Embrace the Night (Cassie Palmer Series #3)

Embrace the Night (Cassie Palmer Series #3)

by Karen Chance

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ISBN-13: 9780451461995
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/01/2008
Series: Cassie Palmer Series , #3
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 171,586
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Karen Chance has lived in France, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, but always comes back to America. She currently lives in Central Florida, the home of make-believe, which may explain a lot.

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"Holloway's masterful control infuses drama into key scenes yet avoids melodrama. In all, this well-crafted story and Holloway's soothing vocals are a satisfying pair." —-AudioFile

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Embrace the Night (Cassandra Palmer Series #3) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 298 reviews.
Jessi-21 More than 1 year ago
Great read with non-stop action involving mages (magic), witches, vampires, casino life, time travel, Fairies, humor, love, intrigue....you get the picture. This was the best of the three so far and I can't wait until the fourth book is published. Karen Chance has turned into a very good author with an original story and memorable characters. There is a ghost that wasn't the best of gamblers in life (swam the Mississippi w/extra baggage attached to his feet), an acerbic white war mage sworn to serve/protect Cassie Palmer (now the Pythia, chief seer, of the world), vampires, a love spell/curse, court intrigue - you name it. I highly recommend this book and the whole series.
harstan More than 1 year ago
The Silver Circle is stunned that untrained magic practitioner and vampire crime chief protégé Cassandra Palmer has been named Pythia, the chief seer as they expected one of their own to be honored as such. This has always happened for the past few millenniums. Cassandra knows she must become the one due to the domino chaos effect in which a chain of disasters pretty much left her the last one standing. --- However to perform her new duties responsibly she has to rid herself of a minor problem. Cassie and sizzling hunk Mircea the master vampire are magically bound to one another both find this arrangement abhorrent as it crimps their lifestyles. Research leads Cassie to conclude that the only way to survive breaking the link is through an incantation found in the long lost spell-book Codex Merlini. She decides to search the past for this ancient tome not understanding when she starts on her quest why the Codex Merlini vanished but she will learn soon the hard way that possession places the world in danger from the evil she might inadvertently release as an unintended consequence. --- The third entertaining Cassie Palmer dark fantasy (see TOUCH THE DARK and CLAIMED BY SHADOW) focuses on Newton's Third Law of Physics that ¿for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction¿. Fans will appreciate Cassie¿s escapades as she tries to end her magical tie to Mircea (though she would not mind a hickey or three from him) leading to potential pandemic peril. Sub-genre fans who have not read Cassie¿s sags should take a chance as these are well written horror-fantasy tales. --- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the Dory/Dorina series first and love it- But in the series the heroine just spends too many pages responding to events and suceeding only luck-I really wanted to enjoy the series but just didnt
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an awesome read. I could not put the book down once I started. Cassie is my hero. I really enjoyed the story. Kudos to Karen Chance. I guess I will need to search out more of her.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book. It pulls you in and doesn't let you go.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved every little bit about this book. I was eagerly looking forward to it, and I ran out to get it the day it came out. I read it in a day, and for Cassie Palmer fans this book answered questions, raised more, and makes me wish I could move forward in time just to read the next book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Karen Chance has done it again! I have been haunting my local bookstores for weeks looking for this book 'the release date kept changing in my area' and I was not disappointed in my wait. Cassie is a strong character who succeeds even when she doesn't think she is going to and who drags the reader along for a thrilling ride that keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat until the last page. 'Although I will admit to figuring out a couple of things before she did!' I was very pleased to see the return of Pritkin and loved finding out so much more about him 'and no I won't say anything else, because you need to go buy this book'. I was a little worried about becoming confused during all the time jumping, but Ms. Chance handled it with aplomb and I never lost track of where Cassie was or who she was with. And I loved how she handled it a few times when Cassie jumped herself and someone else back in time--instead of telling us with a header when they were, she had the characters tell us in dialog. I also loved the way the action started right away from the beginning of the book and barely slowed down. All in all...I hope this series continues because I am looking forward to reading many more adventures with Cassie, Pritkin, and Mircea.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I waited (impatiently) for this to come out, and can only say I LOVED IT! Cassie really grows here, shouldering the massive responsibity of her new title, and becoming the strong, take-charge, assertive woman we all knew she could be. Her character growth was one of the best things about the book to me, but there was so much else to love: Pritkin's character, who was never my favorite, suddenly becomes fascinating, with a couple of major revelations I really didn't see coming. Mircea's actions in the past books get explained and his background gets some attention, plus the scenes between he and Cassie were amazing. All the supporting characters I have grown to love--like Billy Joe, the Graeae, Francoise, Marlowe, etc. were back and better than ever. The action was, as always, heart-pacingly fast, but I thought the pacing was better here. Cassie gets some actual down time occasionally. In all, a wonderful, thoroughly satisfying read. I can't wait for the next book, to see how Ms. Chance manages to top this!