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Title: Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Author: Andrew 'bunnie' Huang
Title: 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer: (And Other Discarded Electronics), Author: Randy Sarafan
Title: Game Console Hacking: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Game Boy, Atari, & Sega, Author: Joe Grand
Title: Gaming Hacks, Author: Simon Carless
Title: PC Chop Shop: Tricked out Guide to PC Modding, Author: David Groth
Title: Retro Gaming Hacks, Author: Chris Kohler
Title: TiVo Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools, Author: Raffi Krikorian
Title: PSP Hacks, Mods, and Expansions, Author: Dave Prochnow
Title: Hardware Hacking: Have Fun while Voiding your Warranty, Author: Joe Grand
Title: Make: Technology on Your Time, Author: Mark Frauenfelder
Title: Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks, Author: Scott Fullam
Title: Hacking Digital Cameras, Author: Chieh Cheng
Title: Big Book of Apple Hacks: Tips and Tools for Unlocking the Power of Your Apple Devices, Author: Chris Seibold
Title: Hacking the TiVo, Author: William von Hagen
Title: Hacking iPod + iTunes (ExtremeTech Series), Author: Scott Knaster
Title: Going Mod: 9 Cool Case Mod Projects, Author: Russ Caslis
Title: Home Hacking Projects for Geeks, Author: Eric Faulkner
Title: Joe Grand's Best of Hardware, Wireless, and Game Console Hacking, Author: Joe Grand
Title: The Black Art of Xbox Mods, Author: Jonathan Harbour
Title: The Real Hackers' Handbook: Fourth Edition, Author: Dr. K

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