Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3

Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3

by JK Accinni

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BN ID: 2940045715300
Publisher: JK Accinni
Publication date: 11/19/2013
Series: Species Intervention #6609
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 41,748
File size: 923 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

J. K. Accinni was born and raised in Sussex County before moving to Randolph, New Jersey, where she lives with her five dogs and eight rabbits, all rescued.Ms. Accinni’s passion for wildlife conservation has led her all over the world, including three trips to Africa, where ten years ago she and her husband fell in love with a baby elephant named Wendi that had been rescued by the incomparable David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Wendi is the inspiration for the character Tobi, the elephant featured in her fourth book titled Hive. The character of Caesar is inspired by a real life iconic tiger from Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota. Mrs. Accinni also invites you to visit her webpage at Readers are encouraged to comment about the book or your own creature experiences.

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Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 74 reviews.
Albinomex More than 1 year ago
A well written story...just not for everyone. This review is strictly on Book 1 as I did not read on after that. *** Be aware that this series contains brutality including violent rape & beatings. If you are a sensitive reader, this is NOT for you.*** This is a good story although it's not really my cup of tea. I've read a lot of different kinds of books, but I prefer paranormal romance, suspense, or comedy. That being said...Baby is well written, & I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of story. While I was happy to see Netty grow & take some control back for her own decisions I had a few minor issues with the book. There are a few scenes that included violence that I'm just not a fan of reading about. The book flowed well, & the author has left plenty of questions lingering to bring into the sequels. This series delves into controversial points of view including but not limited to: divergent species, political downfalls, violence of unspeakable order, Armageddon ideology, & detrimental effects created for wildlife.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Having read the series this box set is a real delight. Instead of taking you, the review reader into a detailed analysis of the plot, character building etc I am instead going to give you a simplified plot summary. In this story book one the reader meets Baby, he is a sweet alien who became a bit damaged when he landed on earth. He had a mission here and during this he meets Will and Nettie. Nettie is an abused wife. Will a knight in shining armor but all is not well once the three of them meets up. Baby is not telling all. Nettie ran away from her husband who wants her back and Will does not have the money or connections to assure his new families safety. Baby is here on earth to see if human kind can change their evil ways but once he observes what humans do to one another his mind is set that we are not fit to be guardians over this planet. How can we see to the well being of the planet when we cant even act humanely towards one another? We skip approximately 200 years in the future and meet Echo. She is the sister of Baby but she was not damaged in the landing on earth. Soon enough she starts on the mission set out for her and her brother....either humans must get with the program or they must be destroyed -- she however much like her brother falls in love with a human family. Can she save them? Does she want to? Will the hive allow this? Read this box set to find out what Echo is set to do. Then make up your own mind if we are destroying our greatest gift! Wanda Hartzenberg.  WaAr
Dolly13 More than 1 year ago
Baby- 5 STARS: I don't read much Sci-Fi. This book called "Baby" was a very interesting read. The author of this book has a very unusual imagination. The character know as Baby reminds me of a little cute and loving Gremlin. The girl character, Netty, has had a hard life. She gets away not knowing what the future holds for her, has to be better then what she is running from. Everything doesn't go as planned. Her family farm is a mess. Her hopes for providing for herself doesn't look good. Netty wants to give up till she finds this little creature. Netty, named the little creature ,Baby. With Baby she finds comfort and peace. Little by little everything starts turning around for her. Her crops on the farm are growing and providing plenty for her. Then this guy wonders on to her farm. Shaking things up a bit, but not for long. He was of great help to her and Baby. Things were great for awhile till her past came back and made her life and everyone in it a living Hell. As I read this book I hope for the best, but everyone keep dying and become cursed. I keep thinking things would get better for Netty. Nope. The author must have liked death, but the story did keep me on alert as one by one came closer to death. I didn't like the use of GD in the story. Thank you, J.K. Accinni for sharing your story with me. Echo- 4 STARS: I love how the author put a lot of details in her stories. Some will make you cringe, but overall I was able to visual the events that were happening very easy. This book was a little slower to start off. I kept reading, then I didn't want to stop. I finish this book in a few hours. My family was wondering where their dinner was. I finished the book not realizing how much time had past, as I was locked in my closet. There's a lot of mystery