175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College: Your Bucket List for the Ultimate College Experience!

175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College: Your Bucket List for the Ultimate College Experience!

by Charlotte Lake
175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College: Your Bucket List for the Ultimate College Experience!

175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College: Your Bucket List for the Ultimate College Experience!

by Charlotte Lake


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Make the most of your college years with these 175+ unique activities for the ultimate college experience.

From finding the perfect friend group to succeeding academically to exploring your newfound freedom, there’s a lot that goes into making your college experience a success. Instead of getting trapped in the myth that you can “do it all,” 175+ Things to Do Before You Graduate College will help you figure out what’s most important to you...and how to make it happen.

With this college-themed bucket list, you’ll find everything you need to do before you graduate. Whether you’re trying to make sure your four years in college are the best they can be or preparing for next steps post-graduation, you’ll learn exactly how to set yourself up for success (and fun!) with activities like:
-Becoming a TA as an undergrad for a subject you’re truly passionate about
-Heading off-campus with your friends to snag the first fresh donuts of the day
-Paying it forward by buying lunch for the person behind you in the dining hall line, even if you don’t know them
-Getting creative and starting up a campus-wide game of hide-and-seek
-And much more!

It’s easy: first, check out the 175+ unique and interesting activities you can do to add some fun, excitement, and maybe even a few impressive accomplishments to your life. Then, use the journaling space to create and update your own personal college bucket list. From there, just gather some friends and get started on making sure your college experience is as happy, healthy, and successful as possible!

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ISBN-13: 9781507215425
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 04/06/2021
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 168,528
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Charlotte Lake is a Pacific Northwest transplant and writer for the popular site, CollegeLifeMadeEasy.com. As a former broke college kid who’s been there and done that, she specializes in helping students thrive more and stress less. When she’s not writing, Charlotte enjoys sleeping in, bargain hunting, and fawning over old dogs.

Table of Contents

Why Should I Have a College Bucket List? 15

The Keys to a Good College Bucket List 16

So How Do I Create My Own Bucket List? 17

Next Steps 18

Challenge Yourself to Learn One Fact about Everyone in Your Hall 20

Find the Best Bathroom-the One Nobody Knows About 21

Create Your Own Dorm Oasis 22

Build a Floor-Wide Blanket Fort 23

Become the Laundry Room Guru 24

Organize a Board Game Night 25

Talk to Your Roommate(s) about Expectations and Boundaries 26

Create a Dorm Scavenger Hunt 27

Do Tarot Card Readings under a Full Moon 28

Bring the Holidays to Your Dorm with Hilarious Holiday Cards 29

Say Yes to Every Social Activity for a Week 30

Go All Out with Your Costume for Halloween 31

Take an Outdoor Nap 32

Join an Intramural Team for a Sport You've Never Played 33

Put Together a Time Capsule 34

Be Proactive about Safe Sex 36

Throw a Surprise Party 37

Start a Podcast 38

Have a Late-Night Veg-Out with Your Roommate(s) 39

Get On Your RA's Good Side 40

Paint Alongside Bob Ross 41

Embrace the Uncomfortable 42

Become the Unofficial Leader for Organizing Floor Activities 43

Challenge Yourself to Make Friends with At Least One Person-in Every Building 44

Get to Know All the Buildings Better with a Game of Hide-and-Seek 48

Practice Field Goal Kicks after Dark 49

Be the Model for an Art Class 50

Get Published in the School Paper 51

Go to at Least Five Club Callouts 52

Try Every Item on the Dining Hall Menu 54

Watch the Sunset from the Tallest Building on Campus 55

Attend a Lecture You're Not Enrolled In 56

Participate in a Wacky Tradition 57

Watch a Production by a Lesser-Known Club or Organization 58

Strike a Pose with Your School Mascot 59

Organize an Awesome Theme Party 60

Eye-Bomb Five Things Around Campus 61

Give an Admissions Tour 62

Score a Free T-Shirt at a School Game 63

Host or Participate in a Watermelon-Eating Contest 64

Investigate Your Campus at Night for Hidden Gems 65

Ray, a Game of Eighties-Inspired Volleyball with Your Squad 66

Act Like a Kid Again 67

Sit Back and People-Watch 68

Meet Classmates from Different Countries 69

Make a Funnellator or Trebuchet to Catapult Water Balloons 70

DJ a Silent Disco in the Library 71

Host a Friendsgiving 72

Express Yourself with Sidewalk Chalk Art 73

Uncover Cool Treasure While Geocaching 74

Look at Your School from a New Perspective with a Campus Job 75

Road-Trip to an Away Game 80

Go to a Renaissance Fair 81

Enjoy a Warm Doughnut in the Early Hours after a Party 82

Travel by Train to Somewhere New 83

Watch a Movie at a Drive-In Theater 84

Spend a Day Floating Down a River 85

Do Something Spontaneous 86

Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Party 87

Stargaze at an Observatory or Planetarium 88

Go On an Adventure in Nature 89

Hit the Open Road for an Unplanned Trip 90

Share a Slice of Pie at a Diner in the Middle of the Night 91

See What Roller Derby Is All About 92

Zen Out in a Sensory Deprivation Tank 93

Go Mini Golfing in Full Golfing Gear 94

Spend a Day Biking Around Town 95

Explore a Forgotten Location 96

Take a Well-Planned Weekend Getaway 97

Try Ice Blocking 98

Go Out for an Epic Brunch 99

Lay Out under a Meteor Shower 100

Take In the Sights at an Oddly Specific Local Festival 101

Check Out an Open Mic Night 102

Dine Out Based on the Recommendation of a Stranger 103

Spend a Day Pretending You Go to a Different School 104

Fly a Kite on a Windy Day 105

Have a Local Eatery Taste Test 106

Discover Where Your Classes Are with a Game of Building Tag 110

Dress Up (Instead of Down) for a Final Exam 111

Combine All of Your Syllabi Into One Calendar So You Never Miss a Beat 112

Take a Course in a Less Expected Language 113

Sit In On As Many Free Guest Talks As You Can 114

Make a Friend in Each of Your Classes 115

Develop a Mentor Relationship with an Upperclassman 116

Establish a Strong Relationship with a Professor 117

Map Out Your Dream Job 118

Study in Different Locations to Find the Spots That Maximize Your Productivity 119

