The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn: Four Complete Books, the Game of Life and how to Play It/the Power of the Spoken Word/Your Word Is Your Wand, The Secret of Success

The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn: Four Complete Books, the Game of Life and how to Play It/the Power of the Spoken Word/Your Word Is Your Wand, The Secret of Success

by Florence Scovel Shinn


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ISBN-13: 9780671682286
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 05/28/1989
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 70,511
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About the Author

The late Florence Scovel Shinn was widely known for many years as an artist and illustrator, metaphysician and lecturer. She helped thousands of people through her great work of healing and assisting in solving their problems.

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Chapter 1

The Game

Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game.

It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law, and the Old and the New Testaments give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus Christ taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.

"Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." This means that whatever man sends out in word or deed, will return to him; what he gives, he will receive.

If he gives hate, he will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love; if he gives criticism, he will receive criticism; if he lies he will be lied to; if he cheats he will be cheated. We are taught also, that the imaging faculty plays a leading part in the game of life.

"Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life." (Prov. 4:23.)

This means that what man images, sooner or later externalizes in his affairs. I know of a man who feared a certain disease. It was a very rare disease and difficult to get, but he pictured it continually and read about it until it manifested in his body, and he died, the victim of distorted imagiation.

So we see, to play successfully the game of life, we must train the imaging faculty. A person with an imaging faculty trained to image only good, brings into his life "every righteous desire of his heart" — health, wealth, love, friends, perfect self-expression, his highest ideals.

The imagination has been called, "The Scissors of The Mind, " and it is ever cutting, cutting, day by day, the pictures man sees there, and sooner or later he meets his own creations in his outer world. To train the imagination successfully, man must understand the workings of his mind. The Greeks said: "Know Thyself."

There are three departments of the mind, the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. The subconscious, is simply power, without direction. It is like steam or electricity, and it does what it is directed to do; it has no power of induction.

Whatever man feels deeply or images clearly, is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carried out in minutest detail.

For example: a woman I know, when a child, always "made believe" she was a widow. She "dressed up" in black clothes and wore a long black veil, and people thought she was very clever and amusing. She grew up and married a man with whom she was deeply in love. In a short time he died and she wore black and a sweeping veil for many years. The picture of herself as a widow was impressed upon the subconscious mind, and in due time worked itself out, regardless of the havoc created.

The conscious mind has been called mortal or carnal mind.

It is the human mind and sees life as it appears to be. It sees death, disaster, sickness, poverty and limitation of every kind, and it impresses the subconscious.

The superconscious mind is the God Mind within each man, and is the realm of perfect ideas.

In it, is the "perfect pattern" spoken of by Plato, The Divine Design; for there is a Divine Design for each person.

"There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do."

There is a perfect picture of this in the superconscious mind. It usually flashes across the conscious as an unattainable ideal — "something too good to be true."

In reality it is man's true destiny (or destination) flashed to him from the Infinite Intelligence which is within himself.

Many people, however, are in ignorance of their true destinies and are striving for things and situations which do not belong to them, and would only bring failure and dissatisfaction if attained.

For example: A woman came to me and asked me to "speak the word" that she would marry a certain man with whom she was very much in love. (She called him A. B.)

I replied that this would be a violation of spiritual law, but that I would speak the word for the right man, the "divine selection," the man who belonged to her by divine right.

I added, "If A. B. is the right man you can't lose him, and if he isn't, you will receive his equivalent." She saw A. B. frequently but no headway was made in their friendship. One evening she called, and said, "Do you know, for the last week, A. B. hasn't seemed so wonderful to me." I replied, "Maybe he is not the divine selection — another man may be the right one." Soon after that, she met another man who fell in love with her at once, and who said she was his ideal. In fact, he said all the things that she had always wished A. B. would say to her.

She remarked, "It was quite uncanny."

She soon returned his love, and lost all interest in A. B.

This shows the law of substitution. A right idea was substituted for a wrong one, therefore there was no loss or sacrifice involved.

Jesus Christ said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you," and he said the Kingdom was within man.

The Kingdom is the realm of right ideas, or the divine pattern.

Jesus Christ taught that man's words played a leading part in the game of life. "By your words ye are justified and by your words ye are condemned."

Many people have brought disaster into their lives through idle words.

For example: A woman once asked me why her life was now one of poverty of limitation. Formerly she had a home, was surrounded by beautiful things and had plenty of money. We found she had often tired of the management of her home, and had said repeatedly, "I'm sick and tired of things — I wish I lived in a trunk," and she added: "Today I am living in that trunk." She had spoken herself into a trunk. The subconscious mind has no sense of humor and people often joke themselves into unhappy experiences.

For example: A woman who had a great deal of money, joked continually about "getting ready for the poorhouse."

In a few years she was almost destitute, having impressed the subconscious mind with a picture of lack and limitation.

Fortunately the law works both ways, and a situation of lack may be changed to one of plenty.

