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How to Draw Cute Beasts

How to Draw Cute Beasts

by Angela Nguyen


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Learn to draw the cutest, most fantastical creatures, some from myth, some straight from Angela Nguyen's own imagination . . . all of them adorable!
A sweet water dragon. A ghost whale. And an irresistible elephant with wings! This fourth book in the Draw Cute series is packed with fantastic creatures from a range of cultures, from giant puffballs to a flying lion. In the hands of author-teacher Angela Nguyen, all the instructions are easy to follow, and even a three-headed dog or a crocodile will have children cooing. Young readers will learn what kawaii is all about, and how to create cute mythical animals in this endearing style.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781454941224
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
Publication date: 08/18/2020
Series: Draw Cute , #4
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 131,307
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 6 - 18 Years

About the Author

Angela Nguyen is a Seattle-based artist known for her cute illustration style. This is her fourth book in the Draw Cute series following How to Draw Cute Stuff, How to Draw Cute Animals, and How to Draw Cute Food. She has a presence online under the screen name Pikarar ( with 40K subscribers. In addition to being an illustrator, she’s a graphic designer trained in print, motion, packaging, and digital, and currently designs voice experiences for Amazon. For more of her design work visit

Table of Contents

Meet Angela 6

Chapter 1 Setting the Scene 8

Tools and Surfaces 10

Beastly Beginnings 12

Making Them Cute 14

Water Worlds 16

Sky Backdrops 18

Land Lovers 20

Meet the Menagerie 22

Chapter 2 Water Beasts 26

Nessie 28

Seapony 30

Kraken 32

Bunny Oceana 34

Shelggie 36

Flipper-Flap Fish 38

Ghost Whale 40

Khaleel 42

Long-Leg Al 44

Golden Dragon 46

Tentagon 48

Chapter 3 Beasts of the Air 50

Soarephant 52

Floating Puffballs 54

Alazard 56

Flyion 58

Cloud Dragon 60

Griffin 62

Pegasus 64

Elemental Bird 66

Floofy Bat 68

Ghost Owl 70

Flabbit 72

Humongo Fuzz 74

Pteradorkyl 76

Wingedeer 78

Chapter 4 Land Beasts 80

Basilisk 82

Rhino Pup 84

Fire Pupper 86

Plumasaur 88

Unicorn 90

Skull Puppy 92

Lerry 94

Anteon 96

Celestial Cat 98

Rock Fella 100

Shibarus 102

Florus 104

Ottree 106

Armortaur 108

Scalia 110

Goop Monster 112

Floppy Ram 114

Antabur 116

Horned Tiger 118

Chapter 5 Now Draw Your Own 120

Animal Mashup 122

Playing with Elements 124

Adding Features 126

Credits 128

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