Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella

by Donita K. Paul

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ISBN-13: 9780307459008
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/05/2010
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 48,201
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Expertly weaving together fantasy, romance and Biblical truths, Donita K. Paul penned the best-selling, fan-favorite DragonKeeper Chronicles series. After retiring early from teaching, she began a second career as an award-winning author and loves serving as a mentor for new writers of all ages. And when she’s not putting pen to paper, Donita makes her home in Colorado Springs and enjoys spending time with her grandsons, cooking, beading, stamping, and knitting.


Questions for Donita K. Paul

1. Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball is a very different kind of story than the fantasy allegories with dragons you normally write. What kind of reader do you have in mind for this Christmas novella?

This reader is looking for some fun escapism, but appreciates insight into how humans relate. This is a cozy Christmas story with a twist of magic.

2. Sometimes people, like your characters Simon and Cora, can't recognize their own gifts or what they have to offer to those around them. What kind of encouragement would you share with readers, in hopes that they see their gifts?

When someone thanks you, take note. If they thanked you for opening the door as you go into a store, realize that your thoughtfulness has been rewarded. If you received a reward, it was for something. And it wasn't opening the door. It was for being considerate, for initiating an act that aided another, for many things that you can't see on the surface. Receiving a simple thank-you is a heads-up. Something about your character has been displayed and that something was good.

3. This novella has romance, humor, a dash of magic and a lot of heart. It also features real families, being together at the holidays, with all the challenges and all of the love. What are some tips you might have for families during a hectic holiday season?

Take time to observe. Sit down in the mall instead of running the shopping race. Look at the people. This is the humanity that God sent His Son to save.

At a family gathering, take time to observe. Back away from the center of activity and count the hugs, pats, giggles, and smiles. Watch the non-verbal interaction between relatives. Appreciate the positive things you see. Don't allow negativity to blind you to the blessings of belonging.

When surrounded by the trappings of the day, take time to observe the symbolism. The tree, the egg, the fireworks, and even skeletons depict more that what they seem. Ask God to remind you of His role in each holiday and share the enthusiasm he gives you to those you know and love.