For example: A woman came to me one hot summer's day for a "treatment" for prosperity. She was worn out, dejected and discouraged. She said she possessed just eight dollars in the world. I said, "Good, we'll bless the eight dollars and multiply them as Jesus Christ multiplied the loaves and the fishes," for He taught that every man had the power to bless and to multiply, to heal and to prosper.

She said, "What shall I do next?"

I replied, "Follow intuition. Have you a 'hunch' to do anything, or to go anywhere?" Intuition means, intuition, or to be taught from within. It is man's unerring guide, and I will deal more fully with its laws in a following chapter.

The woman replied: "I don't know — I seem to have a 'hunch' to go home; I've just enough money for carfare." Her home was in a distant city and was one of lack and limitation, and the reasoning mind (or intellect) would have said: "Stay in New York and get work and make some money." I replied, "Then go home-never violate a hunch." I spoke the following words for her: "Infinite Spirit open the way for great abundance for — —. She is an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to her by divine right." I told her to repeat it continually also. She left for home immediately. In calling on a woman one day, she linked up with an old friend of her family.

Through this friend, she received thousands of dollars in a most miraculous way. She has said to me often, "Tell people about the woman who came to you with eight dollars and a hunch."

There is always plenty on man's pathway; but it can only be brought into manifestation through desire, faith or the spoken word. Jesus Christ brought out clearly that man must make the first move.

"Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Mat. 7:7.)

In the Scriptures we read:

"Concerning the works of my hands, command ye me."

Infinite Intelligence, God, is ever ready to carry out man's smallest or greatest demands.

Every desire, uttered or unexpressed, is a demand. We are often startled by having a wish suddenly fulfilled.

For example: One Easter, having seen many beautiful rose-trees in the florists' windows, I wished I would receive one, and for an instant saw it mentally being carried in the door.

Easter came, and with it a beautiful rose-tree. I thanked my friend the following day, and told her it was just what I had wanted.

She replied, "I didn't send you a rose-tree, I sent you lilies!"

The man had mixed the order, and sent me a rose-tree simply because I had started the law in action, and I had to have a rose-tree.

Nothing stands between man and his highest ideals and every desire of his heart, but doubt and fear. When man can "wish without worrying," every desire will be instantly fulfilled.

I will explain more fully in a following chapter the scientific reason for this and how fear must be erased from the consciousness. It is man's only enemy — fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of sickness, fear of loss and a feeling of insecurity on some plane. Jesus Christ said: "Why are ye fearful, oh ye of little faith?" (Mat. 8:26.) So we can see we must substitute faith for fear, for fear is only inverted faith; it is faith in evil instead of good.

The object of the game of life is to see clearly one's good and to obliterate all mental pictures of evil. This must be done by impressing the subconscious mind with a realization of good. A very brilliant man, who has attained great success, told me he had suddenly erased all fear from his consciousness by reading a sign which hung in a room. He saw printed, in large letters this statement — "Why worry, it will probably never happen." These words were stamped indelibly upon his subconscious mind, and he has now a firm conviction that only good can come into his life, therefore only good can manifest.

In the following chapter I will deal with the different methods of impressing the subconscious mind. It is man's faithful servant but one must be careful to give it the right orders. Man has ever a silent listener at his side — his subconscious mind.

Every thought, every word is impressed upon it and carried out in amazing detail. It is like a singer making a record on the sensitive disc of the phonographic plate. Every note and tone of the singer's voice is registered. If he coughs or hesitates, it is registered also. So let us break all the old bad records in the subconscious mind, the records of our lives which we do not wish to keep, and make new and beautiful ones.

Speak these words aloud, with power and conviction: "I now smash and demolish (by my spoken word) every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust-heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect records through the Christ within — The records of Health, Wealth, Love and perfect self-Expression." This is the square of life, The Game completed.

In the following chapters, I will show how man can change his conditions by changing his words. Any man who does not know the power of the word, is behind the times.

"Death and Life are in the power of the tongue."

(Prov. 18:21.)

Copyright © 1989 by Florence Scovel Shinn

Table of Contents


The Game of Life (1925)

The Game

The Law of Prosperity

The Power of the Word

The Law of Nonresistance

The Law of Karma and the Law of Forgiveness

Casting the Burden (Impressing the Subconscious)


Intuition or Guidance

Perfect Self-Expression or the Divine Design

Denials and Affirmations

Your Word is Your Wand (1928)

Your Word is Your Wand







Words of Wisdom









Divine Design






False Growths

Heart Disease






The Secret Door to Success (1940)

The Secret Door to Success

Bricks Without Straw

And Five of Them Were Wise

What Do You Expect?

