Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension

by Magenta Pixie
Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension

by Magenta Pixie


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We are now at a time in our planetary evolution known to many as 'ascension'. Those individuals who are known as 'starseeds' are currently in their millions and are collectively going through an awakening process. Why is this happening? What does the awakening entail? Magenta Pixie has been communicating with the 'White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine', a sixth dimensional 'monadic light structure', about these concepts for the last 24 years. They have spoken much of 'memory recall' and the reconstructing of the original DNA template. In this transmission, they bring forward 'memory triggers' designed to act as a catalyst into the awakening process at various stages and respond to many of the questions which the starseeds are asking. Why are we here? Who are we? What are we supposed to do? What is it that we are to remember? Why did we lose our memories in the first place? What is the call of humanity? What is the fall of man? What is 'zero point'? Is it true that we can travel through other dimensions through the activation of our Mer-Ka-Bah? How is 'the lost city of Atlantis' connected to our memory recall? The Nine present a model of working with the individualised matrix field, known also as the Mer-Ka-Bah, through 'Matrix Architecture' and 'the golden triad of ascension'. An in depth analysis and explanation of the 'twin flame consciousness' and how this relates to the ascension experience is part of this transmission. Embracing the inner archetypes of the 'Alchemist' and the 'Architect' and knowing how to construct your own personal matrix will move you into the memory recall needed. This transmission will take you on a multidimensional journey of profound discovery as you move into the creation of the Divine Architecture. The triggers contained within this material are there to assist you in accessing the codes for the new formation of the original crystalline DNA matrix known as the 'Starseed Template'.

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ISBN-13: 9781974025367
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/07/2017
Pages: 194
Sales rank: 305,441
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

About the Author

Magenta Pixie is a channel for the higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as 'The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine'. The transmissions she receives from 'The Nine' have reached thousands of people worldwide via the extensive video collection on her YouTube channel. She has worked with people from all over the world as an intuitive consultant and ascension/consciousness coach. Magenta lives in the New Forest, UK.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

Opening poem: "Twins Reunited" 11

Introduction: The Call of Humanity 13

1 The Golden Stargate and Inception Points 27

2 Twin Flame Perspectives and the Vertical Pillar of Light 34

3 As Above, So Below - The Overworld and the Underworld 76

4 Middle World and the Golden Triad of Ascension 82

5 The Original Seeding of Earth 87

6 Giants, Lilliputians and Elementals 95

7 Jewel Planet and the Nine Triads of the Matrix 100

8 Hidden City of Atlantis 122

9 Mer-Ka-Bah Magick and Emotional Alchemy 125

10 The Fall 137

11 The Starseed Awakening 147

12 The Superhero Program 155

13 Sacred Wheel, Cosmic Soup 159

14 Nine Questions for the Nine 167

15 Meditations 176

Meditation: The Rainbow Necklace of Memory 177

Meditation: The Mer and the Blue Palace of Atlantis 182

Meditation: Architecture of Light [Your Temple] 187

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