and Madison, a slow burning relationship develops that they need to keep secret. Soon they will need to decide between the job or the love that they share. This is the third book in the series of Whenever You Go, but can be read as a stand alone. It was great to see former friends from the previous stories. This story is told in dual POV. Loved Madison, a very strong female, who knows what she wants and not afraid to go after what she wants. Elliot, thinks he knows what he wants in his life, to succeed in his career but soon finds out there is more in life with the help from his friends. Loved the chemistry between them, along with the banter. A fun sexy read that I could not put down. I highly recommend this story.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
I think the fact this is my seventeenth read by Robin speaks for itself—I make no secret that she is one of my favourite authors—and it matters not the genre, trope or setting, she has never yet failed me. And the third book in her Wherever You Go series continues that trend, bringing us Elliot Sax and Madison Hastings, the singletons amongst their loved-up group of friends, and co-workers in a company with a no-fraternisation policy firmly in place. “...I love my job, and that means getting involved with Elliot would be a mistake.” It’s always a good sign when you find yourself laughing heartily early on in a story but when that’s followed by the right balance of push/pull, plentiful flirty banter and sexual tension, leading to some rather steamy shenanigans between the couple in question, you know you’re onto a winner and Madison and Elliot quickly became my favourite couple of the series. “You constantly steal my breath in the best possible ways.” Smart, stubborn, quick with her retorts and a huge heart, I adored Madison as I did Elliot, with his affinity to the f-bomb and more gentle ways—he’s a man who knows how someone deserves to be treated. But what really struck me was how my younger self related to and empathised with both Madison and, to a degree, Elliot, and their story touched me in ways I wasn’t quite expecting. “I’m never leaving you alone again.” Whilst I’ve loved each couple in this series and their paths towards finding love, for me, the best was definitely saved for last. I can’t deny that the shamelessly greedy epilogue-junkie that resides within me would have liked that beast sated as I could happily guzzle down more from all the characters, but there’s no taking away the fact that Too Hard to Resist ends a wonderful series on a real high.
LilleyLoohLah More than 1 year ago
Quite possibly my favourite of the series so far, I adored Elliott and Madison from the get-go and reading their story left me with a complete feel good vibe. Friends to lovers and forbidden love are two of my favourite genres and Too Hard to Resist was perfect on both counts. Both Elliott and Madison are career driven and when they end up working for the same company (a company with a strict no fraternisation policy) things start to get complicated. The sexual tension between them was palpable, I was dying for them to ‘get it on’, however their restraint was admirable. They worked so well together in the story as both work colleagues and lovers. Told in dual POV the writing was perfect, the story was sexy, funny, heart warming and sweet. I loved the appearances of Mateo and Teague, and Levi and Harper, it was wonderful catching up with them and their antics. I can’t wait to see what Robin Bielman produces next. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is my honest review.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
I totally enjoyed reading Too Hard to resist by Robin Bielman, book 3 in her Wherever You Go series. Madison left her groom at the altar, running from a life with her cheating fiancé and is now trying to find herself in the work force. After a number of short term temp jobs she lands as an assistant to the handsome and clever Elliot Sax. Although Elliot and Madison already know each other they work together well. Madison becomes a valuable assistant and learns from the responsibilities and work load Elliot gives to her. The only snag in this perfect scenario is the attraction they develop for one another at a company with a non-fraternization policy. These two try to douse the flames and feelings, until they can’t. I love how strong and confident Madison became throughout the story. The only man she had ever been with was her ex- fiancé, who only provided vanilla sex during their years together. Madison had a wild woman inside of her who needed to come out and Elliot did his best to unleash it. These two characters were in a difficult situation but thanks to the help from their best friends they were able to find ways to work through their obstacles and concerns before finding love. This book was quite enjoyable and I had trouble putting it down. Ms. Bielman wrote a wonderful story which drew me in, making me forget the world around me and did not let me go until I turned the last page. I highly recommend this book to other readers, as well as the previous two books in the series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Ree Cee More than 1 year ago
This was a sexy, forbidden romance. A simple friend-of-a-friend relationship turns into so much more when Madison becomes Elliott's PA through a temp agency. After yielding to the temptation, both have to decide whether a job or love is more important for their happiness. I loved this couple - both together & as individuals. I loved how devoted Elliott was to Madison, and I loved that Madison was always keeping him on his toes with her wit & ideas. This book works perfectly as a standalone. I haven't read the first two in the series, but I was in no way lost or confused, though I definitely want to read them. I voluntarily read & reviewed an ARC of this book.
