Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

by Ellen Meredith
Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

by Ellen Meredith


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Follow Your Body’s Guidance to Heal Yourself and Your World

In a world rocked by change, how can you work from the inside out to evolve your energies, build resilience, and support personal and planetary well-being? Your Body Will Show You the Way provides the inspiring information and practical tools you need to enlist your body’s wisdom for healing and optimum wellness. Complete with stories, explorations, and original energy medicine techniques, this astonishing book will deepen your ability to engage in ongoing creative partnership with your body, mind, and spirit.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781608688227
Publisher: New World Library
Publication date: 09/13/2022
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 684,210
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Ellen Meredith, Doctor of Arts, is a conscious channel, medical intuitive, energy healer, teacher, and writer. In practice since 1984, she is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEMAP) who served on Donna Eden’s faculty and offers online courses through the Shift Network and other forums. She lives in Northern California.

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Introduction: Inner Guidance 1

Chapter 1 From the Inside Out 11

Chapter 2 Rename, Reframe, and Reclaim 27

Energy Medicine to Calm Reactivity When Stuck Waiting 37

Exercise: One Hundred Gifts of the Body 44

Guided Visit: Cradle and Clear an Organ Space 46

Chapter 3 Just Connect 49

Protocol: Just Connect 51

Protocol: Restacking Your Boxes 64

Chapter 4 Beyond Binary 70

Guided Visit: Breath Is Your Teacher 74

Exercise: Let the Earth Breathe You 78

Protocol: Anchoring in the Stabilizing Sphere 88

Chapter 5 Keeping the Gates of Self 93

Exercise: Pet the Doggy / Pet the Kitty 101

Protocol: Porcupine Reset 102

Protocol: Flip Your Halos 104

Protocol: Open Sesame 108

Protocol: Energy Relay Reset 114

Protocol: Gatekeeper Syncing 116

Chapter 6 Enter the Stream 118

Guided Visit: Clearing Templates from the Temples 125

Guided Visit: Energizer Stream 132

Guided Visit: Yin Protector Stream 134

Guided Visit: Heart/Connection Stream 138

Guided Visit: Choice/Discernment Stream 141

Chapter 7 Ground and Center in a Changing World 145

Guided Visit: Conception and Comprehension Streams 152

Protocol: Clearing the Sacred Baton of the Self 154

Protocol: Zigzag Hook-Up 157

Chapter 8 Ground in Your Inner Wisdom 160

Exercise: Spinal Fluid Screen 162

Exercise: Grab and Walk Away 163

Exercise: Metabolizing Eights 169

Guided Visit: Nourishment Stream 170

Guided Visit: Embodiment Stream 174

Chapter 9 Holding Together in the Face of Change 178

Exercise: Baklava Restoration 182

Guided Visit: Purpose Stream 187

Guided Visit: Enactor/Enforcer Stream 192

Chapter 10 Reweaving the Tears in Your Fabric 196

Protocol: Body Weave 201

Guided Visit: Give and Receive Stream 204

Guided Visit: Distiller/Refiner Stream 208

Chapter 11 Flow 212

Exercise: Touch Bath, Qi Bath 215

Exercise: Electrics Eye Hold 223

Guided Visit: Waters of Life Stream 225

Guided Visit: Distribution Stream 228

Chapter 12 Your Web of Meaning 233

Protocol: Epicenter Repair 235

Exercise: Harmonizing Hook-Up 237

Chapter 13 The Web of Connections 247

Protocol: Renovating the Rooms of Your Chakras 258

Protocol: Fishing in the Chakras 261

Protocol: Spidey Webworking 264

Protocol: Balancing Your Sonar Rings 267

Chapter 14 Spirit in the Body 275

Protocol: Opening Your Cosmic Gates 280

Exercise: Expand to Your True Size 286

Exercise: One Hundred Gifts of the Heart 290

Exercise: Seven Sacred Gifts 291

Protocol: The Ming Men Passage 292

Conclusion: Let Your Body Show You the Way! 295

Appendix A Simple Energy Self-Test 301

Appendix B Which Stream Do I Visit When? 304

Appendix C List of Exercises, Protocols, and Guided Visits 313

Notes 315

Acknowledgments 318

Index 321

About the Author 339

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