Deadly Little Lies (Touch Series #2)

Deadly Little Lies (Touch Series #2)

by Laurie Faria Stolarz

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ISBN-13: 9781423136187
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 11/11/2009
Series: Laurie Faria Stolarz's Touch Series , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 711,319
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Laurie Faria Stolarz ( is the author of the first three books in the Touch series, Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Lies, and Deadly Little Games, as well as the highly popular young adult novels Blue Is for Nightmares, White Is for Magic, Silver Is for Secrets, Red Is for Remembrance, and Black Is for Beginnings. Her other Hyperion titles include Bleed and Project 17. Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, Stolarz attended Merrimack College and received an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston.

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Deadly Little Lies (Touch Series #2) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 405 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
It has been four months since Ben left Camelia. Since then, Camelia has been researching psychometry, the mysterious gift that Ben has. Camelia is sure that she has this power as well, like it rubbed off on her somehow. Then Ben comes back to school. He keeps his distance, but then breaks it, confusing Camelia. He wanted space, so Camelia decides to finally give up and move on. She meets Adam at Knead. He seems to care about her, but he isn't Ben. Camelia is also starting to get more weird photos and letters. She is even hearing things - warnings. Someone is lying to her. But who? Ms. Stolarz's writing is brilliant. I love it, and it is so easy to read, and keep reading, until you're done with the whole novel. The characters are so lovable. I found myself rooting for Camelia and Ben the whole time. The "love triangle" is a great addition to the novel, because it really puts a strain on Camelia's and Ben's relationship, or lack thereof. And there being another stalker, or weirdo, in her town is crazy. DEADLY LITTLE LIES is another amazing story. I have yet to find a book by this author that I do not like. I cannot wait to find out what happens in the next book in the TOUCH series, DEADLY LITTLE GAMES!
BooksBooksBooksJS More than 1 year ago
This is a good second book to the series. It brings a good amount of drama and will captivate you until the end.
TeamJacobGirl20 More than 1 year ago
The first book, Deadly Little Secrets, was VERY VERY good. I loved how Camelia and Ben's romance kind of stem-ed off Camelia's anxiety about her "stalker" situation. He was always there for her, and that's really what she needed in the first book. Now, in Deadly Little Lies, Ben is distant. Why? Well, it's obvious...He doesn't want to endanger her because of not trusting himself. WHICH I think is totally unnecessary, but that's Ben, y'know? (: So, Camelia, being fed up with Ben's "hands off" method, she finds Adam. Well, actually Adam seeks her out, and pressures her (but in a flirtatious way) to go out with him. The whole time Camelia is thinking 'I'm not ready for this'. But, an interesting love triangle forms. Ben was never NOT in love with Camelia, and is kicking himself for ever making the decision to leave her alone. I love when Kimmie calls it, 'So romantic, like Romeo and Juliet'. And it is true, one night Ben climbs through her window, and...Ooops (: Hahaha, sorry (: All in all, this book is nothing like New Moon, where it's Bella feeling sorry and hating her life (being depressed). Camelia is strong and she's not going down without a fight. But neither is Ben (: I <3 it soo much. Laurie makes it so NOT boring, and I always worry that some books aren't meant to be made into series, because the second book is sometimes not as good as the first. I WAS proven wrong on this one (: 10 STARS!! (:
Esmey93 More than 1 year ago
I was counting the days till Deadly Little Lies came out. The Second book of Deadly Little Secrets Series. Once i got a hold of the book, i could not put it down. I read it all in one day. I was very satisfied and kept on wanting more. The plot was one of the best yet. Of couse it was because of the mysterious hottie Ben and his arrival back to school after all what happened between him and Camelia a couple of months back. And since Ben left Camelia. She has felt as if she might have some sort of ability such as Ben's. Feelings come back between Camelia and Ben but it doesnt last long. Is there somethings hes not telling us? The plot thickens when Ben and Camelias relationship has fallen and incomes Adam the new guy working with her. Becoming this love traingle between Camelia and the two guys she finds interesting. Though strange things are happening to her giving her untrusting feeling between the guys. Is someone lying or it is someone else wanting to become in the loop? Who can she belive? I Enjoyed this book so much ill be counting the days till Deadly Little Games comes out!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deadly Little Lies was a great book. A great mystery keeps you guessing to the very end, which Ms. Stolarz did in this book. Even though Camilia is being stalked like in the previous book; Deadly Little Lies is still a great read with some interesting twists.
