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by Sondra Faye


by Sondra Faye
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Sondra Faye was born in the United States of America. "here" is a collection of poems; some were printed in various literary poetry magazines. "here" includes some of her slanted poems which is a literary device she uses to write a poem inside a poem. The slanted poems such as. "Angel", "trinket" and "26th st. orchid" incorporate the surreal sound of two voices.
With poems enlisting e.e. cummings, John Keats and Edgar Allan Poe as muse; a paranormal flare is infused in the nakedness of the words in "here". Amidst unfiltered subjects about passion, flirtation, human sexuality and unsympathetic love, Sondra Faye writes intimate poems about her friends including a poem about the tragic young death of one of her best friend's twin sister.
Excerpt: Poem :


Snow biting at my fingertips reminding me you're far away.
Awake. Frozen memory takes me out of dream. If I never opened my eyes, I would never know you're not really lying next to me.

A multi-media artist and poetess she considers herself lucky to live on a planet where it's okay to be addicted to poetry. Her intention for anyone reading this book is that they will stay inspired and find happiness inside the reason they are here.

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