Daughters of Twilight

Daughters of Twilight

by Collette Jackson Fink


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"A quiet little city in the Midwest town of Waterloo, Iowa is about to come to life...with angels! When an earthquake measuring seven hits Waterloo, a huge black pyramid shaped tower pushes it's way up through a corn field in Blackhawk County spinning the city into the national spot light. It's thought that the "Black Tower" is dormant, but when special tactical teams are sent inside to investigate, special team member Dane Coles is confronted by the impossible...a beautiful creature that has been cursed and cast down into oblivion within the Garden of Eden, using the 'Black Tower' as a doorway to the surface...."

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ISBN-13: 9781432799458
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 10/23/2013
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 516,305
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Collette Jackson-Fink has been writing stories since she was 13years old. She's written several short stories, poems, a screenplay with some published. A Persian Gulf veteran, Collette works as a Respiratory Therapist at a trauma medical center in her home state of Iowa with her husband of 31years, son Alex, daughter Ashley and four grand-children.

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Daughters of Twilight 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jessica Reeves for Readers' Favorite This book begins with the sudden appearance of a black pyramid in a field in rural Black Hawk County in the Midwest. With no record of this mysterious black tower having ever appeared before, the authorities get ready to explore why the pyramid had suddenly appeared and what is inside. The story continues from this point on and, without wishing to give any of the plot away, it twists and turns quite cleverly and ends with a nice and neat conclusion. It was nice to read a book that had a concise ending, allowing the reader satisfaction in knowing what happened to each character. What a read! Once I was past the initial first few chapters, I was hooked. The story line kept twisting and turning which made one rather exasperated at times, but the book always made you want to come back for more. I have to state here that there is quite a lot of violence within this book and it doesn't hold back its punches. For example, there is a lot of testosterone flying around at time, but whether this is a strength or a weakness is totally dependent on one's owns preference. The initial chapters are very fast paced and a lot of colloquial language was used which I found confusing. However it is not long before you understand the mind set of this book and quickly settle into the story line. It is a good book and a really good read. The main characters are mainly all male and the author's skill in describing them gives readers an insight that lasts throughout the book. The author had just as much talent describing the environment as the individual characters. So the book flows nicely, keeping your interest, and you'll be wanting to come back for more. The story line is clever and well thought through. Characters are well rounded and likeable and I would certainly read another of Collette Jackson Fink's books.
Kataman1 More than 1 year ago
My review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author. However, the views expressed here are soley my own. I was intrigued by this tale right from the start. The author gives us a little tidbit as a man escapes from an underground place and is almost run over by a trucker. The man is delirious talking about angels and singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot. The trucker obviously thinks the man is some kind of nut. The story jumps ahead to a military assault on a tower that has been discovered sticking out of the ground by leading underground to a catacombs of tunnels. The assault is led by Special Agent Dane Coles who is attempting to rescue a team of scientists that had gone in earlier.Dane's team find most of the scientists dead and they then encounter some female creatures that seem to have superhuman abilities. The creatures can easily deflect bullets and move at superhuman speed. Dane's team is easily beaten and they retreat while Dane follows one of the creatures, away from his men. Rather than kill Dane, the creature (named Asia) does something to him so when Dane gets later rescued, he seems to have some kind of connection to Asia. Dane is an intriguing character and I wish the author had given us more about his life, growing up and such. Later Dane will find out that he is not the only one with a connection to the creatures as his friend Ivan Steel had an encounter five years prior and has a connection to Mariah (another of the female creatures. Dane will also learn that the agency that hired him is maybe corrupt (Think Treadstone in The Bourne Identity) and is run by a very evil man who also does not like Steel. Asia will later visit Dane and literally drink blood from him making the reader not exactly sure of what she is and maybe she could be a type of vampire. All will become clear and it will be up to Dane and Steel to go up against the agency and to protect Asia and Mariah. The author gives us some clues as to how the world was created and may change the reader's view on what we think of Angels. The book is a fairly quick read and the author keeps the reader engaged throughout. The copy I got was obviously not a final product as there were many typos, sometimes bad types (ex. words like "pitcher" were presented as "picture") and there were some places where there should have been chapter ends as the story shifted from one sentence to another. I was easily able to get around these annoyances. I give this book a solid four stars.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Part science fiction, part action and adventure, add a mysterious black tower that shows up after an earthquake, the absolutely necessary egocentric scientist and mysterious winged females with unbeatable powers and you get another dynamic and dazzling gem from a fresh Indie author’s pen! Daughter of Twilight by Colette Jackson-Fink is a fast-paced, ingenious paranormal read with grit, suspense and the classic good vs evil vs the unknown. How can trained military operatives fail against a group of beautiful women who just “appear” out of nowhere? How long have they lived buried beneath the earth? How do they survive? Are scientists there to learn from and about them or to use them for their own evil purposes? This race of women from beneath the earth are supernaturally strong, fast and they, too have an agenda, but what is it? Are they Angels? Vampires? When one man makes a connection with one of these women, will he become a pawn between the humans and these creatures, or is there more to their connection? Collette Jackson-Fink has an eye for action, tension and moving a well-paced story along the twisted path she created. With well-developed characters and by sprinkling little crumbs of background along the way, we are led deftly along an amazing trail to an end that pulls everything together neatly and completely. Do I recommend this book? Definitely! To whom? Paranormal lovers, military action lovers, mystery lovers or just about anyone who loves a well-told story! This book took me by surprise and kept me up late into the night reading, because I could not put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Hope this is the beginning of a series:)