Spend Time with a Therapy Dog (or Pig or Pony) During Finals Week 120

Sit in the Front Row of a Class for an Entire Semester 121

Complete a Big Project That You're Actually Proud Of 122

Apply for a Scholarship 123

Become a Teaching Assistant for a Favorite Class 124

Form a Tight-Knit Study Group 125

Get an A in a Hard Class 126

Up Your Typing Speed 128

Participate in a UROP 129

Challenge Yourself to Ask Ten Questions per Semester 130

Join a Professional Organization in Your Field 131

Convince Your Professor to Teach Outside on a Sunny Day 132

Bring Treats for the Whole Class 133

Perform a Social Experiment 134

Sign Up for a Bizarre Fitness Class 136

Compile a List of a Professor's Most Quotable Moments 137

Complete an Online Certificate 138

Become a Rock Star at Advocating for Yourself 142

Master the Art of Sewing On a Button 143

Get a Reading from a Fortune-Teller 144

Take a Picture of Yourself Every Day to Create a Time-Lapse Video 145

Change a Tire Like a Pro 146

Perform On Stage 148

Register to Vote Before the Next Presidential Electron 149

Plan Your Dream Trip 150

Find a Sunscreen You Absolutely Love and Use It Daily 151

Immerse Yourself In a Guided Meditation Group 152

Fall in Love with a Fitness Routine-and Stick To It 153

Grow a Plant from a Seed 154

Visit a Museum for Free with Your Student ID 155

Take a Pre-Dawn Hike to Watch the Sunrise 156

Be Able to Do at Least One Pull-U p 157

Read One Book Recreationally Each Semester 158

Take a Self-Defense Class 159

Create a Personalized Self-Care Routine 160

Learn to Cook Something Beyond Instant Food 161

Become a Pro at Budgeting 162

Take the Chance on a Blind Date or Speed-Dating Event 164

Learn a Skill You Can Make Money with on the Side 165

Set Strong Personal Boundaries-and Enforce Them 166

Write Three Sentences Every Day 168

Teach a Class in Something You Love 169

Get Comfortable Doing Things Alone 170

Surprise a Loved One with a Visit Home 174

Pay for the Order Behind You at the Dining Hall 175

Participate in a Local Nature Cleanup 176

Be an Enthusiastic Spectator for a Less Popular Club 177

Be a Designated Driver for a Party 178

Leave Sticky Notes with Nice Messages in Library Books 179

Smile and Give a Thumbs-Up to a Classmate During Their Presentation 180

Attend a Bingo Night at an Assisted Living Facility 181

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter when Puppy and Kitten Fever Strikes 182

Hide a Painted Rock in a Local Park 183

When You See Something, Say Something 184

Help a Stranger-and Never Tell Anyone about It 185

Do Something Not-So-Fun for Someone Else 186

Bake Your Favorite Goodies and Share Them with Your Neighbors 187

Fundraise for a Charity 188

Gift a Family Member with a Re-Created Photo from Your Childhood 189

Email or Write a Teacher Who Made a Difference in Your Life 190

Talk to a Loved One on the Phone Regularly 191

Tape a Few Dollars to a Vending Machine on Campus 192

Befriend a Campus Staff Member and Have Lunch with Them 193

Take Part in a Protest for Something You Believe In 194

Help Someone with Car Troubles 195

Get In the Habit of Giving Out Compliments Like Candy. 196

Appreciate Five People by Snail Mail 197

Lend Someone Your Umbrella When It's Raining 198

Introduce Yourself to Someone Sitting Alone in the Dining Hail and Eat with Them 199

Pass Along Your College Wisdom to a Lowerclassman 200

Stop and Reflect Once a Week 202

Set Up an informational Interview with Someone in Your Field 206

Secure an Internship Related to Your Major 208

Plan a Reunion-Style Dinner with Your Freshman Year Roomies 209

Attend a Free Career Development Workshop 210

Turn the Constant Questions about Your Postgraduation Plans Into a Game 211

Update Your LinkedIn Profile with a Professional-Looking Headshot 212

Get Letters of Recommendation 213

Chat about Grad School with a Professor or Advisor 214

Savor Your Remaining Free Time 215

Take Your Last "First Day of School" Picture 216

Meet Five New People During Your Last Month 217

Host an Ugly Sweater Contest 218

Visit All the Neighboring States 220

Hang Out with Your Friends As Much As Possible 221

Take an Alternative Spring Break 222

Spend an Entire Day Doing Nothing 224

Set a School Record 225

Take a Selfie with All the Great People You've Met at College 226

Make an Over-the-Top Feast Using the Rest of Your Meal Points 227

Decorate Your Graduation Cap in a Meaningful Way 228

Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Professors 229

Graduate Happy! 230

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