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Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 99 reviews.
CrittyJoy More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adore Christmas novels. So when I got the chance to read and review Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul I was thrilled. For the most part I really enjoyed the story. I did not know when I requested the book it contained "magically" elements but I thought they enhanced the story nicely. I absolutely loved the main character Cora. She was flawed and imperfect and working on her walk with God. I know that is where we all are. I also enjoyed the character of Simon. My favorite character however was Sandy. From the moment Mrs Paul introduced her I loved her. The way Mrs. Paul handled the character of Sandy is absolutely wonderful. Sandy may have downs syndrome but that was not going to stop her from going after an amazing life! The only problem I had with the book was the choppy writing style of Mrs. Paul. The book just did not flow well. It was hard to read but Mrs. Paul's characters and story will keep you reading. The last 20 or so pages really make the story wroth reading. I found myself wishing I could go to the ball.and that I could find Sage Street! If you are looking for a delightful Christmas story full of magic and romance pick up Two Tickets to the Christmas will not regret it!
pattierwr More than 1 year ago
This was a lovely book. Cora and Simon are a delightful couple once they become a couple - because it takes awhile, it is interesting that they "seem" an unlikely match in the first place. To me, they are perfectly suited from the beginning. I think it's important to note that this is a fantasy book. It is not meant to be a realistic story. It's got a bit of the old Hollywood Christmas magic element--the fun, whimsical kind--with a Christian twist, if you will. I found this book to be a warm and fuzzy read leading up the Christmas season. Thanks to Waterbrook/Multnomah Press for a review copy of this novel.
BabyGirlJ More than 1 year ago
Can mysterious matchmaking booksellers bring two lonely hearts together in time for Christmas? In a sleepy, snow-covered city, Cora Crowder is busy preparing for the holiday season. Searching for a perfect gift, a fortuitous trip to Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's (a most unusual bookshop) leads to an unexpected encounter with co-worker Simon Derrick. And the surprise discovery of a ticket for a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas Ball. Every year, the matchmaking booksellers of the Sage Street bookshop host an enchanting, old-fashioned Christmas Ball for the romantic matches they've decided to bring together. This year, will Simon and Cora discover a perfect chemistry in their opposite personalities and shared faith? Or will the matchmakers' best laid plans end up ruining everything this holiday? (book blurb) Even though this is a Christmas book, it made a good read just in time for Valentine's Day. The story is just very cute, with great characters and a sweet storyline. I thought it seemed to be a little bit rushed in some places, but it is a novella so that makes sense. I've not read anything like it before, since it's a mix of fantasy and modern-day. Some of the characters that come into the story seemed like they could've had a little more time to develop though. A very cute Christmas story and romantic read.
dianna26 More than 1 year ago
Cora Crowder is just getting ready for the holidays, and so is Simon Derrick one of her co-workers. Even though the work in the same building the don't really know each other, but when they go to the same book shop on Sage street both get a ticket. A ticket to The Christmas Ball, all about the ball is very mysterious. Cora and Simon get to know each other a bit better before the ball happens but they run into a few problems , will they make it to the ball together? "Two Tickets To The Christmas Ball" by Donita K. Paul, was a very interesting book. There are some books that I have to force myself to read because that's just how boring they are, but this book was not like that. I enjoyed reading it very much, I loved the fact that both Cora and Simon told the story. I personally think books are better like that, to me they make the book more intriguing. This book captivated my attention, it was a quick, easy and fun read. I definitely do recommend it.
Craisin93 More than 1 year ago
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul definitely set the mood for the Christmas season this year! This charming novella reminded me of the importance of spending time with family and those dear to me and taught me a life lesson that I have always struggled to learn, "be brave, and try new things." Our story opens on a sleepy, snow-covered city where Cora Crowder (main character) is getting ready for the busy holiday season. Her Christmas shopping brings her to a curious, old fashioned bookshop called Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's on Sage Street, where she proceeds to search for a novel for her uncle to wrap up the rest of her holiday shopping. Little does she know that this visit to Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's will lead to an unexpected encounter with co-worker Simon Derrick, and the discovery of a ticket to the Wizard's Christmas Ball hosted every year by the matchmaking booksellers for the romantic matches they have decided to bring together for that holiday season. Simon and Cora work as a team to find out more about this Wizard's Christmas Ball and what it has to do with them. At the same time both are discovering the common threads between them. For Cora who is terrible with relationships and just people in general, she wonders whether she even has a chance with this man and whether or not this ball will bring them closer together or tear them apart. I received this book compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers for my honest review and would rate this novella a 5 out of 5 stars.
Fitnstitchin More than 1 year ago
A beautiful story to get you into the holiday spirit! A wonderful story that is easy to read during this busy holiday season. You will truly enjoy the writing of the author and it's purely magical for the season. The cover is beautiful and would make a great painting! The story as stated on the book jacket "Mischievous matchmakers, two special tickets, one unlikely couple ~ an evening for romance at the annual Christmas Ball." Who wouldn't want to go to a magical Christmas Ball? I truly enjoyed this, and I highly recommend it for a light read. You won't be disappointed. *(I did receive a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. All my opinions are expressed in this review are my own.)*
angela09 More than 1 year ago