in this book. Events go unknown and unsolved. That is why the book was so interesting to me. Had to keep reading to find out what would happen next. Brother and sister make a great team. Not knowing who to trust. They try their best to blend in and keep unnoticed.. Echo. Oh how I love her! A pet as smart as a human. Where can I get one of those? She is very protective of her family. Love the way there's not anyone left from the first story, but everything that happened in the first story plays a big part in this story. Lots of unanswered questions. It's time for me to start Book 3. I'm so excited to start reading. Thank you, JK Accinni Armageddon Cometh- 5 STARS: I really don't know what to say! This book was even better than book 2. I did't even think it could be possible because book 2 was amazing. I love how the author switches up chapters with different events from the last chapter I read. It keep me on my on edge so you don't get bored. I would read more of the book longer not wanting to stop. Reading one chapter so you can read the next chapter to found out what happens in a previous chapter I already have read. There is so much happening in this book. Netty and Baby, from book 1, decides to make an appearence to Abby. Abby and Echo keeps the mission a secret from everyone except Peter. She needs his help to put the plan in motion. The Womb offers to help. When time come she boards her Yaght assisted by followers. Followers that Abby is helping Echo and The Womb to protect and some extra company like Peter, Peters girlfriend, The Captian and his son and many more freaked out people. They just happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. There is so much more I would love to put in this review, but it don't want to kill the suspense. There are some situations that happen that I went back a few line and thought, "Did she really say that or They did what?" Just as long as Echo knows what she is doing, I think everything will be O.K.! Or Not? OVERALL, A 5 SERIES!!! I can hardly wait to see what this author comes up with next.....
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
If you like to read about how humans have ruined the world and the Hive (which you will be introduced to) is ready to start over then this is a book for you.  You meet Baby who is an alien and you get a chance to know who Baby is and what he is.  You get to meet other characters such as Netty and Wil. This all in the first book. The second book you go forward in time and meet other characters and find a new alien named Echo. Echo takes on a mission with the help of some humans who have had horrible things happen to them. There are times in the books that you will want to smack the bad humans and it makes you feel sick as to how they act, on top of that you want to know what is going on inside of their head.  I highly suggest you read this series and get sucked into the world of Baby, Echo, the Elders and the plan that the Hive has for Earth and the Humans.
hippolein More than 1 year ago
Great intereresting start of the series! First I have to confess I have loved anything science fiction for the last 35 years at least, and am used to reading them quite a lot. So seen the cover of the book, I expected something like that. Was I in for a surprise, because you don't only get a nice unknown species in the book, but also a great book with main characters you can recognise and feel for. The way Netty cares about animals and nature makes her the ideal person to bump into something unknown. Her relation with the new person seems a natural conclusion and the way everything goes from there is very understandable, although very sad at some points. Second part is very nicely written for most of the story. Wished the author had been clever enough to leave Chapter 10 (beginning of it that is) out of this story. It just doesn't seem to help the book, is completely overly described, too much horror for my taste and feels like a fill-up to get to the right amount of words. But, this said, don't let it frighten you out of reading the book, the rest of the book is not at all like that, and the story nicely continues where the first book ended (even if it jumps over 100 years). We get to know a bit more what the strange "animals" are doing on earth, and we get to know three new helpers for them. The book has some funny parts, some action parts and some romance parts. All in all a book that would be very great to advice to my friends... if I could just cut something out of it. Well, this third part makes it clear again why this series is worth reading. After the second story I was a bit doubtfull about going ahead with the next book, but this one goes back to the same quality and style of writing the first book had. The writer lets you enjoy the new found environment the main characters live in now, and ties a few loose ends that were still hanging around from the two first books. From the peaceful life you slowly get thrown into the big climax that is coming, as the title suggested. We get here a small glimp of the characters from the first book in the series, seems they will be playing a role throughout the series. Even though the "armageddon" is not coming in this book, you have some idea what it will be all about and who is responsible for it. The idea of the story it to show the way the rescue can be coming for those that are supposed to be saved. Even though this book has also some violence, nothing that extreme that it would influence the line of the story and it all seems to fit very well in there. In the end, a book I would advice my friends to read, not only those that like Sci-Fi but also those interested in the environment and the future of our planet. Just don't stop with this book, check out the stories that follow!