biolagechick More than 1 year ago
this book is interesting and keeps you hooked from begining to end the story is filled the suspense drama romance the story is a mystery and keeps you guessing till the end
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definantly recomend to everyone! I've only read books 1 and 2 but when I did, I just couldnt put them down! (: :)
Nicole12G More than 1 year ago
I love this series! My favorite part about Laurie Faria Stolarz's writing style is the short chapters. I'm the type of reader that cannot stop mid chapter and with the shorter chapters I can read even more in a small amout of time. I did not see the twist in this book coming at all. I thought Adam was the one messing with Camelia then thought maybe Ben did a 180 but I thought that was too obvious. I cannot wait until Deadly Little Games comes out!!! I recommend this book to everyone. Especially for the summer! If you're at the beach to just lounging outside, it's a quick and easy entertaining read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing book. I've always loved books like this. What attracted me was the summary and the title. I knew right then it was a good book. It was amazing. I recommend this to anyone who loves Romance & Mystey books along with a little suspense. AMAZING BOOK. I read the whole thing in one day!!!!!!!!!
Nikkayme More than 1 year ago
Deadly Little Lies picks up where Deadly Little Secret left off. Camelia is dealing with what happened with her stalker at the end of the first book and having Ben leave town. Her family is slowly recuperating, but there's still a lot of unresolved issues between Camelia's mother and her aunt Alexia. Ben's return to town and school complicates Camelia's life because he is so standoffish and distant. Her attempts at moving on with new guy Adam are hindered by Ben's obvious jealousy and ...more Deadly Little Lies picks up where Deadly Little Secret left off. Camelia is dealing with what happened with her stalker at the end of the first book and having Ben leave town. Her family is slowly recuperating, but there's still a lot of unresolved issues between Camelia's mother and her aunt Alexia. Ben's return to town and school complicates Camelia's life because he is so standoffish and distant. Her attempts at moving on with new guy Adam are hindered by Ben's obvious jealousy and unwillingness to fully let her go. Camelia also begins hearing voices and creating premonition-like sculptures. On top of Camelia's newfound talent, she is once again faced with stalkerish notes and threatening phone calls. I was more than happy to read Deadly Little Lies because I really enjoyed the first. The story was well-paced and flowed easily. The dialogue was once again fantastic, witty, and smart. The whole diary entry backstory that was introduced in the first book continues here from another perspective. Stolarz was once again able to make the stalker aspect of the story incredibly creepy, while countering it with Camelia's and Ben's complicated and sizzling relationship. The introduction of Adam may upset some readers, but I liked him as a character. He adds more tension to the story and forces Camelia to deal with all of her Ben issues. Camelia's possibly developing psychic powers is also quite interesting and I'm excited to see where that goes in the series. The story focuses on Camelia being stalked again and as much as I enjoyed that aspect of the plot, it felt overdone. Deadly Little Secret was all about Camelia's stalker and Ben's involvement and I felt like Deadly Little Lies was about the exact same thing. Camelia is being stalked, Ben is still mysterious and a possible suspect, and Camelia still has very strong feelings for him. The only difference was that the stalker notes were more intense this time around and they were accompanied by more threatening phone calls. The stalker plotline wasn't even what really kept me completely drawn to the book, it was the story within the diary. I have a feeling Stolarz will delve more into that in the next book though, so I won't spoil anything here. The book was by no means bad, but I think it some things could have been done differently. I wish Ben had more dimension. He is presented as being sexy and mysterious. People don't understand him, so we don't know that much about him, but I think at this point, we need to. Camelia feels so strongly about him, but we don't really know him. Aside from telling Camelia about Julie, we know nearly nothing. Kimmie and Wes are back again to lighten the mood, but they seem to have no purpose other than to do that. They both have their own family issues that are talked about a bit, so I hope there's a payoff with that. Oftentimes minor characters have no purpose, but to advance the plot and I hope Kimmie and Wes don't fall into that category.