The Long Arm of God

The Fork in the Road

Crossing Your Red Sea

The Watchman at the Gate

The Way of Abundance

I Shall Never Want

Look With Wonder

Catch Up with Your Good

Rivers in the Desert

The Inner Meaning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Power of the Spoken Word (1945)

Foreword by Emmet Fox

Weapons Ye Know Not Of

I Give Unto You Power

Be Strong; Fear Not

The Glory of the Lord

Peace and Prosperity

Your Big Opportunity

In Nothing Be Anxious


Victory and Fulfillment

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Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Morocco More than 1 year ago
Need direction in your life, grounding, healing or just have problems you can't overcome...than this book is a must. If you want to change your outlook on life and need to understand how to make life happen than this should be your first read. Florence Scovel Shinn is the pioneer of every self help book you will read. It is down to earth, very easy to read, understand and if you go on to read today's authors who have written in this arena you will definitely have a better foundation and understanding of 'how to make things happen in a not so happening place'. She will put a spin on life that will make you say 'it can't be that simple' but believe me I have applied her wisdom and insight into situations and know firsthand that she knows what she is talking about. My life has been made better for her and I continue to read this book and gain from her vast knowledge and wisdom. I spent so much money on books to put them down and get disheartened, but as I said earlier, as a pioneer in sprituallity and healing she is #1. I just bought a copy of this book for a friend and she has told me she is amazed at what she teaches. She is simple and straightforward and will prepare you for today's author who have followed from her basic teachings. Enjoy.
sm21 More than 1 year ago
Of all the books I've read regarding the law of attraction, even tho this book doesn't center itself in that law, I found it delitefully fun to read. Her way of explaining each law and giving examples was most helpful. She offers ways of bring the good to your life without spending all day in meditation trying to attract. She offers affirmations that cover just about any area you may have a difficulty. She relates every law to scripture in the Bible which I greatly appreciated. I believe so deeply in the body, mind and spirit connection and Florence validates all of it with her direct, simple, and thorough ways of explaining.
Guest More than 1 year ago
WOW. Since day one of reading and applying this book mine and others' (who've read it) have been improving on a minute-ly basis! I'm telling everone I know to read and use this! And to think this was wrote in 1925?! Florence was truly gifted, especially to SHARE it with the world. Thank you endlessly, Florence:)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a believer for years, yet I never really knew the power of the spoken word. God used this book to really teach me how deep down my anxieties were and how I had to retrain my thinking with continual confirmations. I've learned to affirm each day what he has already done and this book taught me how to do that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Guest More than 1 year ago
The Game of Life and how to play it could not have been a better title. This book will make you take a good long look at your life and how you are living it. You want to read this one over and over you always find something that you missed. This book is great for everyone at every age. I am giving copies to all my loved ones for Christmas actually a few people I don't love so much :) It makes you want to be a better person and grow spiritually. This is an outstanding read. A manual of sorts.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome and incredible. And to think it was written around 1925 after her husband asked her a divorce!?!?!? She was a true original and everyone should read this book.What she says and how she lived are all according to what she wrote. She started the revolution on self-help and no one has been able to match her since. I really can't say enought about it. Read her writing and you,too, will understand.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has brought back my confidence.A friend gave it to me after a hard situation.i read it over and over again. I Love It.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book will help you through the good and bad times of your life. It will change how you look at things and give you a positive advantage in life
Guest More than 1 year ago
Her teachings and her stories are as fresh today as they were in 1945. Her books are easy to read and to understand. I've read a lot of books on similar subjects but this one has really changed my life. Walk by Faith not by sight is my motto and will hopefully be yours after you read these books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book and fell in love with it. It has definitely made a huge difference in my life. I ordered over 20 copies and gave them out to people as gifts, and everyone gave this book 5 stars. It has touched and moved many lives. This is one book you can read over and over again and everytime you read it, it will change you for the better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first book (The Game Of Life And How to Play it) has been a part of my life for about 6 years. It's helped me in every aspect of my life! It's so positive and inspirational and helps you realize how powerful the mind really is. When I found out Florence Scovel Shinn published more books, I had to purchase them and they are just as wonderful as the first book. I give the books out as gifts and people just love them. If I had to read only one book in my life, this would book would be it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The power of the mind to direct our life has been researched and written about in many books. This book helps you to align your thinking with your desired life. If you are a realist (not just a wishful thinker) you can achieve this most effectively and create your best life with Optimal Thinking, the language of everyone's best self. I loved reading each of these books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Scovel's works as captured in this comprehensive volume is an invaluable tool for the individual embarking on the journey to understanding faith, the power of the mind and the spoken word. Personally, I have thus far read it through, cover to cover, twice, and have found new things on which to meditate each time. It also gives a very non-judgemental interpretation of God's word and how to use it to live, peacefully, harmoniously, abundantly and joyfully. I not only recommend it, I have given it as gifts to my friends. The power of life and death rests in the tongue. We all hold the key to our happiness in our words. This realization of Truth has set me free. This book has been the catalysts for that freedom.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Examines territory beyond the superficial that most people never really look at.This territoy is nevertheless the bedrock of our existence and comprises what you would call the area of dreams,aspirations and spiritual reality, which again,is the underpinning of our so-called reality.This is a beautiful and insightful work.