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read the first two books, and fell in love with story. I could not put this book down as soon as I start reading it. I throughly enjoyed reading and learning more of Cassie's life and adventure.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book and the characters are absolutely beautiful and magical.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best series I have had the pleasure to read I hope this book will live up to the hype
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read the first two books and they were spectacular i hope this one is too
Liviania on LibraryThing 23 days ago
In order to end the geis binding her to Mircea, Cassandra Palmer must find the Codex Merlini. (As in, Merlin. I do love a touch of the King Arthur legends.) EMBRACE THE NIGHT opens with a terrific action scene and rarely stops. Cassie attracts trouble, much to the consternation of many of her companions, but to the great enjoyment of her readers. How can she help it, when everyone and their dog wants the Codex? In this book, Cassandra matures. I've always been fonder of Cassie than most urban fantasy heroines - her reasons for not wanting power are reasonable and she understands that she can't survive alone and sometimes has to trust others. As she learns to be more confident in her abilities I like her even more. To continue the character love, I also enjoy the various love interests. Karen Chance gives Mircea, the main love interest, incredible sex appeal. His scenes with Cassie will be earmarked in many a copy of EMBRACE THE NIGHT, I suspect. Yet she still manages to create viable reasons to keep him and Cassie apart. However, secondary love interest Pritkin is less reasonable (more homicidal) and just as lovable . . . er, sexy. (Okay, so I have a soft spot for a certain sort of gleefully armed men. Please don't quote me on the "gleefully armed." Crushes on imaginary characters defy my wit.) Pritkin and Cassie's scenes are no less hot than those with Mircea. (Tomas is mentioned, but not seen in the book.) I don't want to make it seem like the book is all sex - in three novels, Chance includes a grand total of two sex scenes. She does include a great deal of sexual tension and darn-close-to-sex though. Who doesn't love them some well-done sexual tension? LKH used to be able to do it, in the early Anita Blake books. Chance writes one intricate plot which the relationships serve to deepen, not to overpower. I found EMBRACE THE NIGHT easier to follow than TOUCH THE DARK or CLAIMED BY SHADOW. Cassie, for those who haven't read the first two novels, can travel through time. This necessarily complicates the story. Both TTD and CBS required a second reading before I fully understood just what happened in certain scenes, but I felt I had a much better grasp of the story in EMBRACE THE NIGHT. Chance isn't the best writer in the urban fantasy genre, but her books are fun and sexy. I need to be seeing her on more shelves.
BookWhisperer on LibraryThing 23 days ago
I absolutely love this series of book. I can not get away from them. Once Cassie discovers her ability to time travel with she make a mistake that she will not be able to fix. Will she be able to help Mircea so that she does not lose her love? And if she fixs the problem will he still love her, or was this all a spell?
jjmachshev on LibraryThing 23 days ago
Cassandra thought she'd just been in the wrong place at the wrong time...turns out tho, that her being made Pythia was actually the culmination of some truly long-range planning. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and was waiting anxiously for this one. I enjoyed the book and must give kudos to the author for weaving a complex tale. She did a great job of weaving together the threads that had been cast in the first two books. I was breathless when I finished.Cassie, as Pythia, can travel through time. Unfortunately, she never got any training and if there was a manual...well, let's just say that apparently nobody wants her to have one. Instead, it seems that all the people she meets just want her to trust them to tell her what she needs to do. The problem with that is she's not sure who, if anyone, she can trust. Cassie is involved with vampires, demons, faeries, talking skulls, magic books...well, the list is really endless.But this is not a mindless tale of love. Everything is not laid out plainly--the intricacies of actions taken while traveling back in time are brought home in this final book. I can't say much else without giving away too much. I will say that I'm not sorry I read these three books and I hope the author will give us future glimpses into Cassie's world.
cherrymischievous on LibraryThing 23 days ago
The story-telling quality is good although it has some annoying tendencies like trying to paint the female protagonist as stupid in an effort to create more drama in the story. I find that irritating to read. There is also too many time travels back and forth, back and forth, which is kinda dizzying to the reader. Having said that, the author has cleverly avoided paradoxes which is the usual pitfall of time tavel stories. This book is also fast-paced and never a boring moment. On the whole I would give this book a 3 and a half out of five.
Pomsofa on LibraryThing 23 days ago
A fun read with lots of action. Cassie Palmer shows courage and humor in extraordinary circumstances.
jshillingford on LibraryThing 23 days ago