colkatz101364 More than 1 year ago
Deadly Little Lies is a fasinating and intriguing story that has fully captured me. This story holds a mysterious and courious world that I feel comfortable in, an examle is Camelia's work place Knead. I would love to live in the world Laurie Faria Stolarz has created, except due to the fact of all the pranks and stalkers it holds within it. I am intrigued by just how much hate and anger a person can hold inside of them, resulting in revenge. Deadly Little Lies was the begining of this story, and now with fully reading Deadly Little Lies, I feel as though I am a part of the world Laurie has created; it felt as though as I was read/watching a movie through my eyes. And I would fully reconmend it to many others.
bookleo More than 1 year ago
Laurie Faria Stolarz's writing is simply amazing. She really knows how to put you on the edge of your seat. You must read the first one before this book though cause otherwise you will just be confused. The realism in her characters help you relate which will make you feel like one of them. This is defintly a good read.
npage More than 1 year ago
In the second book of this series there were a lot of mysterious, suspenseful events that happened. The whole time you're reading it, you cannot put it down. All of the sudden your reading and you get suspicious about something or another event will happen and you just have to know something else so you keep reading! It might be slow for the first thirty pages but it picks up really fast after that. My favorite character is Ben because he is so confusing and he just adds to the whole effect of suspense because it makes you think all different things about him! Overall, I think this book was really good and anyone who likes suspenseful books should read Deadly Little Lies. I also recommend Deadly Little Secrets which was the first book in this series. I couldn't put that one down either. I'm so glad there's another book after Deadly Little Lies in this series because I'm definitely going to read it.
vreader_724 More than 1 year ago
cant wait till deadly little game
ctmsmamo on LibraryThing 5 months ago
The book I read was, ¿Deadly little lies¿ by Laurie Faria Stolarz. After reading the first book I didn't want to stop. This was the second book of the series. It was an amazing mystery book. Camelia, is on and off with a new boy Ben. He ends up leaving town for her own safty as well as his. She later figures out that he has a power called, pyschometry. This is a power that gives him the ability to see the future by touch. As the book goes on she starts feeling as if she has this ability. Then comes a new, mysterious boy, named Adam. She thinks she's fallen in love with him. But at the end she realizes why he is really in this small town and why he came all that way just to find her. The author made me feel like I was there, in the book. I felt as if I was Camelia then Ben. I loved the way she made the story into one big mystery. Her very descriptive language helped visualize the setting perfectly. I rate this book a 4 star. I rate it a 4 star because of the amazing mystery throughout the book and the way the author mad me feel as if I was there, with the characters.
youngadultish on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Really enjoyed the first book in this series, but Book 2 wasn¿t as good.It seemed to be pretty much more of the same. Don¿t know if I will continue with this series
hobbitsies on LibraryThing 5 months ago
Okay. I loved Deadly Little Secret. It was totally creepy and suspenseful and awesome. I normally don¿t like to read books in a series one right after another. I like anticipation. But for the Touch series, I had to for several reasons. The first being that I mistakenly signed up for a book tour for Deadly Little Games thinking it was the second book (whoops), and the second reason is because I¿m really in the mood for creepy books and this series totally fits the bill.I definitely liked Deadly Little Secret better. Deadly Little Lies was very creepy and I totally had no idea what was coming. But at the same time, it totally frustrated me because all this stuff already happened in the first book and I just couldn¿t believe Camelia was making the same freaking mistakes all over again. But if she hadn¿t made the mistakes, there would be no story. So it was frustrating, but good frustrating, I suppose.Blah! I don¿t even know what to say about this book. Camelia as a person is just the same as she was in the first book. She¿s interesting, but super naive. I really liked the powers she developed and I enjoyed reading as she discovered more about them. I liked Adam a lot and thought he was an interesting character. Ben drove me crazy, as usual.Like the first one, there were a lot of unexpected twists. Well, I wasn¿t expecting them anyway. I stayed up reading this book all in one night because I just had to find out what happened. While not as good as the first book, it still remains true to it. It¿s creepy and awesome and frustrating all at the same time.Anyway, I did really enjoy reading Deadly Little Lies. It was a good conclusion, and a good set up for the next book in the series. If you read Deadly Little Secret and enjoyed it, you should pick this one up!
