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How to Read Tarot: A Practical Guide

How to Read Tarot: A Practical Guide

by Adams Media Corporation


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Learn how to anticipate the future and shape the present in this new guide about reading Tarot cards.

For centuries, mystics and clairvoyants have used Tarot cards to predict the future. But no special power is needed to read the cards with How to Read Tarot. This easy-to-follow guide can show you how to interpret and understand the meaning behind Tarot cards. You’ll find everything from explanations of each card in the deck to using the Tarot for personal gain. The truth is in the cards—that is, if you know where to look.

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ISBN-13: 9781507201879
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 446,559
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.80(d)

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Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Part 1 The Basics of Tarot 8

An Introduction to Tarot 11

History of the Tarot 12

Early Tarot Decks 13

Choosing a Tarot Deck 17

Handling Your Deck 18

Storing Your Cards 22

Interpreting the Tarot 23

Exploring the Tarot 24

The Four Suits 26

Teach Yourself Tarot 28

Use Your Intuition 29

Where to Begin 31

The Tarot As a Tool for Divination 33

Keep a Tarot Journal 34

Symbolism in the Tarot Deck 35

Symbols in the Suits 36

The Power of Numbers 40

The Meaning of Color 47

Familiar Symbols 48

Part 2 The Major and Minor Arcana 53

Meanings of the Major Arcana 55

Introduction to the Trumps 56

The Foo6 58

The Magician 60

The High Priestess 63

The Empress 66

The Emperor 68

The Hierophant 71

The Lovers 74

The Chariot 76

Strength 79

The Hermit 82

The Wheel of Fortune 84

Justice 87

The Hanged Man 89

Death 91

Temperance 93

The Devil 95

The Tower 98

The Star 101

The Moon 103

The Sun 106

Judgment 109

The World 111

The Suit of Wands 113

Interpreting the Wands 114

King of Wands 115

Queen of Wands 116

Knight of Wands 117

Page of Wands 118

Ace of Wands 119

Two of Wands 120

Three of Wands 121

Four of Wands 122

Five of Wands 123

Six of Wands 124

Seven of Wands 125

Eight of Wands 126

Nine of Wands 127

Ten of Wands 128

The Suit of Pentacles 129

Interpreting the Pentacles 130

King of Pentacles 131

Queen of Pentacles 132

Knight of pentacles 133

Page of pentacles 134

Ace of pentacles 135

Two of pentacles 136

Three of pentacles 137

Four of pentacles 138

Five of pentacles 139

Six of pentacles 140

Seven of Pentacles 141

Eight of pentacles 142

Nine of Pentacles 143

Ten of pentacles 144

The Suit of Swords 145

Interpreting the Swords 146

King of Swords 147

Queen of Swords 148

Knight of Swords 149

Page of Swords 150

Ace of Swords 151

Two of Swords 152

Three of Swords 153

Four of Swords 154

Five of Swords 155

Six of Swords 156

Seven of Swords 157

Eight of Swords 158

Nine of Swords 159

Ten of Swords 160

The Suit of Cups 161

Interpreting the Cups 162

King of Cups 163

Queen of Cups 164

Knight of Cups 165

Page of Cups 166

Ace of Cups 167

Two or Cups 168

Three of Cups 169

Four of Cups 170

Five of Cups 171

Six of Cups 172

Seven of Cups 173

Eight of Cups 174

Nine of Cups 175

Ten of Cups 176

Part 3 Performing Tarot Readings 177

How to Do Readings 179

Focus and Attitude Are Key 180

Ask Clear Questions 181

Understand That the Future is Not Fixed 183

Reading for Yourself 184

Reading for Others 188

Practice Different Spreads 191

How Often Should You Do Readings? 192

Tarot Spreads 193

Acquainting Yourself with Spreads 194

Choosing a Significator 195

Lay Out the Spread 200

Interpret the Spread 202

Which Spread Should You Use? 203

The Significance of Trumps in a Spread 204

Creating Your Own Spreads 205

Sixteen Spreads 207

Single-Card Method 208

Yes/No Method 208

Either/Or Method 210

Past-Present Future Method 210

Immediate Situation Three-Card Spread 211

Four-Card Spread 212

Practical Advice Five-Card Spread 214

Traditional Celtic Cross Spread 216

General Life Conditions Spread 218

Quick Answer Spread 220

The Horseshoe Spread 222

The World Tree Spread 224

The Tree of Life Spread 226

Horoscope Spread 229

Feng Shui Spread 234

Thirteen-Card Story Spread 237

The Tarot For Personal Development 241

Daily Insights from the Tarot 242

Daily Affirmations and the Tarot 243

Reflecting on the Major Arcana for Inner Truths 244

Working with the Minor Arcana 245

Connect with Your Intuition 247

Glossary of Terms 251

Index 253

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