Rating: 5 out of 5 Review: Cora Crowder is on a mission-well two missions actually. Her first mission is to catch Christmas, not that it has escaped her, but to discover the right way to celebrate this blessed holiday. Her second mission is to find the perfect gift for her uncle, which not only proves to be the easier of the two, but also acts as the catalyst for the following events. After finding Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's, a quaint little bookshop, she discovers, or should I say the shop owners discover the perfect book for her uncle. After retuning home, gift-in-hand, she flips through the pages and finds one ticket to an annual Christmas Ball, sponsored by the odd owners of the bookshop. Simon Derrick, known as Serious Simon to his coworkers which include Cora, has also ventured into the same little bookshop, on the same day as Cora. He has also discovered a ticket to this one-of-a-kind Christmas Ball, the only problem is he needs to locate another for his sister. Thus an odd series of events seems to be throwing Simon and Cora together. Will the proprietors of Sage Street, aid the two not only in matters of the heart, but matters of faith as well? My Thoughts: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball, has to be my favorite novella of the season. I enjoyed watching the plot unfold, as well as the characters develop. Simon's sister, Sandy added the right touch to the story to remind the readers of the true meaning of the season, and the One we should be seeking. The lovely characters of Sage Street added whimsy and magic that made this a very charming reading. I truly enjoyed this novella, and I have found a new book to read each Christmas. Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball, is one of those, curl up by the fire reads.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
If you ask anyone for directions, you're bound to get some strange looks. If you try to Google it on the internet, it doesn't exist. If you drive there to try and find it, you'll be wasting your gas. On Sage Street, lies a part of town that few often see and even fewer know exist. Most carry on with their day to day lives and barely look up to see this part of town. Lined with an old candy shoppe, a toy store, a hotel, a costume shop, and a unique book store called Warner, Werner and Wizbotterdad's, you find the most quaint and pleasant place to be. When Cora Crowder attempts to find a book for her uncle to finish off her Christmas shopping early, she finds an unexpected surprise waiting for her at the book store. Simon Derrick, is a man who lives with his family including his Down Syndrome sister, Sandy who loves books. What better surprise to get her than a book at this unique book store on Sage Street. Only when they both arrive home and find a ticket tucked into their books for a Wizard Ball does the holiday magic begin to arrive thanks to some angels God has so graciously provided along the way. In the magical Christmas story, Two Tickets To The Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul, the reader is transported to an enchanted tale of God's divine intervention to help Cora and Simon find the real meaning of Christmas. I could not book this book down as I didn't want to leave the story, it felt real and full of hope as you came to know Cora and Simon. Each has a different history that when woven together creates a lasting masterpiece in God's eyes. I received this book compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers for my honest review, and not only did I receive an early Christmas present in reading this heart-warming story but I discovered a 5 out 5 perfect stars and comes with my highest recommendation. This is a must have if you collect Christmas classics and treasures like I do. I am keeping this one as part of my permanent library and can see reading it through the month of December with my children.
luluLM More than 1 year ago
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball, a Novella by Donita K. Paul is a joyful story full of mysterious happenings, a few troubled souls and a search for God. Cora Crowder lives in a sleepy city, far from her family, but she likes it that way even though she is a bit alone. Trying her hardest to find Christmas spirit she shops for her family and for a perfect office gift which leads her right into a bit of strangeness. After an unexpected encounter Cora finds a ticket to a Christmas Ball, but where is it? Very few people have heard of it and it all seems rather odd, and the adventure is just beginning! Simon Derrick is a single guy, living with his grandparents, mom and sister, to most he seems a very quiet soul, not given to much fun, yet finds himself in a bit of a romance! While reading this book I was immediately reminded of the Harry Potter books, a bookshop called Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's on a street called sage that isn't always there and Wizards galore. This book is full of mysterious people as well as a cat who never leaves home, yet has kittens! Add to the mix a couple of lonely people, a few eccentric family members and you have a book that will keep you quickly turning the pages! I definitely enjoyed this book, a lighthearted approach to finding God and what Christmas really is.
HeathersStitches More than 1 year ago
It was fun curling up on the couch reading this book while the house was quiet. The pace was fast and lighthearted. I enjoyed reading about the budding relationship between Cora and Simon who have worked along side of each other but never took the time to look up and notice, really notice one another until fate jumped in. Along the way of getting to know one another they encounter how to trust their feelings and to deal with some rude family members while Fate makes sure to bump them together at every spare moment. Thank You Blogging For Books for sending me this delightful book to review.
Janna6 More than 1 year ago
Donita Paul is a master of fantasy storytelling, the question is, "Can she write a contemporary novella without losing the charm of her fantasy stories?" The answer... of course she can, but luckily for her faithful readers there is still a little fantasy woven into it. This Christmas Novella is full of charm as we find Cora and Simon - two people that have worked together for 5 years but never really noticed each other run into the same bookstore shopping for presents and both of them end up at home with a ticket to the Wizard's Christmas Ball. Oddly enough there is little information on this Ball and fate will have to intervene for both of them to go. Ah, but that is what fate is all about, and this fun tale follows Cora and Simon as fate (through the hands of the Warner, Werner and Wizzbotterdad Bookstore and the Costume shop) coerces them into making their appearance. I found this book to be a charming and quick read that put me in the holiday spirit!
Jamelyn More than 1 year ago
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul is a novella about two people who work at the same place but who really don't know each other at all. Through a little act of mystery and magic, the two end up bumping into each other quite frequently, even being invited to a mysterious Christmas Ball that no one else in town seems to know anything about. The two main characters in this book, Cora Crowder and Simon Derrick, will make you smile. The supporting characters, Simon's sister Sandy, the Wizbotterdads and the Booterbaws will make you laugh. This Christian novella will delight you with a little mystery, a little fairy-tale like magical "happily ever after" feel while at the same time making you wonder if happily ever after may ever happen for the characters in this book. I heartily recommend this delightful read. It was a pleasant read, a quick read, and I wish there was a sequel! A girl can dream, right?
