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Utopias: Book 0, Climate Crisis

Utopias: Book 0, Climate Crisis

by Don Viecelli

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The world is in Climate Crisis! By 2098, the environment has turned against man and all living things. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane Gas (CH4) levels have reached all-time highs. Oxygen (O2) levels are falling rapidly. Humans will not be able to breathe the air within five years.

Humans are the cause for this Sixth Mass Extinction Level Event (ELE)! There is only one solution left for mankind. Embrace the Human Cryostasis Program proposed by Ricardo Carlos, President of the United Americas Continent. This involves entering cryosleep chambers in secret underground bunkers for the next one hundred years and creating Artificial Intelligence Androids to help save the world; or face dying slowly in the Wilderness Areas outside protected megacities like Utopias.

Utopias is the name of the great megacity that stretches from St. Louis to Chicago to Milwaukee and is the Capital of the United Americas Continent (UAC). There are only nineteen large megalopolises left in the UAC, which is comprised of the former countries of Canada, United States, Central America, South America and Caribbean. Outside these megacities lie the Wilderness Areas where nature is struggling to survive the environmental disasters caused by Climate Change.

Sentient A.I. Androids will become the savior of mankind or the beginning of its demise. Only time will tell. One thing is certain; humans alone cannot solve the Climate Crisis they created. Without help from these androids, humans will die out.

UTOPIAS - Book 0, Climate Crisis, is the Prequel to the UTOPIAS Dystopian Series. It explains in realistic and explicable detail how Climate Crisis began and what it will take to reverse the environmental damage caused by dependence on fossil fuels leading to mankind’s Sixth Mass Extinction Level Event. UTOPIAS - Books 1 & 2 continue the story when President Carlos and others wake up in 2199 after sleeping for one hundred years. The world has changed, but the future is still unpredictable.

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Product Details

BN ID: 2940164079550
Publisher: Don Viecelli
Publication date: 05/27/2020
Series: Utopias Dystopian Series
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 420 KB

About the Author

The author lives in Arlington Heights, IL with his family. He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois. He recently retired as a product marketing professional in the high tech industry and is now pursuing a writing career. He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing imaginative novels that explore the future boundaries of real science. He writes science fiction book reviews on popular authors and lists them on He can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and he has his own Website for science fiction readers. He is also a Member of the Writers of SciFi, a group of Indie Science Fiction writers and authors associated with BooksGoSocial. Drop him a line when you find a story you like.

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