Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella

by Donita K. Paul

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Can mysterious matchmaking booksellers bring two lonely hearts together in time for Christmas?
In a sleepy, snow-covered city, Cora Crowder is busy preparing for the holiday season. Searching for a perfect gift, a fortuitous trip to Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad’s (a most unusual bookshop) leads to an unexpected encounter with co-worker Simon Derrick. And the surprise discovery of a ticket for a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas Ball.
Every year, the matchmaking booksellers of the Sage Street bookshop host an enchanting, old-fashioned Christmas Ball for the romantic matches they’ve decided to bring together.
This year, will Simon and Cora discover a perfect chemistry in their opposite personalities and shared faith? Or will the matchmakers’ best laid plans end up ruining everything this holiday?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780307459008
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/05/2010
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 722,659
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Expertly weaving together fantasy, romance and Biblical truths, Donita K. Paul penned the best-selling, fan-favorite DragonKeeper Chronicles series. After retiring early from teaching, she began a second career as an award-winning author and loves serving as a mentor for new writers of all ages. And when she’s not putting pen to paper, Donita makes her home in Colorado Springs and enjoys spending time with her grandsons, cooking, beading, stamping, and knitting.


Questions for Donita K. Paul

1. Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball is a very different kind of story than the fantasy allegories with dragons you normally write. What kind of reader do you have in mind for this Christmas novella?

This reader is looking for some fun escapism, but appreciates insight into how humans relate. This is a cozy Christmas story with a twist of magic.

2. Sometimes people, like your characters Simon and Cora, can't recognize their own gifts or what they have to offer to those around them. What kind of encouragement would you share with readers, in hopes that they see their gifts?

When someone thanks you, take note. If they thanked you for opening the door as you go into a store, realize that your thoughtfulness has been rewarded. If you received a reward, it was for something. And it wasn't opening the door. It was for being considerate, for initiating an act that aided another, for many things that you can't see on the surface. Receiving a simple thank-you is a heads-up. Something about your character has been displayed and that something was good.

3. This novella has romance, humor, a dash of magic and a lot of heart. It also features real families, being together at the holidays, with all the challenges and all of the love. What are some tips you might have for families during a hectic holiday season?

Take time to observe. Sit down in the mall instead of running the shopping race. Look at the people. This is the humanity that God sent His Son to save.

At a family gathering, take time to observe. Back away from the center of activity and count the hugs, pats, giggles, and smiles. Watch the non-verbal interaction between relatives. Appreciate the positive things you see. Don't allow negativity to blind you to the blessings of belonging.

When surrounded by the trappings of the day, take time to observe the symbolism. The tree, the egg, the fireworks, and even skeletons depict more that what they seem. Ask God to remind you of His role in each holiday and share the enthusiasm he gives you to those you know and love.

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