Tina04 More than 1 year ago
1,2,3 Bang. All three books together. If you like Sci-Fi than these books are for you. I was hooked from book 1 breezed right to number 3. You have Netty,Baby,Wil and Echo.There are plots and turns and Love. And it's free so everyone should get the book and read it..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(#1) I really enjoyed this book. Some parts still confuse me but I think will be explained in the next books. Baby was amazing and different. I wasn't expecting a lot of the twists in the plot in the story. The main characters shocked me and what happened in the end was wow..The ending was shocking and amazing and the whole book kept me on my toes to see what happened next. (#2)I really enjoyed this book as well as the first. It was a little bit more confusing then the first but not by much. I understood it more as the book went on. A lot of amazing twists in the plot and the characters. Echo was very loveable and it explained more of the Womb, etc. The love that showed up in the book was awesome as well and I enjoyed reading the story. (#3) This book was very interesting. I enjoyed seeing Baby and Netty again (mainly netty) and wow to a lot of the twists and turns in the plot. The characters got even better, I was glad to see it picked up where the 2nd book left off. Wow to things with Jose at the end (no spoilers lol) and love all the new people introduced. The plot just keeps getting better and I'm excited to see what happens next and who "the one" is. (less) ~Kaila
Mother_of_a_preteen More than 1 year ago
I know the description states unspeakable violence, but this is beyond anything I could have expected.  The first story is not as graphic, but does describe "good" people who take care of the earth and animals and work hard and are honest. The first book also describes the "bad" people who are the complete opposite: raping and killing people, hurting people, etc.  The second book also describes "good" people in a similar way, a multiracial family who are honest, etc.  This time, the "bad" people  are even more psychotic. There are VERY graphic rape, torture, mutilation, and killing scenes.  I had to stop and will probably never get the images from my mind. I honestly don't know how anyone who loves animals can describe such horrific scenes against humans.  In addition to the violence, the story itself clearly has a political agenda: describing what will happen to the world (USA specifically)  if socialism continues in the extreme.  I didn't even finish book two, because it seemed to be gradually getting worse and I didn't want to read anything worse than what I had already read.
sheryl1 More than 1 year ago
Alien Species Intervention: Books 1-3 (Species Intervention #6609) by J.K. Accinni is one of the best series I have read in a long while! Thank you so much to the author for her wonderful books. I am absolutely hooked and can not wait to read more! Totally invested with every single character, whether they are good or bad, the pages turn themselves. J.K. Accinni is a master storyteller and her world with Baby and Echo are wonderful. This storyline is going to get even better and the world had better be prepared. Oh too late! Creative and absorbing, I could picture many scenes, from Echo riding on the family pet to the long alien fingers that stroke the dogs fur. To include saving many of our endangered species was an added treat. I cannot wait to see how it all turns out. Mankind should Beware! I think for a trilogy there should be more stars given. I would like to give 15 Golden Stars for this awesome read! Highly recommended and I am off to read Hive which I am sure will be highly gripping and another 5 stars for this Author.
Sambeana More than 1 year ago
Baby was one of the most interesting books i have read this year. It is an alien story that adults and teens can get into. Echo is entertaining. And it will keep you waiting for the next book. It is a book for animal lovers and everyone else. This book was sad but very interesting. If you are looking for a entertaining, exciting, sad, but keeps you on the edge of you seat this is the book for you.