This book strained my patience to the very limits, but my perseverance did pay off. ETN had a lot of back and forth just as book 2 did, which drove me to distraction, but unlike that one the ending has some satisfying resolutions and made me eager for the story to continue. The book does have issues, and it doesn¿t hold up to the quality of book 1, but it was far better than book 2.The story starts out as anticipated - Cassie needs to find a way to break the geis Mircea laid on her. Her will to resist is fading, and Mircea is going insane. I have to admit, the author¿s resolution to the dilemma was smart if extremely simple, and had been hinted at several times to astute readers. Some readers may find it disappointing; I was just glad it was over. The downside is that readers have to wait to the very last chapter for that resolution. Cassie needs Merlin¿s Codex which should have a counter spell in it. But the Codex has been unwriting itself through the years, and so the complete text can only be found in the past. No problem for a time traveling clairvoyant. Wrong. Everyone either wants the book for themselves because it is so powerful, or they don¿t want anyone to have it because it is so powerful. Which side of this debate Pritkin falls on is critical to the story. Until that last chapter, Cassie jumps back and forth through time, with small battles sprinkled in here and there, to find it. The action is fast paced and mostly useless, as she skips around like a little girl at a party. The main intent of all these trips is for Cassie to learn just who her allies are (especially Pritkin), but this could have been done in a less muddled and exhausting way. At times I become so frustrated I literally growled at the book! Hopefully, the author will realize that the constant time shifting is distracting and annoying to a reader.The awesome, and truly clever, revelations about Pritkin made the entire book worth reading. His character was beginning to get beyond aggravating as the author constantly had Cassie (and readers) guessing if he was on her side or not, just as in book 2. Yet, his involvement in the geis is much deeper than suspected, and he becomes a catalyst for the introduction of another powerful, and potentially plot inducing, character ¿ Lord Rosier. Cassie also discovers some twists to her new power (even managing to duplicate Agnes¿ time freezing trick, by accident of course), and sees how much responsibility it is to be Pythia.The ending saved this book from being mediocre. My fears that the geis would consume many books to come were laid to rest but the actions surrounding the geis provided lots of cool plotlines and enough resolution to make some progress. Readers learn who the golden god who calls Cassie ¿Herophile¿ is and the origin of the Pythia¿s powers; we learn more about Pritkin¿s past, the motivations of the Silver Circle; and, just what Mircea and Cassie truly feel. Cassie finally accepts the responsibility as Pythia, and makes alliances to protect herself and the timeline. Now that these things are tied up, the plot should be able to focus on the coming ¿war.¿ Though book 2 was a disappointment, this makes up for it. I will read book 4, Curse the Dawn. I have even ordered ¿Midnight¿s Daughter¿ to see how she handles a story with a different protagonist.
TheLibraryhag on LibraryThing 23 days ago
Cassie is still trying to remove the spell that binds her to the vampire, Mircea. Unfortunately, the only counter spell seems to be in the mysterious Codex that is lost. Cassie uses her power for time travel and learns more than she ever wanted to know.These book are full of action and magic. The world building is complex but consistent. The characters are very believeable. The sex scenes are intense but not skanky. Read in series.
shelleyraec on LibraryThing 23 days ago
I love how you are thrown straight into the action from the first page - it can be a little disorientating but since I am eading one after another its not so bad for me. I really enjoy the fast pace and complex plotting, Chance does a great job balancing all the threads of the story.The characters are just so interesting from Pritkin and Mircea to the kitchen help. Thankfully Cassie didn't annoy me quite so much in this installment as in previous, though there is still too much of her clueless routine. I'm glad she finally managed to figure out a few things - I hope she sustains the attitude through the next Curse the Dawn, which I'm just starting.Really the series has only crept up to a 3.5 stars but I have decided to be a little more generous and give it 4 :)
truetome on LibraryThing 23 days ago
Once again, Chance has written a major hit! This novel lived up to everything I have come to expect from Karen Chance's novels and I loved all of the new twists and turns! You can never tell how it will all end until you hit the last page. It's pure genius!! Without giving too much away I must say that I loved Pritkin's story! It was unbelievably imaginative and definitely took the series to a whole new level!
TheBooknerd on LibraryThing 23 days ago
I put off reading this book because I didn't remember much of the first two installments of the Cassandra Palmer Series, and I didn't have time to reread them. The only thing I could remember was Mircea and losing interest in his character during the second book. I had completely forgotten about John Pritkin. Now there's a character I can get into. Whereas Mircea is flat, kind of obnoxious, and rather boring, Pritkin has some actual development. He's also a sexy, asskicking ubermage. How cool is that? I'm also tickled by the pockets of humor throughout Chance's writing. I remember, now, why I was so excited over this series. Hope Book 4, Curse the Dawn, which comes out April 2009 continues to deliver the goods.
Canalmania on LibraryThing 5 months ago
This is the third in the Cassie Palmer series and it successfully ties up the main plot threads concerning Cassie & Mircea (Vampire & love interest) and the fact that Cassie is the 'Pythia'. The characters in the book are intriguing and it was quite a shock to find out who Pritkin the war mage really was! I was hooked after read the first Cassie Palmer and will certainly be giving the new series a try when the book comes out later this year.You can't go far wrong in picking up the first Cassie Palmer book as an introduction to this type of novel
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago