Cry of the Sea

Cry of the Sea

by D. G. Driver


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ISBN-13: 9781612357867
Publisher: Melange Books
Publication date: 04/02/2017
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Cry of the Sea 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
tpolen More than 1 year ago
I've read numerous books in the fantasy genre, but none about mermaids, so I really didn't know what to expect with this novel in regards to how the mermaids would be portrayed. Thankfully, they didn't grow legs on land and date the high school students. June is an impressive teenager who is focused on her goal and doesn't get involved in the cliques at her high school or worry about her 'social status'. She's able to see the big picture and knows all that drama doesn't matter in the overall scheme of things. That's not to say June never acts like the average teenage girl - she still gets somewhat tongue-tied and worries about her appearance when a good-looking guy shows up. The author did an admirable job of portraying the often turbulent relationship between teenager and parents in that June and her parents had conflicting goals for her future, with June wanting to put some distance between herself and her parents after graduation and follow her own path instead of the one they'd chosen for her. The cast of supporting characters includes those you love - Carter - and those you love to hate, providing a good mix and some humorous dynamics at times. As someone who is environmentally conscious, I appreciated the environmentalist theme of this book. It's not as if the author is pushing her opinions on the reader, but only making him aware of the damage and long term effects from oil spills. Something I questioned was, after the oil spill, pictures of the affected animals are rushed to the press before anything is done to help them. The discovery of the mermaids appears to make some of the characters, including those that work at a sea mammal rescue center, forget about the animals still on the beach struggling for survival. It's a shocking discovery, but waiting so long before giving aid seems a little unrealistic coming from people who had made this their mission in life. This story ended somewhat abruptly, so I'm not sure if the author has a sequel planned, but I enjoyed this adventure with June and my first experience with mermaids. I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review through Rosie's Book Review Team.
Alliesopinions More than 1 year ago
I liked Juniper from the beginning. Her character is very believable. Can you imagine living in the shadow of such brilliant parents? I can fully understand her desire to make her own path and try to detach her name and future from her parents. Don’t we all want to forge our own path? Don’t we all want to make our own mark on the world? I love stories set in the northwest. I get lost in the beauty of the forests and the oceans. The author does a great job of describing what I would imagine a “native” of the area would see. I love the transformation of Juniper. She goes from wanting nothing more then to just get away from all the rain and the gloomy beaches. But, then she sees the beauty in not only her own native heritage but the beauty in the native creatures as well. This book also brings up some serious philosophical questions as well. Would we as a species do more to protect our oceans from pollution if we believed that human like creatures resided there? Would we just brush them off as a lesser species? To see my full review, check out my blog
Mjtschopp More than 1 year ago
For you eco-friendly and mermaid loving fans, you'll want to pick up this young adult novel. Disclaimer: The author of this book was kind enough to reach out to me on Twitter about Cry of the Sea. She offered me a digital copy in return for my honest review, so here it is. Normally, I'm not one to pass up a young adult novel, but I will say this one probably would not have caught my eye or even been on my radar if it hadn't been for D.G. Driver. While I do have an interest in mythical creatures, mermaids have never been one to spark my interest. I'll admit, I've even been stuck in the vampire and werewolf realm for too long, so reading about another mythical being was sort of refreshing. However, this book isn't just about mermaids. Cry of the Sea focuses around a high-school girl, Juniper Sawfeather. She is your typical teenage girl caught up in a not so typical lifestyle due to her activist parents. After a massive oil spill off the coast, June's journey in self-discovery takes many twists and turns as her and her father come across some unusual sea creatures who wash up on the shore covered in oil. With their new discovery of these human-like fish, things begin to get a little out of hand. People become curious about the mermaids, the company behind the oil spill becomes more of a threat than they ever imagined, and it becomes obvious how people can lose sight of the bigger picture when such rare things distract you from your mission. In the end, this environmentalism driven novel shows how one person, June, with a little help can be heroine not only for a cause but for herself. When I first started reading this book, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it was going to be cheesy or even too juvenile for me, but that was not the case. Driver's perception of mermaids is nothing compared to the Disney version. Don't expect these creatures to start singing a show-stopping tune. They are by no means flawless in beauty or capable of making deals with giant octopus's in return for sea legs. The mermaids in this book are given a "rough around the edges" approach. They are simply just sea creatures that people do not fully understand and are in danger of the public's fascination and irresponsible actions. As I put the mermaids aside and focus on the overall theme of this book, I really enjoyed this story more than I thought it would. I remember what it was like to not know my path in life or think I knew what I wanted to do. Sometimes we need certain moments in our lives to define us. We need those moments to guide us and open our eyes to what really matters in life and what we truly believe in fighting for. Cry of the Sea does just that. The writing flowed from page to page making this a very easy and fast read. The character dynamics were well developed and while I wasn't a fan of the high-school drama at times, I understood why it was included and stay true to the nature of the book and the main character. I recommend this book if you're someone who enjoys the curiosity of mermaids, believes in creating a more eco-friendly environment for ourselves and other forms of life and likes rooting for the underdog.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cry of the Sea by D. G. Driver was a very interesting book about the mystery behind mermaids. It was structured differently than any other mermaid book I have read for the young adult audience. The story itself was quite realistic when it comes to this situation happening in real life. I believe that the people around us would act in this way. The main character, Juniper Sawfeather (or June), is a 17 year old girl living in Washington with her activist father and lawyer mother. I really liked the connection that June had with her parents but mostly the connection she had with her father. The first few chapters made me smile as they joked around and had a tiny little wrestling fight before making dinner. June does not want to follow her mother's footprints and wants to be part of the dirty work when it comes to taking care of the environment.  This book is different when it came to the mermaids portion because the author didn't make them seem almost completely human. She described them as having webbed fingers, holes for ears, and gils on their necks. This gave me an interesting image as I was reading through the description of the mermaids. It made me see them in a more realistic light besides the normal way most authors portray them. I would imagine mermaids looking like this if they were real because they are an evolution from fish. Just having a fish tail isn't enough. [ WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS ] When it comes to the story, it was very good. It starts out with June and her father needing to go down to the ocean because there has been an oil leak thanks to an oil company called Affron Oil. They have leaked oil into the ocean and they will need to go down to report this happening plus help out the animals. This is where they find three mermaids that they need to save. Two die pretty quickly but they transfer one to the Aberdeen Sea Mammal Rescue Center. A young man named Carter Crowe comes to help them transfer fish back to the center. You can tell quickly that June and Carter have a connection and that was a good connection to keep me wanting more of them. He seemed perfect for her considering his background and the fact they have a lot in common.  The conflict concerning the mermaids started to become suspicious when two Affron "spies" came to check on the center and they seemed to be looking for the mermaids... as if they knew they had them. Afterwards, some conflict happens when June sends her best friend, Haley, a video of the mermaids. She ends up sending the video to the mean girl, Regina, and she gets it to become viral. This causes June's life to become more hectic. The most annoying part of this was Regina and her friends. I wanted to shake them and tell them to go away because they were not wanted.  The last portion of the book was about June trying to figure out Affron Oil's secret. It was obvious that they knew about the mermaids before June and her father found them. So what were they doing? What do they want with the mermaids? It was interesting to find out that they secretly had 100s of mermaids in this tiny tank! I felt so bad for them and choked up a little when some of them died.  Overall, this book was pretty good and I would recommend it to people if they wanted to read about a mermaid story that was more realistic. I enjoyed the cute romance and I wish I could read more about them. To see what June actually decides to do. Possibly stay in Washington with Carter to try and find her mermaid? I would also read a novella by this author about the mermaids and that land.