Demonology and Devil-Lore 2

Demonology and Devil-Lore 2

by Moncure Daniel Conway


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Demonology and Devil Lore 1 & 2, by Moncure Daniel Conway, were both published in 1897. Within the demonology scope, this rare and mostly forgotten, almost 1000 pages thick masterpiece, remains unsurpassed in quality and completeness. Even in the 21st century the works offer fascinating missing links for both the academic and student of occult traditions.

Volume 2 deals primarily with the diabolic and with the Devil himself, his ethnic history and connected topics; themes like Ahriman and Ormuzd, women and the Star-Serpent in Persia, Lilith, Samael, Kali, Satan, Tiamat, Bohu, Ra and Apophis, Typhon, Gnostic theories, exorcism, Black Art Schools, the blood covenant, the witches Sabbath, the goat and cat, the Wild Hunt, Faust and Mephistopheles, magic seals, The Raven Book, Papal sorcery and a lot more.

Volume 1 is divided into three parts and deals mainly with the evolution and thematic classification of ex-gods, demons and nature creatures, the political degradation of gods into demons, the demonic realm, according to themes like hunger, heat, cold, the Elements, animals, darkness, dogs, storm, Walpurgis night, cats etc.. The last part focuses especially on the serpent and dragon.

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ISBN-13: 9789492355164
Publisher: VAMzzz Publishing
Publication date: 03/26/2016
Series: Demonology and Devil-Lore , #2
Pages: 518
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Table of Contents

Part IV The Devil
Chapter I Diabolism
Dragon and Devil distinguished - Dragons' wings - War in Heaven - and more
Chapter II The Second Best
Respect for the Devil - Primitive atheism - Idealisation - Birth of new gods - and more
Chapter III Ahriman: The Divine Devil
Mr. Irving's impersonation of Superstition - Revolution against pious privilege - Doctrine of 'merits' - Saintly immorality in India - and more
Chapter IV Viswámitra: The Theocratic Devil
Priestcraft and Pessimism - An Aryan Tetzel and his Luther - Brahman Frogs - and more
Chapter V Elohim and Jehovah
Deified power - Giants and Jehovah - Jehovah's manifesto - The various Elohim - and more
Chapter VI The Consuming Fire
The Shekinah - Jewish idols - Attributes of the fiery and cruel Elohim compared with those of the Devil - and more
Chapter VII Paradise and the Serpent
Herakles and Athena in a holy picture - Human significance of Eden - The legend in Genesis puzzling - and more
Chapter VIII Eve
The Fall of Man - Fall of gods - Giants - Prajápati and Ráhu - Woman and Star-serpent in Persia - and more
Chapter IX Lilith
Madonnas - Adam's first wife - Her flight and doom - Creation of devils - Lilith marries Samaël - and more
Chapter X War in Heaven
The 'Other' - Tiamat, Bohu, 'the Deep' - Ra and Apophis - Hathors - and more
Chapter XI War on Earth
The Abode of Devils - Ketef - Disorder - Talmudic legends - and more
Chapter XII Strife
Hebrew god of War - Samaël - The father's blessing and curse - Esau -and more
Chapter XIII Barbaric Aristocracy
Jacob, the 'Impostor' - The Barterer - Esau, the 'Warrior' - Barbarian Dukes - and more
Chapter XIV Job and the Divider
Hebrew Polytheism - Problem of Evil - Job's disbelief in a future life - and more
Chapter XV Satan
Public Prosecutors - Satan as Accuser - English Devil-worshipper - Conversion by Terror - Satan in the Old Testament - and more
Chapter XVI Religious Despotism
Pharaoh and Herod - Zoroaster's mother - Ahriman's emissaries - Kansa and Krishna - and more
Chapter XVII The Prince of this World
Temptations - Birth of Buddha - Mara - Temptation of power - Asceticism and Luxury - and more
Chapter XVIII Trial of the Great
A 'Morality' at Tours - The 'St. Anthony' of Spagnoletto - Bunyan's Pilgrim - and more
Chapter XIX The Man of Sin
Hindu myth - Gnostic theories - Ophite scheme of redemption - Rabbinical traditions of primitive man - and more
Chapter XX The Holy Ghost
A Hanover relic - Mr. Atkinson on the Dove - The Dove in the Old Testament - and more
Chapter XXI Antichrist
The Kali Age - Satan sifting Simon - Satan as Angel of Light - and more
Chapter XXII The Pride of Life
The curse of Iblis - Samaël as Democrat - His vindication by Christ and Paul - Asmodäus - and more
Chapter XXIII The Curse on Knowledge
A Bishop on intellect - The Bible on learning - The Serpent and Seth - and more
Chapter XXIV Witchcraft
Minor gods - Saint and Satyr - Tutelaries - Spells - Early Christianity and the poor -and more
Chapter XXV Faust and Mephistopheles
Mephisto and Mephitis - The Raven Book - Papal sorcery - Magic seals - and more
Chapter XXVI The Wild Huntsman
The Wild Hunt - Euphemisms - Schimmelreiter - Odinwald - Pied Piper - and more
Chapter XXVII Le Bon Diable
The Devil repainted - Satan a divine agent - St. Orain's heresy - Primitive universalism - and more
Chapter XXVIII Animalism
Celsus on Satan - Ferocities of inward nature - The Devil of Lust - Celibacy - and more
Chapter XXIX Thoughts and Interpretations

Post Scriptum: biography Conway

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