Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella

Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella

by Myriam Gurba


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Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella by Myriam Gurba

Chicana. Goth. Dykling. Desiree Garcia knows she’s weird and a weirdo magnet. To extinguish her strangeness, her parents ship her to Saint Michael’s Catholic High School, then to Mexico, but neurology can’t be snuffed out so easily: Screwy brain chemistry holds the key to Desiree’s madness. As fellow crazies sense a kinship with her, Desiree attracts a coterie of both wanted and unwanted admirers, including a pair of racist deathrock sisters, a pretty Hispanic girl who did time in California’s most infamous mental asylum, and a transnational stalker with a pronounced limp.

As high school graduation nears, Desiree’s weirdness turns from charming to alarming. Plagued by increasingly bizarre thoughts and urges, Desiree convinces herself she’s schizophrenic, despite assurance otherwise. In college, she finds Rae, an ex-carnie trannyboi, who becomes the June Carter to her Johnny Cash. With Rae’s help, Desiree answers the riddle of her insanity and names her disease.

Combining the spark of Michelle Tea, the comic angst of Augusten Burroughs, and the warmth of Sandra Cisneros, Mexican American author Myriam Gurba has created a territory all her own. Dahlia Season not only contains the title novella, but also several of Gurba’s acclaimed stories.

Myriam Gurba is a high school teacher who lives in Long Beach, California, home of Snoop Dogg and the Queen Mary. She graduated from UC Berkeley, and her writing has appeared in anthologies like The Best American Erotica (St. Martin’s Press), Bottom’s Up (Soft Skull Press), Secrets and Confidences (Seal Press), and Tough Girls (Black Books).

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781933149165
Publisher: Manic D Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2007
Series: Future Tense Series
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 952,256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Myriam Gurba's writing has appeared in many anthologies including Best American Erotica (St. Martin's), Bottom's Up (Soft Skull), Secrets and Confidences (Seal), and Tough Girls (Black Books). A graduate of UC Berkekley, Gurba is currently a high school teacher living in Long Beach, California, home of Snoop Dogg and the Queen Mary.

Table of Contents

Cruising     9
Just Drift     16
White Girl     42
Primera Comunion     55
Dahlia Season     65

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Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Dahlia Season' is brutally honest and raw. The book contains both the title novella, as well as a collection of the author's short stories...each and every one of them forced me to step outside of my stereotypical white girl world, and into the cultural chaos of these characters. While the short stories are incredible, the main focus of the book is the novella, 'Dahlia Season.' The main character, Desiree Garcia is a Mexican American mess...she knows she is different, and as a result she is basically fly paper for freaks. Desiree is a goth, a lesbian, and harbors some pretty unnerving thoughts. In attempt to right her thinking, her parents send her to a Catholic high school--when that doesn't work, they ship her off to Mexico to stay with relatives. While each of these experiences teaches Desiree some valuable life lessons, they also reconfirm her notions of who she truly is. Throughout the novella we are introduced to several just as bizarre characters Desiree's friends make up a portion of the 'freak' circle, and each are intriguing and entertaining in their own rights. Gurba's writing is brutal and sometimes painful. Filled with the confusion that is the teenage experience. On top of just being a teenager, Desiree is a lesbian, and we later find out, mentally ill. She suffers from a plethora of symptoms, most real, some exaggerated...and all making her daily life an adventure. I couldn't put the book down...I felt like I was right there with Desiree and her friends and family. The writing is accurate and real, and will force you to reexamine your own world..