midnighttwilight101 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
In the last book Camelia was being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. After everything Matt only had a restraining order put against him. Even though Ben saved Camelia's life twice people still think of him as a killer. When Ben comes back to school pranks start up again, and they start to terrify Camelia. It starts to look like someone is stalking her again, and now she's hearing voices and getting letters. With everything that is happening she doesn't know who to trust.I LOVE this series! This book picks up right where the other one leaves off. Ben and Camelia seem so much like a real life couple, even though the circumstances are anything but normal. There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns to make this story one that you just can't put down. I also like that in this book there is more explanation of the psychometry powers, and more development of Camelia's depressed aunt. Also, i love the way the diary entries are spread into the book, it gives it variety and makes it even that much harder to put down. If you read the first book you won't be disappointed, and if you haven't go buy it now!!
klolovebooks on LibraryThing 5 months ago
what can i say good but not exciting like the first one still i hated the guy d he was like so arrogant and i could have fall in love with the other guy but like always he was the bad one
Alliebeth927 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
I enjoyed this book much more than Deadly Little Secrets. The suspense was great and the story was engrossing. It took the good momentum from the end of the first book and carried it through very well, leading to a surprise ending that I wasn't expecting at all. Unfortunately, the characters don't go much deeper than in the first installment. leaving the reader with only a surface understanding of their personalities and emotions. I'm hoping the third will continue down the path of getting better and better as it goes along.
Nickles on LibraryThing 5 months ago
This book definitely had me spooked, especially since I would read it at night alone in my apartment. Once again, Camelia is being stalked. There are eerie messages and phone calls to leave the reader guessing as to the culprit's identity. And there are some really good twists--such as the journal entries we get. I have to say that the journal entries were one of the most intriguing parts of the story. They really added to the overall mystery of the book and gets you excited for the next one. So, while I thought it was a good read with great writing to keep the reader in suspense, I have my complaints.As the story continues, I increasingly get frustrated with the characters, especially how unopen Ben and Camilla are. Ben still feels like a mystery, even after two books. I really hope the next book we learn more about him. And you would think Camilla would have matured and learned from the previous book, such as that she shouldn't keep important things from her parents, like people stalking you. The ending was frustrating, for me, too--Camilla makes a mistake of not trusting Ben and she doesn't even apologize for it. There is no hashing out of their emotions except for them just saying they have to talk, but the book ends before we actually see them solve anything, like their lack of trust in one another. However, none of these complaints completely detract from my eagerness to read the third book, DEADLY LITTLE GAMES. I just now have higher expectations for the next book to solve these issues.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I definitely enjoyed this book. I am obsessed with this series and love to read it over again. Great story you won't regret reading!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is full of suspense, romance, and excitement. This book will definetly have you keep reading and reading till you finish the book. It the type of book that will have you jumping in your seat because of all the surprises! 100% I recommend this book. Memorable quotes: &ldquo;'For always,&rdquo; I repeat. I draw him closer, and feel his heart beat against my chest&rdquo;(Stolarz 282). &ldquo;I've been wearing long sleeves to cover the scars. I've been wearing a smile to mask the pain&rdquo;(Stolarz 255). What others said: &ldquo;This book is interesting and keeps you hooked from begining to end the story is filled the suspense drama romance the story is a mystery and keeps you guessing till the end.&rdquo; &ldquo;This is an amazing book. I've always loved books like this. What attracted me was the summary and the title. I knew right then it was a good book. It was amazing. I recommend this to anyone who loves Romance &amp; Mystey books along with a little suspense. AMAZING BOOK. I read the whole thing in one day!!!!!!!!!&rdquo; Questions: Why did Camelia tell the police or her parents about the anonymous pictures and notes? Why is Camelia and Bens bond so strong?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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