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Jane Nickerson's Florida Cookbook

Jane Nickerson's Florida Cookbook

by Jane Nickerson


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The food columnist of the New York Times’ Florida newspapers presents a feast of tested recipes typical of a state famed for its fine foods.

“As you’d expect, Jane’s cookbook has a fine group of vegetable and salad recipes, but it does not neglect the other parts of Florida cuisine—appetizers; poultry, meats and game; fish and shellfish; breads and other cereal products; desserts; preserves. Intertwined with the recipes there’s a fund of information for anyone fascinated by regional American cooking. Jane gathered and tasted all the recipes herself; hers is a cookbook you can rely on. And she’s a recipe-writer of no mean repute.”—Cecily Brownstone, Associated Press Food Editor
“At long last, we have a Florida cookbook that is really good! Jane Nickerson’s Florida Cookbook is the work of a good cook who can write, a rare combination for some reason. Even better, Mrs. Nickerson is possessed of wit and culinary judgment—qualities often lacking in the work of so many other authors who have turned out books containing Florida recipes.
                “She has written what has become the standard cookbook—filled with recipes reflecting the Spanish, Cuban, Jewish, Greek and Deep South culture that makes up our state, calling for ingredients typically found here. The difference here is that Mrs. Nickerson’s book is the kind one uses to cook with.
                “She’s done a superb job, one that needed doing.”—Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal
“It’s miles better than any other Florida cookbook I’ve ever seen—filled with completely reliable, delicious recipes. And all have a place in our state’s marvelously varied cuisine. It’s good reading, a book to cook by, and can’t be beaten as a gift for any Florida cook who doesn’t already own it.”—Daytona Beach Morning Journal
“As a native Floridian we can attest this book hits the spot.”—Miami Beach Times

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