Yeats Annual No. 12: That Accusing Eye: Yeats and his Irish Readers

Yeats Annual No. 12: That Accusing Eye: Yeats and his Irish Readers


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ISBN-13: 9780333633151
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 06/14/1996
Series: Yeats Annual Series
Edition description: 1996
Pages: 379
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Frontispiece: David Patrick Moran (1869-1936), The Leader, 8 February 1936 - Abbreviations - Editorial Board - Notes on the Contributors - Preface and Acknowledgements - THAT ACCUSING EYE - Introductory Reflections; E.Longley - A 'General Crowd of Small Singers': Dowden's Yeats Reassessed; E.Patten - Moran's Collar: Yeats and Irish Ireland; D.Toomey - 'You Need Not Fear that I am Not Amiable': Reading Yeats (Reading) Autobiographies ; E.Hughes - 'It is Time that I Wrote my Will ...': Anxieties of Influence and Succession ; E.Longley - 'When the Newspapers have Forgottem Me': Yeats, Obituarists, and Irishness; R.F.Foster - Getting the North: Yeats and Northern Nationalism; J.W.Foster - Yeats, Form and Northern Irish Poetry; P.McDonald - SHORTER NOTES - Professor Augustine Martin; A.N.Jeffares - A.L. Burt's 1898 Edition of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales 'Edited by W.B. Yeats'; C.Smythe - W.B. Yeats, Austin Spare and EIGHT POEMS (Wade 114); C.Smythe REVIEWS - 'An Heroic Dream'? John Kelly and Ronald Schuchard, eds., The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats, Vol III 1901-1904; M.J.Sidnell - W.B. Yeats, The Hour-Glass: Manuscript Materials, ed. Catherine Phillips; R.A.Cave - W.B. Yeats, The Herne's Egg: Manuscript Materials, ed. Alison Armstrong; R.A.Cave - W.B. Yeats, The Wind Among the Reeds: Manuscript Materials, ed. Carolyn Holdsworth; W.Gould - W.B. Yeats, The Wild Swans at Coole: Manuscript Materials, ed. Stephen Parrish; W.K.Chapman - W.B. Yeats, Michael Robartes and the Dancer: Manuscript Materials, ed. Thomas Parkinson with Anne Brannen; W.K.Chapman - Elizabeth Butler Cullingford, Gender and History in Yeats's Love Poetry; E.Longley - Edna Longley, The Living Stream: Literature and Revisionism in Ireland; B.O'Donoghue - Dan H. Laurence and Nicholas Grene (eds.), Shaw, Lady Gregory and the Abbey; J.Pethica - Mary K. Greer, Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses; A.Owen - Phillip L. Marcus, Yeats and Artistic Power; Paul Kirschner and Alexander Stillmark eds. Between Time and Eternity; R.Greaves - Stan Smith, The Origins of Modernism; R.Greaves - P.Th. Liebregts, Centaurs in the Twilight: W.B. Yeats's Use of the Classical Tradition; A.N.Jeffares - Dwight D. Purdy, Biblical Echo and Allusion in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats: Poetics and the Art of God; A.N.Jeffares - The Entire Pancake: Edward Larrissy, Yeats the Poet: The Measures of Difference; D.Toomey - 'It is no Time to Discourse, the Town is Besieched!' Declan Kiberd, Inventing Ireland; W.J.McCormack - Publications Received

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