LeeRyder1 More than 1 year ago
I cried my way through baby, cheered my way through Echo and Armageddon Cometh, The Alien Species Intervention series is certainly a gem of a read! I am a huge fan of this series having read all of the books. JK Accini is a master storyteller who knows just how to pull you into the story and tug at your heartstrings. Echo and Baby are truly some amazing characters who I would love to eat cake with!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I didn't read the same book that all these glowing revewers did. The fist book was good but not great. The second book started with way too much backstory detail. Most of it unnessary and boring. Really slowed down the plot. The third book did tie in a lot of the backstory and was better than book 2.... until the end. Then lots of unexplained things are introduced. Once again bogging down the plot. All to lay the foundation for the next book in the series. Problem is, it wasn't interesting enough to tempt me. Overall the characters were only fair. Lacked depth. Just didn't buy the over the top poor, mistreated, orphans. The whole story setting in book 2 and 3, was a collection of worst case scenerios and full of contradictions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GREAT! I really enjoyed these books. baby is awesome, and echo is funny . the first bit of book 2 was a little off putting to me, but then it picks up and makes up for it. I would gladly ready these books a 4th or 5th time ( or even 100!) I can see these books becoming movies or a tv series
Celsey More than 1 year ago
Book 1: I was not very sure about this took me about 3 chapters to get into it, but i must tell you know after that i could not stop reading. Netty has gone through so much in her life, being abused so being raped her life was just going down hill not to include all the deaths. She finally found her escape and that is where she meet baby no one really knows what he is...i thought maybe a demon but he could heal things and cares alot about animals. He grows on you so much as you read you will fall in love. Then there is the drifter (Wil) much younger than Netty they fall in love. but that is about all i am going to tell you without giving much really should get you a copy ASAP it is an amazing story cant wait to see what Netty,baby and Wil have to offer in the next book. Book 2: WOW i dont know where to start...this is the 2nd book in the series and it is amazing really hard to put it down. I loved the first book a lot but wow this book is even better! I love how baby and Echo are connected but nothing alike. There is alot of adventure. I dont want to give anything away but loved how everyone works together and how Echo has all her gifts that keep you wondering LOL. Some parts did make my skin crawl but they all get it in the end so that made it that much better. I really suggest you get this book and find out what Echo has to offer you would love it! Book 3: This book is amazing!! So far this is my favorite out of the 3. There is so much mystery that has you wondering thru the whole book. I do have to admit there is one part that really did make my skin crawl and just praying that they get it in the end. Now to Echo...we always have to love her haha some of the things she says and the conversations she has you just have to put the book down until you stop laughing. I really wish i had a picture of her with the sunglasses and pack on LOL. But anyways if you had not gotten a chance to read this one i would love to hear what you think about it cause its amazing and from what i hear Hive is even better so get this book if you havent already and if you have start reading you will not regret it.
SharonHolland More than 1 year ago
Didnt think I would like it but I couldnt put it down!! I love paranormal books, and didnt think I would like this but...WOW!! Since there are 3 books I will just give you a taste of the 1st part....It takes place back during Prohibition in the US, where you had moonshiners racing in vehicles but a lot of people still used horses or just walked.  Netty, a young girl from a poor family, loves animals.  She didnt care if she had a boyfriend, she just wanted to tend to hurt animals.  When, her family's friend writes his will, he leaves Netty all of his land, the lawyer that draws up the will wants the property so he starts to date Netty and gets her to marry him.  On their wedding night the abuse starts, he breaks her nose then cuts off her hair, and treats her like a maid.  When he isnt around she goes looking through his office and finds a bunch of hidden papers, some showing hes making and selling illegal alcohol, but also that the land belongs to her.  When he finds out she has been in his office he is going to hurt her bad, but lucky for Netty there is a knock on the door, enough for her to flee with the clothes on her back, a small amount of money she had stashed and a coin from his coin collection.  She goes home, to find her family farm in ruins, so she tries to fix it by herself.  But she is drawn to a rock she use to hide by when she was a kid, while there she drops the coin from the collection.  While trying to find it, he uncovers a small tunnel, in there she finds "Baby".  Baby helps heal her, and in turn she brings him back to her house to help him.  He helps her farm, which makes extra large fruit and veggies, which helps her sell them plus make her own stash of food to live off.  A drifter shows up, and whats to help her fix things up, but also is attracted to Netty.  They fall in love, but only to have the real husband and his buddies show up to destroy them.  But even in death revenge can happen!!!