Smilingsally More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this grown-up fantasy Christian fiction novella that evokes memories of Cinderella. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the delightful. yet surprising end. The protagonists are well-written characters, Cora and Simon, who experience unexpected romance at Christmastime. Sandy, a secondary character is written so well that I learned a good bit about how to interact with a person of special needs. (sigh) I would prefer the writing style of sentence fragments be eliminated, though. However, even that did not detract me too much from my joy while consuming this sugary treat.
babslighthouse More than 1 year ago
A magical book from the first page. This book grabs you from the first page and you do not want to put this book down. A lovely read for anyone. The characters are lovely.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Quick read and a sweet story.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
lmm831 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
First a little about the characters in this book, Donita K. Paul did a very nice job of defining this unlikely group of people. You get to know each one individually before getting to know how they might work together. For sure this is a book that includes a little bit of "MAGIC". While I don't typically enjoy Christmas love stories that are unbelievable or would never happen, I enjoyed this book. Not because of the "magic" but because of the true life story behind the magic. I enjoyed exploring Cora and her hang-ups with both her family background and how to balance God. And then Simon who is trying to balance his family with a whole different set of issues including Sandy his loving sister and God. I think that this book as a great blend of both fictional magic and a good love story. On to the "magic" part of the book, I love the idea that there is this whole street Sage Street that seemingly appears to some people and unknown by others and there is a group of people there that's only purpose is to host this Christmas Ball and match up those special people. I liked the added touch that they caught glimpses of each other through the website as well. While this is not your typical Christmas story, I truly enjoyed the books and would rate it 4/5.
julyso on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball is about Cora Crowder and how her life changes when she goes shopping in a very unusual book store, Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's. She unexpectedly runs into her boss, Simon Derrick, at the bookshop. They are both given tickets to a Wizard's Ball in their books...thus the magic begins. Cora meets Simon's sister, Sandy, who has Down's Syndrome and they bond over Cora's new litter of kittens. Preparations begin to attend the ball, along with lots of complications...This is a sweet story and I was excited to read it. The cover art of the book is beautiful. It was fun, but I just didn't love it. It is just a bit much for me. Too much sweetness, too much religion, and just too unbelievable. Wanted to love it, just didn't. :(
busyreadin on LibraryThing 5 months ago
This was a very strange book. It combined Christianity, wizardry and romance into one story. I didn't find it to work very well. I finished it more from curiousity than interest. However there was a paragraph that I really liked and will add to my collection of quotes..."Sometimes God gives us things we don't need. And the best of the gifts He gives us is someone to share all the silly and grand, frivolous and spectacular--sad and heartbreaking-joyous and exquisite moments of our lives."
EdnaT on LibraryThing 5 months ago
I received this book from Library Thing and I want to thank you for it. I read the entire book last night and it keep me turning page after page.The story started while Cora was looking for that special Christmas gift. It was icy and her car slid off the road and messed up her tie rod, so while they were towing her car she went shopping, She had heard about a book store on the internet and she felt like this is where she would find that gift. She walked to an older part of town and found the store, the door was stuck and she had a time getting in as the man just sit behind the counter reading a book. She finally got the door to open and from then on everything was like the old fairy tales that she had heard when she was a child. The man knew what she wanted and when she got the book home a slip of paper fell out and it was an invitation to a Christmas ball, but no time or place.The same thing happened to her boss's boss when he went to the store. Sometime you could find the street that was only a few blocks from where they worked but if you were driving a car, you could not find it. He bought a book also and the same thing happened to him an invitation fell from the book.Oh this book is great and so right to read as the Christmas season approaches. You will laugh and you may even shed a tear or two but either way, it will take you back to a fairy land.This book was sent to me by Library Thing free and I choose to review it.
OodsAteMyDingo on LibraryThing 5 months ago
When this book came in the mail, I showed it to everyone in the house (because who doesn¿t like to show off free books?) and promptly put in on my to-read shelf. I was after all in the middle of another book. But late in the night I picked it up, and thought I would read a chapter, see what the writing style was like. Before I knew it I was on page 47, then page 181 which had me panicking that I would never get to sleep and would fall into unconsciousness at work the next day. It was a short panic because the characters kept me drawn in until the end.It was a fantastic read, with a hint of Christmas magic in it. It makes you really think about the true meaning of Christmas. And the characters are simply loveable, my favorite was Sandy. This book is truly a blessing and you would be doing yourself a good one by picking it up.
VirginiaGill on LibraryThing 5 months ago
A new tradition! That is both what the main character of the book is hoping for and what this book will be for me. It's going staight on the shelf with my favorite Christmas books so I can read it again each Christmas. Watching each of the characters grow as they struggle between what is comfortable for them and what they know God wants of then was delightfully funny. It's a great read.
kitchenwitch04 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
I received this book thru the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program, and I am SO glad I did - what a wonderful book it is!! This book is a quick read - I was totally caught up in the story from the first page! The author takes you on a truly wonderful journey to a magical place where the true meaning of Christmas shines thru. I loved the characters, the location was right out of an old Christmas movie, and if you enjoy the holiday season like I do, please do yourself a favor and pick this book will NOT regret it!!
Books007 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
When I first requested this as a ER, I thought it sounded interested but, at the same time, I wasn't sure it was going to really be a great book either. I am definitely glad I gave it a try.Good, quick Christian Christmas romance...definitely worth reading.