Final Flight of the Ranegr

Final Flight of the Ranegr

by Craig S Cooper
Final Flight of the Ranegr

Final Flight of the Ranegr

by Craig S Cooper



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A deepening crisis aboard a deep-space colonisation vessel has forced most of its crew to evacuate to the nearest planet.

During the evacuation, a ship, carrying three young friends to safety, malfunctions and strands them in interstellar space.

It's not long before the Ranegr - a drifting ship of outlaws - salvages their derelict pod.

Put to work in the reactor core by a captain with conquest on his mind, and stalked by bizarre creatures in the shadows, the children's bid to escape and return home is just one thread in a web of ambition and clashing desires, bringing them ever nearer to an ancient mystery lurking in the cosmos.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780987633514
Publisher: C S Cooper
Publication date: 01/16/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 296
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

When I was a kid, Commander Keen was my favourite game. And it was awesome! Unfortunately, I only had one game in the series, and my parents weren't... keen... to send their credit card details over the phone to a company overseas. This was well before the Internet, mind you. So I couldn't get the rest of the games, even though I really wanted them. Instead, I started designing my own games and stories on a magnadoodle. That's how I developed my love of storytelling. Then, when I was in year five, my teacher read to me the Chinese creation myth. That triggered a spark in my mind, which over the years transformed into an invented world, with its own mythology, languages, and history.

Table of Contents



Notes on Pronunciation


1 | Bioplant Crisis?

2 | Who’re the stowaways I’ll note in my log?

3 | Why can’t we be friends?

4 | Things ain’t always how you s’pose ’em

5 | Don’t say it’s impossible

6 | We want ya to be happy

7 | We will teach you

8 | Where is my son?

9 | It is my ambition, and I shall achieve it!

10 | Your loyalty is truly iron-clad

11 | If we take the bridge, we win

12 | Did you really think this would work?

13 | Zeers is coming with us

14 | I had fun, Neliya

15 | Chigua!

16 | We’re stuck here

17 | We just want to go home

18 | Let’s get to work

19 | Rii-tuan’s hair’s been eaten!

20 | If you wanna save that kid …

21 | What’s on the to-do list?

22 | Tragedies happen all the time

23 | A cold, icy flame

24 | I’m just happy

25 | This will get us home

26 | I won’t just remember you

27 | Gone in one big firework

28 | You sold us out!

29 | I’ve been in way worse

30 | You make it better every day

31 | What now?

32 | I won’t convince her for your sake

33 | They’ll come looking for you

34 | Please, adopt me

35 | Don’t think! Just talk!

36 | What future is there for me on the Othala?

37 | The future’s open for us

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