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
Baby by J.K. Accinni is an amazing story of hideous acts repaired by true love, followed by more horrendous events leading to betrayal and vengeance. It portrays a nearly unbelievable world once Baby is rescued by Netty and unconditionally love by both Netty and Wil. There lives are forever changed by the greed and heartlessness of Robert and his crew. I cannot disclose more without spoilers, so let me just say that I was completely captured by this unusual and intriguing tale. A brilliant way to begin this series. Echo by J.K. Accinni is very well written. The horrible events in this book 2 of the species intervention #6609 series brings a better understanding of the womb and the Oolaha. I find it difficult to choose sides as the most evil of humans are exposed and destroyed. I am not certain where this story line is headed, but I am excited to continue the journey. Armageddon Cometh is the third episode in the Species Intervention Series by J.K. Accinni and it is terrific. It was gripping from the very first chapter. Armageddon is indeed coming. Echo and Abby must make plans, and everyone else must have faith. I love the characters in this series and appreciated the new additions. They will make some interesting adventures in future episodes. And it was so nice to catch a glimpse of Netty! All around, terrific.
Britt231414 More than 1 year ago
This was a great series!! I started reading and I could not put it down. J.K. Accinni really did a great job explaining in great depth all of her characters. This series had a lot of twists and turns and that is why I couldn't put it down, I had to know what happened next. The author's writing is just amazing, while reading this series you will go threw so many emotions. This is absolutely a must read!! I can't wait to start the next books. Way to go J.K. Accinni for a Great 5 star read!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of these books are such a refreshing read. journeying through all the ups downs of the different characters through horrendous experiences. it gives a look at how horrible people can be, but it also shows kindness from people as well. i recommend this compile of the first 3 books to everyone.
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
Review 6****** This is an anthology of three of the six books from the Species Intervention #6609 series. I absolutely LOVE this series, so when I found out the author was combining her books into an anthology, I jumped at the chance to get a copy! "Baby" is the first book and introduces us to Netty, Wil and Baby. Their story is far from a happy one, but had me completely gripped from beginning to end! It is a dark tale of violence and abuse, but there is something about this book that made me fall in love with it! "Echo" is the second book and moves forward 100 years into the future, introducing new characters and new terrors. Again, this story is just as dark and disturbing, if not more so, and although I was disgusted by some events, I was completely enthralled! "Armageddon Cometh" is the third book and continues the darkly violent theme, but it is not as severe or shocking as the previous two books. That being said, I still had the "rabbit in the headlights" feeling whilst reading the story. This is a great way to get to read this fantastic science fiction/dystopian/post-apocalyptic series, but be warned, it is not for the feint of heart! There is violence and sexual abuse, as well as foul language that may disturb some readers. However, the author has woven a tale that contains a message that is close to my own heart; that all life is precious and if we want to see our children's children's children's children inherit this planet we call home, we have to take better care of it, or face possible extinction by our own hands (or alien ones!). In fact, I'm seriously considering jumping ship and joining up with Baby and Echo's mission! That being said, this is a fantastic series that has stayed with me long after I finished the books. There are plenty of twists and turns, surprises and a plethora of emotions to contend with whilst reading these books. I am looking forward to reading the last three books in the next anthology. J.K. Accinni is definitely on my favourite authors list. Her writing style is fast paced and extremely descriptive. I could easily picture these characters - Armoni *Shudder* (not saying anymore!) - and places in my mind. I do not recommend this series to younger readers due to the violence and the language, but I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love Science Fiction, Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic Fiction. - Lynn Worton
judevan More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Title says it all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mankind has been relentless at destroying the world. This series Is a future noha's ark. Really interesting good full of great imagination. Just strange characters. It does have a small amount of sex and violence. A good book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first book is excellent. In the second book, the author reveals deep misconceptions about society and politics. Politicking is fine - if you are accurate - this is completely based on misconceptions. The constant pushing of incorrect facts detracts from a story that is otherwise interesting. One example, harping over and over that socialized medicine results in rationing of basic health care like dialysis, and freely available non-essential care like plastic surgery. The exact opposite has proven true in the real world. In socialized medicine, doctors are on salary and hired to fit demand, but make no profit from selling high dollar treatments. Basic health care like dialysis is matched to need, and easily available, while elective surgery, like face lifts, is not denied, but rationed so that people go private rather than charge the public.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This author seems to enjoy writing about gross things and nasty people. So much so that I could not get involved in the story line. Why does the author call this Science Fiction? It should be called sick fantasy. JC