SamantheTucker More than 1 year ago
Too Hard to Resist is completely IRRESISTIBLE! Prepare for the funniest, sexiest, most heart-stoppingly romantic read of the year! If you loved Simon Parker from Wallbanger or Bennett Ryan from Beautiful Bastard, buckle up because you’re going to adore Elliot Sax. He’s smart, ambitious, and utterly hot. And Madison is just the girl to match wits and wiles with him. The chemistry between them is absolutely explosive, but I’d be selling this story short by focusing solely on the banter and attraction. The book packs an emotional punch too, as what’s supposed to be strictly a working relationship evolves into so much more. It’s another five star read from an author who always delivers on every level. If Bielman isn’t already on your auto-buy list, she will be now!
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
Too Hard To Resist by Robin Bielman is the third book in the Wherever You Go series. Although they are connected by characters, it’s not necessary to read Talk British To Me (Book 1 Mateo &Teague) or Lips Close To Mine (Book 2 Harper & Levi) as they are all standalones. This is Elliot and Madison’s story. These two have known each other for years, they are friendly, but not really friends. We met them both first in Talk British To Me, then Lips Close To Mine. Madison was the bride whom Teague became the wedding planner to, and got to know her a little. With Elliot, we all know he’s a bit of a playboy from the previous two books but as Madison was off-limits due to being engaged he never allowed any lustful ideas to plant themselves in his head. Now, she’s single again and when she appears in his office as his new temp., he sees her with new eyes. Madison has been temping for a while and really needs a steady job to get out of her parents house and is surprised when she discovers who her new boss is. Not the least because she’d been lusting over him in a coffee shop just minutes before. These two have an instant attraction which is only ramped up by a non-fraternization policy of their employer. Try as they might, late nights, accidental-or not so accidental meetings and time trapped alone together sends their desires over the edge into risky involvement. There’s a lot of sexy banter between these two, Madison in overly innocent but open to all Elliot has to offer and when after a long slow burn throughout three quarters of the story, they finally get together, it’s filled with a steamy heat of volcanic proportions. With the stakes getting ever higher, the chances of getting caught bring them to the brink of separation. What will happen if their boss finds out. Madison has a lot to lose, she’s just started out and loves her job, but does she love Elliot more? Will Elliot do the right thing or make the biggest mistake of his life? Find out when you One-Click this book today, it really is Too Hard To Resist.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
edgy, fateful, intoxicating TOO HARD TO RESIST is the third instalment in Robin Bielman’s contemporary, adult WHEREVER YOU GO erotic, romance series focusing on a close-knit group of friends. This is finance manager of ZipMeds ( a company that builds drones that transport lifesaving drugs and medical supplies to struggling countries ) Elliot Sax, and his temporary PA Madison Hastings’ story line. TOO HARD TO RESIST can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual first person perspectives (Elliot and Madison) TOO HARD TO RESIST follows the forbidden romance between ZipMeds finance manager Elliot Sax, and his new PA Madison Hastings. Elliot Sax doesn’t have patience for the incompetent temps that have come and gone in a matter of weeks. With the realization that his new but temporary PA is his roommate Mateo’s friend, Elliot struggles with the forbidden attraction to his new assistant. Enter Madison Hastings, accounting graduate and the woman with whom Elliot will fall in love. What ensues is the building but forbidden relationship between employee and boss, and the fall-out as Madison becomes collateral damage in Elliot’s climb to the top. Elliot knows that inter-office romances are forbidden, mandated by the company CEO James, a man burned by a previous affair but Elliot struggles with his attraction to, and need for Madison Hastings, a risk he is willing to take to make Madison his own. Madison is a woman on the path to independence but falling in love with Eliot Sax was never on the horizon including the disaster that was about to destroy her life. The relationship between Eliot and Madison is a romance deemed forbidden by company policy but it is the forbidden that pushes Eliot and Madison’s palpable sexual attraction. Madison knows that her term of employment is threatened by the possibility of an inter-office affair; Eliot is willing to risk everything until everything is about to come crashing down. Eliot will sacrifice the woman with whom he has fallen in love, a sacrifice that pushes Madison out of the picture, and out of a job. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense. We are introduced to ZipMeds CFO Drake, CEO James and his personal assistant Abigail ‘Auggie’ August, as well as the return of Levi and Harper (Lips Close to Mine #2), and Mateo and Teague (Talk British to Me #1). TOO HARD TO RESIST is a story of unequal power; of one man’s need to control and release, and one woman who becomes collateral damage on the way to the top. The premise is edgy, fateful and intoxicating; the romance is sexy, passionate and intense; the characters are energetic, spirited and tragic.
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 Flirty Stars! Madison is 24 and still living with her parents. She desperately wants a good full time job so she can save and move out on her own. She starts a new job only to find out that she knows her new boss (Elliott) through mutual friends. Elliott is half way through his 5-year plan and is above his goal at this point, but he can't screw up because he wants to show his parents that he can be as responsible as his siblings. There is a no fraternizing policy at the company, but the chemistry between them is "Too Hard to Resist". So they begin this flirty relationship that could end in heartbreak. I loved this story ... Madison and Elliott's antics made me laugh out loud. The fact that they knew each other for over a year and never even noticed each other in the romantic way, until they started working together is just so plausible. I could feel their chemistry on the pages ... and the pain at not being able to act on the pull between them. Elliott was your typical alpha man who could be brought to his knees by one woman. I loved that Madison didn't do what everyone else did ... she wore the clothes she wanted and did what she wanted. They are definitely two strong characters and kept me turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning. A great read ... trust me you won't be disappointed! I received an ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved, loved, loved!! I laughed, I swooned, and I cheered as Elliott and Madison worked through the slow build of their relationship. Sure there was immediate attraction but since any type of relationship is strictly prohibited in the workplace they try to fight it! Some things are just too intense to ignore and eventually they give in to the flame burning between them. Where do they go from here? You will definitely want to grab a copy of this one and find out! I highly recommend it.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
It's a great read, I loved the story. It's well-written and has amazing characters, I liked all of them. I especially loved the way friendships surround the romance in this novel. It's very good to read something that is much more than a simple romance novel. It's funny at times, while sad at others. It has quiet a lot of romantic moments, and many embarrassing ones. All in all it's really a good story which, I think, all contemporary romance lovers will enjoy reading. This is Madison's one of many tries at temp jobs. She hopes to stay here for good, however there is one little problem. Her boss is very hot and the company has no fraternising policy. More than that she knows Eliot outside of work and she also knows that he is one of the good guys. Why they never connected before is beyond her, but now there is no way they can have a chance at a relationship. So, all they can do is ... resist... Eliot is a demanding boss, but even he has to admit that there is no assistant like Madison. She is driven and organised. They are a pretty amazing team and there is no way he will ever do anything to jeopardise that. However resisting their mutual attraction is going to be hell!... until they decide to break the rules... but will they ever be able to continue seeing each other while knowing it's not completely right? It's a heartwarming kind of story, where two very kind and loving people end up together; perfection if you ask me. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed it and would be recommending to my friends as well.