Devil's Key

Devil's Key

by Elisabeth Graves


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"[this] Florida native breathes life into all her characters -- dead or alive." --St. Augustine Record

Lucy Fowler plans to spend winter break on an island off the coast of Florida, to finish writing her thesis. She needs one last interview with an elderly midwife. Lucy almost cancels the trip after she's brutally assaulted on campus. But in the end she goes, hoping work will be therapeutic.

On remote, isolated Ibo Key, Lucy learns midwife Esther Day is now confined to a psychiatric ward. She also learns that there was once a thriving black community, Revelation, on the island. Its residents all vanished one night long ago. Lucy decides to write about the ghost town, but no one will talk about what happened. Eventually, she uncovers the terrible story behind the town's destruction. Esther's rival, Soulange, once owned a mysterious book . . . a centuries old grimoire revealing the arcana of Obeah. An odd little man tells Lucy the island is cursed. That every man, woman, and child on it will soon die. And she begins to see glimpses of the past.

But by then she's stranded, trapped by a killer hurricane. To escape she must face her own connection to both the victims and perpetrators of a long-ago massacre . . . a crime so monstrous it invites the arrival of an evil old as time.

Devil's Key was originally published by Egmont Boker, Oslo, in 1999 as Svart Frikt. This Northampton House Press trade paperback edition is the first in the English language.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937997694
Publisher: Northampton House Press
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

ELISABETH GRAVES, descendent of an old Florida family, grew up in a small citrus-industry town not far from Disney World, her first employer. A former wardrobe assistant, theme-park waitress, seafood-joint cashier, graphic artist, advertising copywriter, and forensic librarian, she grew up in a somewhat haunted house on a Central Florida lake that's home to many an alligator and poisonous snake. She likes to read the headstone inscriptions in old cemeteries in her spare time. Black River, her first novel, was originally published in English by Berkley Books, New York, and in Norwegian by Fredhois Forlag, Oslo, as Sort Elv. Devil's Key was originally published by Egmont Boker, Oslo, in 1999 as Svart Frikt. This Northampton House Press trade paperback edition is the first in the English language.

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Devil's Key 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Quillsandnibs More than 1 year ago
Lucy plans to spend winter break on Ibo Key, an island off the coast of Florida, to complete her dissertation. However, she almost cancels the trip after a fellow student rapes her. Lucy decides to go to the island anyway, hoping work will be therapeutic. Lucy discovers that Ibo Key once had a black community, Revelation. Its residents all disappeared one night, decades ago. Now, only a single black resident remains—though Lucy catches glimpses of silent black people around corners. No one on Ibo Key will talk about what happened to the lost town, but Lucy is determined to discover the truth. Then a devilish man in gray tells her that the island is cursed. Lucy races to uncover the truth behind a long-ago massacre and her own connection to it—before the Devil takes them all. Lucy’s rape and attempted murder make a dark start to the story. The author treats the subject with care and deftly handles Lucy’s fear and attempts at achieving normalcy after the attack. The novel builds in suspense and eeriness. Lucy uncovers more secrets and witnesses bizarre acts that defy reality. The resolution and certain plot points feel a bit too neat and convenient, but still contribute towards the story’s momentum. Devil’s Key ends on a climatic note, with a determined heroine facing impossible odds armed with her humor and wits. Author Elizabeth Graves’ smooth pacing and mastery over eeriness make for a deliciously creepy read. *** This review was written after receiving an ARC in exchange for an honest review.