Fury's Fire

Fury's Fire

by Lisa Papademetriou
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Fury's Fire by Lisa Papademetriou

At the end of Siren's Storm, the Sirens were defeated, and now the town of Walfang is once again a peaceful beach community.

Or is it? Gretchen and Will are still haunted by the memories of the night the Sirens were destroyed—Gretchen because she can't remember what happened and Will because he doesn't know how to tell Gretchen what he saw. He doesn't even understand what he saw, but he does know now that Gretchen is more than what she seems, more than a human girl. And at the same time, he is more in love with her than ever.

Gretchen knows there's something wrong, too. She feels like an alien in her own body, but she doesn't know why. And she feels a presence stalking her at every turn. Have the Sirens returned to Walfang? Or has some other force come to claim her?

From the Hardcover edition.

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ISBN-13: 9780375899355
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 07/10/2012
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

LISA PAPADEMETRIOU started working in children's publishing as an intern at The Horn Book Magazine and The Horn Book Guide, while still a junior at Vassar College. Upon graduation, she moved to Guatemala City and taught high school English in a bilingual school. When she returned to the United States, she accepted a job as an editorial assistant at Scholastic, Inc., and has since worked in an editorial capacity at 17th Street Productions, HarperCollins Publishers, and Disney Press. She has written over 30 books for young readers.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Fury's Fire 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
pagese More than 1 year ago
I wasn't sure I was going to read this. I've been trying to make it a goal to not seek out every sequel to books I've read. Especially those that I felt were just average. But, this one I just had a hard time saying no too. I think the biggest thing the drew me back to the story was that I don't think Getchen fully knew who she was. And if she doesn't know who she is, how can she possibly understand what she is capable of. She had too many holes in what happened towards the end of book one. Will may have witnessed it all, but he seems to hesitant to believe what he really saw. And how can he tell Gretchen what he think really happened? I understand when characters go through some changed when major events happen. But, for some reason Will and Gretchen feel off in this book. Gretchen seems to blame Will for every little thing that happens. Will tiptoes around her afraid of what she might do or say. Plus, he hides things from her. It's never better to let someone learn the truth in some other fashion. I did like the story behind who Gretchen really is. There's a lot of mythology woven into it. Sadly, the last battle seems week and the story took to long to get there.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
From the amazing mind who brought readers Siren’s Storm, this sequel will keep you reading until the very last page has been turned. Not to mention…there is a serious twist in this one that you will NOT see coming. Transferring from a wealthy life in Manhattan to living in an old farmhouse that her dad inherited free and clear, Gretchen is focusing on a new beginning. A lot has happened in a very short time. Her mother left the family, because she wants nothing more than money, and Gretchen has had to come back from a very terrifying event where she and Will (her best friend) defeated a frightening group called the Siren’s, even though Gretchen can’t really remember anything that happened. Right now she’s looking forward to her senior year; she’s a little nervous about attending a public school even though Will goes there and will be right by her side. One morning she goes for a run. Skipping stones on the Sound, Gretchen suddenly watches as a water spout forms, rises up from the surface and turns into a woman whose eyes are burning with rage. Talk about frightening, although Gretchen really wants to just pawn it off as simply a picture from her overactive imagination. Will is the one keeping secrets. You see, Will knows what Gretchen did - he witnessed her fury - and he also has to deal with the fact that a mermaid named Asia, who works for the evil Sirens, actually helped them survive the attack and has now reappeared to warn them that something new is about to happen. Kirk is an odd character. He is a boy who is now living a truly tortured life, as his head is constantly filled with the Siren’s songs. He, like Will, has been witness to the evil magic that comes from Calypso and her band of Sirens. However, he also knows that a group called the Fury is about to be unleashed. As the story moves along readers find themselves pulled into a new mystery. Possession, as well as death by Fury comes into play, and as Will and Gretchen cross the friendship line into romance, the real event that Gretchen has been blocking out starts to come to the surface. In fact, she begins to truly understand what she is and how dangerous her own power can become. As good as the first, the author brings back the determined Gretchen and adds the spark of romance for the reader to be excited over. Asia, who’s always a mystery when it comes to the side she’s ultimately fighting for returns with the same dark cloud over her head, so that readers will once again gasp when the ending appears and the bad guy is revealed. Well done! Quill Says: Whether Siren or Fury, this author offers a very exciting story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A modern style kitchen. Silentstar's food, water, and litterbox are all in the corner. Walls: Green Floors: Shiny tan hardwood
Icecream18JA More than 1 year ago
Gretchen and Will are sort of at odds in this book. Gretchen has no idea what transpired the fateful night where they "battled" the sirens and Will doesn't know what to tell her that won't scare her too much. Will knows Gretchen is not merely human, but he still doesn't know what she is. They still are not free of the sirens, there are plenty of siren scenes for the reader to look forward to. Is Asia really gone? Who actually killed the sirens? Gretchen's character is mostly the same, she has matured a little bit. Half the time, she's annoying as she continually feels off and lets the reader know about it constantly. Will's character hasn't changed much either. He is still protective of Gretchen and clearly loves her. Their relationship develops more in this book, the reader will enjoying seeing their relationship grow. There are a few new secondary characters in this book, but the main characters are definitely the focus. When a few older character reappear, Gretchen and Will have to decide who to trust and who to keep a wary eye on. This book is recommended to young adult/teen readers.
Buried-in-Books More than 1 year ago
After reading Siren's Storm, I wasn't sure what to expect from Fury's Fire. Siren's Storm wasn't a strong book to me and I was afraid this novel may suffer from the same problems. It didn't. Whereas Siren's Song was choppy and didn't feel cohesive, Fury's Fire is a strong, well paced novel with a plot that follows a straight line. After a bit of a slow start, I couldn't put it down. The story begins not too long after the end of Siren's Storm with Gretchen not really remembering what happened that night on the bay with the seekriegers. In fact, a lot of things are hazy in her memory, but her sleep walking has stopped, things have settled down and she's starting her senior year at the high school in Walfang. She has the sense that a presence is around her, but she dismisses it as just a dream or left over eeriness from the summer. Asia has disappeared. But Will is there with her as well as Angus. Even Kirk is well enough to attend school, though he keeps to himself and is still strange. Soon though, weird things start to happen to her, accidents and then things that can't really be called accidents. She has a deep sense of dread. She makes friends the first day with a girl called Mafer, Angus tells her she's a witch, and Mafer admits that she can sense things and knows things about people. The romance between Will and Gretchen finally develops rather quickly once he realizes how he feels about her after all these years. The biggest change is in Gretchen. She has this new found strength in her that demands answers, the power of fire that she is frightened of, and a dawning memory of what happened over the summer and even what happened the night Tim disappeared and Will was found on the beach with the sailboat on fire. I loved that Gretchen wasn't an oblivious flirt in this novel but a fully developed character who ran her own life and took control. Will is possessive and protective of her, but also seems to fall under the spell of a certain someone again that we know and don't necessarily love. I read the ARC and there is a scene in the hospital in which Angus is there learning way too much as a budding newspaper reporter and then not questioning anything or getting involved in any other way throughout the rest of the story. I don't know if that was changed in the book or not, but if not, I don't buy that. Angus is way to nosy not to get involved completely. As I said, this novel was much better than the first one and definitely worthy of reading even if you didn't care for the first one. It has a good story line and ties up many loose ends. I don't think there will be a third book. This one seems pretty final. Thank you to Knopf Books for Young Readers and Net Galley for the e-ARC. All opinions in this review are my own. I was not compensated for my review in any way.